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May 27, 2000

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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special Last Sessions SMITHSONIAN FOLKWAYS SFCD-40068/71
  2. The Fairfield Four: Hallelujah (Love Just Bubbles Over In My Heart) (trad) Live From the Mountain Stage BLUE PLATEBPM-402 (800-521-2112)
  3. Joe & Eddie: Sing Hallelujah (Mike Settle) The Best of Joe & Eddie GNP Crescendo GNPD 2032
  4. The Persuasions: The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing (F.Zappa) Frankly A Cappella The Persuasions sing Zappa EARTHBEAT! R2 79832
  5. Utah Phillips: Hallelujah I'm a Bum (Harry McClintock) All Used Up PHILO 1050
  6. Original Soundtrack: Hallelujah (V.Youmans/L.Robin) Hit the Deck RHINO R2 72182
  7. Connie Dover: Sweet Betsy From Pike (trad) The Border of Heaven Taylor Park TPMD0401 (816-455-5524)
  8. Jimmie Driftwood: The First Covered Wagon (trad) The Westward Movement RCA Victor LPM-1994
  9. Ed McCurdy: To the West (trad) A Ballad Singer's Choice Tradition TLP 1003
  10. Suzanne McDermott: In the California Sun Souvenir Rosema Red RR-415 (PO Box 1373, Cambridge, MA 02142)
  11. Marie Lynn Hammond: Computer Cowboy (Folkstage 5/6/00) WFMT recording
  12. Front Range: Cowtown Boogie (Ron Lynam) Silent Ground SUGAR HILLSUG-CD-3914
  13. Riders in the Sky: Wah-Hoo (Cliff Friend) A Great Big Western Howdy! ROUNDER CD 0430
  14. Tom Lehrer: The Wild West Is Where I Want To Be The Remains of Tom Lehrer RHINO R2 79831
  15. David Mallett: Garden Song Parallel Lives FLYING FISH CDFF 670
  16. Neal & Leandra: This Garden Will Grow (N.Hagberg) Old Love RED HOUSE RHRCD 74
  17. Original Broadway Cast: Make Our Garden Grow (Bernstein/Wilbur) Candide Sony SK 48017
  18. Four Bitchin' Babes (Megon McDonough): Body Is a Car Beyond Bitchin' SHANACHIE8035
  19. Pete Seeger: This Old Car A Link In the Chain Columbia Legacy C2K 64772
  20. Mike Dekle: Road Kill Café Fine Tuned TMD080
  21. Doc Watson: Tennessee Stud (Jimmie Driftwood) The Vanguard Years VANGUARD155/58-2
  22. Vance Gilbert: Taking It All To Tennessee Somerville Live Disismye CD 003 (203-327-0584)
  23. Jim Post: Goodbye To Tennessee Back On the Street Again Mountain Railroad MR 52778
  24. Dolores Keane: New Deal (John Faulkner) Night Owl ALULAALU 1020 (800-932-5852)
  25. Firesign Theatre: Doom Bot Dust / Inside the Money Bubble Boom Dot Bust RHINO R2 75983
  26. Grit Laskin: The Upper Class Shanty - Dow Jones Unabashedly Folk BOREALIS BCD 124
  27. Lance Brown as Will Rogers: The Stock Market Crashes private pressing
  28. Tom Paxton: Yuppies In the Sky One Million Lawyers FLYING FISH FF70356
  29. Nickel Creek: The House of Tom Bombadil (Chris Thile) Nickel Creek SUGAR HILL SUG-CD3999
  30. Kila: The Compledgegationist Lemonade & Buns GREEN LINNET GLCD 3132
  31. Inti-Illimani: Angelo (Horacio Salinas) The Best of Inti-Illimani GREEN LINNET XENO 4055
  32. Four Bitchin' Babes (Camille West): Toe to Toe With the HMO Beyond Bitchin' SHANACHIE 8035
  33. Bill Cosby: Oops! I Started Out as a Child Warner Bros. 1567-2
  34. Oscar Brand: The McBurney Square Medicine, Mind and Music Columbia L2X30680
  35. Malvina Reynolds: Oh, Doctor! Another County Heard From Folkways FN2524
  36. Magpie: Old John Brown (Artzner/Leonino) Sword of the Spirit Sliced Bread CDSB71201 SLICED BREAD (PO Box 606, Blue Bell, PA 19422)
  37. O'Hara-Laffey and Furlong: Battle Hymn / Johnny (PD) Old Shoes no label
  38. Magpie: Mary Brown, Abolitionist (Artzner/Leonino) Sword of the Spirit SLICED BREAD CDSB71201
  39. Charles Aidman: Knowlt Hoheimer (E.L.Masters) Spoon River Anthology Columbia OS 2410
  40. Sparky & Rhonda Rucker: Say Brothers Will You Meet Us? / John Brown's Body / Battle Hymn of the Republic The Blue and Gray In Black and White FLYING FISH FF 70611
  41. Livingston Taylor: It's My Job (Lyman MacAnally) Our Turn To Dance VANGUARD VCD-79469
  42. Mike Dekle: Jackson's Radiator Shop Fine Tuned TMD080
  43. Dolores Keane: Dangerous Dance (Peter O'Hanlon) Night Owl ALULA ALU-1020
  44. Front Range: My Lord What a Mourning (trad/arr.Robt.Amos) Silent Ground SUGAR HILL SUG-CD-3914
  45. Kirtana: Why the Sufis Whirl We Are Each Others Angels (a compilation) 800-PRIMECD PCD71 (877-945-3368)
  46. Anita Silvert: All Roads Converge Midwest Girl Balancing Act BAM-003 P.O. Box 512, Yardley, PA 19067 (215-369-0220) or email

Performer is composer unless otherwise noted. Song is album title unless otherwise noted. Album titles are in italics, composers in parens ( ).


Dolores Keane, Four Bitchin' Babes, Fairfield Four, Front Range, Magpie, Grit Laskin, Nickel Creek

These concerts are recommended:

Doc Watson at the Old Town School of Folk Music, Sunday, June 4 at 4 and 7.

The Four Bitchin' Babes at Fermilab in Batavia, Saturday, June 3 at 8. 630-840-ARTS

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