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June 12, 1999

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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special Last Sessions SMITHSONIAN FOLKWAYS SFCD-40068/71
  2. Susan McKeown & Lindsey Horner: If Not For You (Dylan) Mighty Rain Depth of Field DOF-3 (or email.)
  3. Alan Arkin: I Like You Columbia 45 rpm
  4. Megon McDonough: I Like You You're Nice (Blossom Dearie) My One And Only Love SHANACHIE 5027
  5. Free Hot Lunch: Exactly Like You (D.Fields) Dishin' It Out Wa-Ha WH 101
  6. The Country Gentlemen: The Likes of You (R.Hylton) Sugar Hill Collection SUGAR HILL SHCD-2207
  7. Small Potatoes: Waltz of the Wallflowers (Jacquie Manning) (Fermilab 5/22/99) WFMT tape
  8. Fairport Convention: Wishfulness Waltz (Alan Franks) Who Knows Where the Time Goes GREEN LINNET GLCD 3122
  9. Edith Piaf: Milord (J.Moustaki/M.Monnot) Columbia 45 import
  10. Carl Sandburg: The Horse Named Bill (trad) Flat Rock Ballads Columbia AML 5339
  11. Les Barker: The One-Legged Horse A Cardi and Bloke Mrs Ackroyd DOG 011 (or email.)
  12. Carl Sandburg: Old Gray Mare (trad) Flat Rock Ballads Columbia AML 5339
  13. Bunch of Teeth: Poor Old Horse (trad) demo CD
  14. John Forster: The Juice a la Seuss Helium PHILO CD 1214
  15. Leslie Nuchow: They Framed a Guilty Man Tenderland Slam! SR2222 (328 Flatbush Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11238 or email.)
  16. Ani DiFranco: 'Tis of Thee Up Up Up Up Up Up Righteous Babe RBR013 (800-ON-HER-OWN)
  17. Randy Newman: My Country Bad Love Dreamworks DRMD-50115
  18. Eddie From Ohio: Minnesota 1945 (R.Schaefer) Looking Out the Fishbowl Virginia Soul VSR 006 (336-578-7300)
  19. Leslie Nuchow: Tenderland (hidden acoustic track) Tenderland Slam! SR2222
  20. Les Barker: Odd Socks Up the Creek Without A Poodle Mrs Ackroyd DOG 012
  21. Mary Lu Walker: Lord of the Socks Middle Age, Middle Class Mama Songs K&R KRS-1021
  22. Paul Geremia: Stocking Feet Blues (Blind Lemon Jefferson) The Devil's Music RED HOUSE RHR CD 127
  23. Dave Van Ronk: Come Back Baby (trad) Van Ronk Sings Folkways FA 2382
  24. Les Barker: I Don't Like My Boomerang Up the Creek Without A Poodle Mrs Ackroyd DOG 012
  25. Spider John Koerner: Baby, Don't Come Back Spider Blues Elektra EKS 7290
  26. Shirley Collins: The Tailor & The Mouse (trad) Sweet England Topic TSCD815
  27. Carl Sandburg: The Three Mice Brothers 78 rpm
  28. Richard Dyer-Bennet: The Three Tailors (trad) More Songs by the 20th Century Minstrel Stinson SLP 60
  29. Magpie: Roll On Cuyahoga Give Light Sliced Bread CD-SB71185 (PO Box 606, Blue Bell, PA 19422 )
  30. Randy Newman: Burn On Guilty: 30 Years of Randy Newman Reprise/RHINO R2 75567
  31. Tanya Savory: When the River Rose Town To Town PHILO 1182
  32. Annie Gallup: Flood Courage My Love 1 800 PRIME CD PCD38
  33. Flanders & Swann: The Reluctant Cannibal At the Drop of a Hat EMI CDS 7974642
  34. Darcie Deaville: Tornado In Slo Mo Tornado In Slo Mo REDWING RWMCD 5405 (PO Box 577575, Chicago, IL 60657)
  35. Rory Block: Tornado Tornado ROUNDER CD 3140
  36. Lynn Morris: Twister (Ron Stewart) You'll Never Be the Sun Rounder Select CD 0458
  37. Darcie Deaville: When I Was a Child Tornado In Slo Mo REDWING RWMCD 5405
  38. Tom Paxton: About the Children The Things I Notice Now Elektra EKS-74043
  39. Spoon River Anthology (Joyce Van Patten): Mrs. Charles Bliss (Edgar Lee Masters) Columbia OS 2410
  40. Ani DiFranco: Angry Anymore Up Up Up Up Up Up Righteous Babe RBR013
  41. Darrell Scott: When There's No One Around / Will The Circle Be Unbroken (Scott/Tim O'Brien) Family Tree SUGAR HILL SHCD-3894
  42. Hal Holbrook as Mark Twain: The Dreams of Our Youth / The Mary Ann Mark Twain Tonight! Columbia OS 3080
  43. Si Kahn: People Like You In My Heart PHILO CDPH 1169
  44. Anita Silvert: All Roads Converge Midwest Girl Balancing Act BAM-003 P.O. Box 512, Yardley, PA 19067 (215-369-0220) or email.


Ani Difranco, Darcie Deaville, Tanya Savory, Susan McKeown & Lindsey Horner, Randy Newman, Leslie Nuchow, Eddie From Ohio, Magpie
These concerts were mentioned on the program:

Small Potatoes at the Masthouse, 528 E. Calhoun, Woodstock, Saturday, June 26 at 8. 815-337-4698

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