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February 20, 1999

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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special Last Sessions SMITHSONIAN FOLKWAYS SFCD-40068/71
  2. Rick Lee: The Best We Can Do There's Talk About a Fence WATERBUG WBG 0047 (800-466-0234) (Rick Lee: 508-653-8290 or email.)
  3. Linda Hirschhorn & Vocolot: If You Can Walk Behold! Oyster Albums OA1118 (PO Box 3929, Berkeley, CA94703)
  4. Eric Bibb: Just Keep Goin' On (Rev.Dan J.Smith) Spirit and the Blues EarthBeat! R2 75686
  5. Jack White: I'll Make My Way The Broken Road ROUNDER 0455
  6. Stan Freberg: Washington Crosses The Delaware Stan Freberg Presents the United States of America RHINO R2 72476
  7. Jonathan & Darlene Edwards (Stafford-Whiting): Five Foot Two, Eyes Of Blue (Lewis/Young/Henderson) Greatest Hits-Vol. II Corinthian 103 (PO Box 6296, Beverly Hills, CA 90212)
  8. Randy Newman: Short People Guilty: 30 Years of Randy Newman RHINO R2 75567
  9. Eric Bogle: Short White Blues I Wrote This Wee Song Rice RRCD1
  10. Paul Geremia: Long Tall Mama (Broonzy) Hard Life Rockin' Chair Adelphi AD 1020
  11. Peter Cook: Spindly Legs The Misty Mr. Wisty Brit.Decca LK 4722
  12. Edna Ritchie: Somebody's Tall and Handsome (trad) Edna Ritchie, Viper Kentucky FOLK LEGACY FSA-3
  13. Jubilant Bridge: The Gambler (Pin Rose) Under Shattered Skies JB01 (PO Box 102695, Denver, CO 80210)
  14. Tom Russell: Throwin' Horseshoes at the Moon The Man From God Knows Where Hightone HCD8099
  15. Logan English: My Father Was a Gambler (trad) Gambling Songs Riverside RLP12-643
  16. Bill Morrissey: Gamblers Blues Inside PHILO CDPH 1145
  17. Rick Lee: Lunatic Asylum (trad) There's Talk About A Fence WATERBUG WBG 0047
  18. Jenny Armstrong: Mad Tom of Bedlam (trad) Dancing In the Circle June Appal JA01 (800-943-SONG)
  19. Four Bitchin' Babes - Megon McDonough: Crazy (Patsy Cline) Gabby Road SHANACHIE 8028
  20. Jean Ritchie: Fair Nottamun Town A Time For Singing Warner Bros. 1592
  21. Lawrence "Black" Ardoin: My Baby Don't Wear No Clothes Tradition Creole ARHOOLIE 9012 email.)
  22. Randy Newman: You Can Leave Your Hat On Guilty: 30 Years of Randy Newman RHINO R2 75567
  23. Peter Cook: Peace Through Nudism The Misty Mr. Wisty Brit.Decca LK 4722
  24. Cathi Norton: Various Stages of Undress Various Stages of Undress Flat Rock 0022-0 (800-664-0628)
  25. Mary Black: The Holy Ground (trad/arr.Black) Song for Ireland Gifthorse/ BLIX STREET G2-10050 (818-763-9151 or email.)
  26. Patrick Street: The Holy Ground (Gerry O'Beirne) Live GREEN LINNET GLCD 1194
  27. Bob Franke: Holy Ground In This Night FLYING FISH FF 70563
  28. Jack Williams: Heartland Across The Winterline WindRiver/FOLK ERA WR14004 (877-365-5372 or email.)
  29. Joel Mabus: Hopelessly Midwestern Firelake Fossil 390CD (PO Box 306, Portage, MI 49081 or email.)
  30. Magical Strings: Hardiman the Fiddler (trad) Legend of Inishcahey Magic Hill MHM CD-10 (253-857-3716 or email.)
  31. John Whelan: Spellan the Fiddler, Gan Aimn (trad) Deacon Harry Doyle (Whelan) Come To Dance Narada 72438-47070-2-6
  32. Frifot: Blank Anders - polska (trad/arr.Moller-Willemark-Gudmundson) SummerSong NORTHSIDE NSD6024 (530 N 3rd St., Minneapolis, MN 55401)
  33. Jim Post, Mick Scott, Tom Dundee: THE Medley: Stand In the Light (Post) / Don't Look For Love (T.Bishop) / If My Life Were a Book (Dundee) / A Delicate Balance (Dundee) / Stand In the Light (Earl of Old Town - 8/75) WFMT tape
  34. The Westerleys: Devil's Got Your Name (D.Blumer/N.Irish) A Blessing and a Curse Westerly 704811-0103-25 (PO Box 2063, Mill Valley, CA 94941)
  35. Mark Zeus: The Devil Is Dancin' Fine Wine Stone Face no# (773-622-1529)
  36. Dave Johnson: Demons and Friends Old Love Is Hard OPen Mic OMM 002CD (814-861-5004 or email.)
  37. Roscoe Holcomb: Moonshiner (trad) The High Lonesome Sound SMITHSONIAN FOLKWAYS SFCD 40104
  38. Tom Russell: The Dreamin' The Man From God Knows Where Hightone HCD8099
  39. John Stewart & Darwin's Army: Dreamland (John Hoke) Darwin's Army Appleseed APR 1025
  40. Jimmy LaFave: One Too Many Mornings (Bob Dylan) Trail Bohemia Beat 0009
  41. Linda Hirschhorn & Vocolot: Camarada (adpt.fr.Walt Whitman) Behold! Oyster Albums OA1118
  42. Tom Russell: Love Abides The Man From God Knows Where Hightone HCD8099
  43. Kim & Reggie Harris & Magpie: Give Light (Greg Artzner/Terry Leonino) Guide My Feet Appleseed APR 1029 (610-701-5755)
  44. Anita Silvert: All Roads Converge Midwest Girl Balancing Act BAM-003 P.O. Box 512, Yardley, PA 19067 (215-369-0220) or email.


Tom Russell, Eric Bibb, Jack Williams, Kim & Reggie Harris & Magpie, Rick Lee, Patrick Street

These concerts were mentioned on the program:
Jim Post w/Mick Scott at the Frienship Concert Hall, Kolpin & Algonquin, Des Plaines on Friday, February 26 at 8. 847-255-5380

The Four Bitchin' Babes at the Center For Performing Arts, Governors State University, I-57 & Sauk Trail, University Park, Saturday, March 20 at 8. 708-235-2222

Phil Ochs Song Night, with Kim & Reggie Harris, Magpie, Greg Greenway, Anne Hills, Pat Humphries, Kat Eggleston, Michael Smith, Josh White, Jr., and Nancy Tucker. Emceed by Sonny Ochs and Rich Warren, at Fermilab, in Batavia, Saturday, May 22 at 8 PM. 630-840-ARTS

Performer is composer unless otherwise noted. Song is album title unless otherwise noted. Album titles are in italics, composers in parens ( ).

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