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August 26, 2000

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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special Last Sessions SMITHSONIAN FOLKWAYS SFCD-40068/71
  2. Steve Wariner: Heavy Traffic Ahead (Bill Monroe) Big Mon Skaggs Family Records SKFR CD1002 (615-264-8877)
  3. Steve Gillette: Here's To the Rocky Road (Gillette/D.Dougherty/D.Kleiner) Texas & Tennessee Redwing RWMCD 5404 (PO Box 577575, Chicago, IL 60657)
  4. Bill & Bonnie Hearne: Lookin' at the World Through a Windshield (Jerry Chestnut/Mike Hoyer) Lookin' at the World Through a Windshield Back Porch 72438-49623-2-6
  5. Bonnie Koloc: On the Road (Carl Franzen) Bonnie Koloc Ovation OVQD 1429
  6. Lou & Peter Berryman: Uncle Dave's Grace House Concert Cornbelt CR12 (608-257-7750)
  7. Norman Blake & Tony Rice: D-18 Song - Thank You Mr Martin (Jerry Faires) Norman Blake and Tony Rice 2 Rounder CD 0266
  8. Tom Paxton: Thank You, Republic Airlines One Million Lawyers Flying Fish FF70356
  9. The Limeliters: Thank You Lord (H.Axton/M.Settle) Singing For the Fun GNP Crescendo GNPD 2206
  10. James Keelaghan: Cold Missouri Waters A Recent Future Green Linnet GLCD 2120
  11. David Mallett: Fire Inches & Miles - 1977-1980 Flying Fish FF 70110
  12. Rebel Voices: The Firefighter's Song (Bernie Gilbert / Stephen Riave) Warning: Women at Work Reveille no# (741 16th Avenue, East, Seattle, WA 98112)
  13. Sons Of the Never Wrong: Teva (B.Roper) One If By Hand Gadfly 268 (888-9Gadfly)
  14. Special Consensus: Get Up Peter (And Put Your Sandals On) (Stan Keach) Green Rolling Hills Turquoise TR-CD 5089
  15. John Wright w/Junior Blankenship & James Price: Take Your Shoes Off Moses (Jarvis) Promises SL 1003 (847-475-1615)
  16. Greg Brown: Walkin' Daddy Covenant Red House RHRCD 148
  17. Dar Williams: And A God Descended The Green World Razor and Tie 7930182856-2
  18. Uncle Bonsai: The Voice of God (A.Ratshin) Myn Ynd Wymyn Yellow Tail YT-10003 (206-527-3546)
  19. Tom Intondi: Then God Will Dance Live! City Dancer no# (c/o Rossini, 3060 Onyx St, Eugene, OR 97405)
  20. Chuck Brodsky: Boys In the Back Room Last of the Old Time Red House RHRCD 141
  21. Chicaga (Shelly Perkins, et.al): Streets: What's In a Name? Chicaga Duo DS-1600
  22. Original Broadway Cast: Politics and Poker (Bock/Harnick) Fiorello! Capitol SWAO1321
  23. Modern Man: Hotline (D.Buskin/G.Wurzbach) The Wide Album Inverted Turtle no# (203-366-3277)
  24. Debbie Diedrich: Dimes Down (Laura Kemp) (Folkstage April 17, 1999) WFMT recording
  25. Peter Cook & Dudley Moore: Long Distance Goodbye Again Brit.Decca LK 4981
  26. David Mallett: Long Distance Lover This Town Vanguard VCD 79466
  27. Tom Paxton: Clarissa Jones The Best of Tom Paxton Rhino R2 73515
  28. David Crossland: Blood In the Fields Fields of Promise Appleseed APRCD 1037 (610-701-5755)
  29. Kim & Reggie Harris: Eyes on the Prize (trad/Alice Wine) Rock of Ages Appleseed APRCD 1034
  30. Lui Collins: Mystery Play Leaving Fort Knox Molly Gamblin MGM 1006 (PO Box 4005, Ashfield, MA 01330)
  31. Bill Morrissey: She's That Kind of Mystery Standing Eight Philo CDPH 1123
  32. Erica Wheeler: The Mystery The Harvest Signature Sounds SSRC 1237 (800-694-5354)
  33. Dar Williams: Another Mystery The Green World Razor and Tie 7930182856-2
  34. Tom Rush: No Regrets The Circle Game Elektra EKS-74018
  35. Red Clay Ramblers: Will You Miss Me (Carter Family) Merchant's Lunch Flying Fish FF 70055
  36. Lui Collins: Won't Miss You Darlin' Leaving Fort Knox Molly Gamblin MGM 1006
  37. Bob Zentz: My Favorite Song Beaucatcher Farewell Folk Legacy FSI-67 (800-836-0901)
  38. Jerry Rau: Power In a Song Road To The Sun Rau no# (PO Box 13014, Minneapolis, MN 5514)
  39. Leon Rosselson: It's Just the Song Harry's Gone Fishing Gadfly 270
  40. Cindy Mangsen: Songlines Songlines Compass Rose CRM-5CD (PO Box 1501, Bennington, VT 05201)
  41. Bob Zentz: Someone Else's Songs Mirrors and Changes Folk Legacy FSI-67
  42. Anita Silvert: All Roads Converge Midwest Girl Balancing Act BAM-003 P.O. Box 512, Yardley, PA 19067 (215-369-0220) or email

Performer is composer unless otherwise noted. Song is album title unless otherwise noted. Album titles are in italics, composers in parens ( ).

The Fox Valley Folk Festival, Sunday & Monday, September 3 & 4, on Island Park in Geneva. 630-897-3655

Club 47 Revisited with Tom Paxton, Christine Lavin, Tom Rush and John Forster at the Old Town School of Folk Music on Lincoln, Saturday, September 9 at 7 and 10. 773-728-6000.

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