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November 18, 2000

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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special Last Sessions SMITHSONIAN FOLKWAYS SFCD-40068/71
  2. Original Cast: Thank You Very Much (L.Bricusse) Scrooge Columbia S 30258
  3. Jana Stanfield: Thank You Stop Look & Listen Stantunes no# (P.O. Box 60146, Nashville, TN 37206)
  4. Priscilla Herdman-Anne Hills-Cindy Mangsen: Uncle Dave's Grace (L&P Berryman) At the Turning of the Year Hand & Heart 2000 (P.O. Box 800, Pine Plains, NY 12567)
  5. Stan Freberg: Pilgrim's Progress / The Thanksgiving Story Stan Freberg Presents the United States of America Rhino R2 72476
  6. Lee Murdock: Cold Winds / Living Gale (T.Kastle / D.HB Drake) Great Lakes Chronicle Depot DEP-022 (630-557-2742 / jmurdock@mcs.com)
  7. James Gordon: Frobisher Bay Mining For Gold Borealis BCD129 (416-530-4288)
  8. Odetta: Chilly Winds (trad) Odetta at the Gate of Horn Tradition STLP201
  9. Utah Phillips: The rich will not permit you to vote away their wealth (trad) Making Speech Free IWW no# (PO Box 42777, Philadelphia, PA 19101)
  10. The Weavers: We're All Dodgin' (trad/arr.Weavers) Wasn't That a Time Vanguard VCD4-147/50
  11. The Creep: Haldeman, Erlichman, Mitchell and Dean (Bob Warren) Mr. G (45 rpm)
  12. Original Cast: Home Thoughts From Abroad Beyond the Fringe '64 Capitol ST-11654
  13. Loudon Wainwright III: Hard Day On the Planet The BBC Sessions Fuel 2000 302-061-054-2
  14. Sam Leopold: Palestine Songs For Sale Gone Fishing
  15. Vocolot: Sarah and Hagar (Linda Hirschhorn) / Not By Might (trad/Hirschhorn) Three Songs for Israeli-Palestinian Peace Vocolot no# (510-654-7516)
  16. Pete Seeger: Letter to Eve Now Columbia CS 9717
  17. Don White: Fun With Unitarians / Sassy Brat Live Lyric Moon LM95032
  18. Martin Mull: My Wife Martin Mull and His Fabulous Furniture Capricorn CP 0117
  19. Jez Lowe: Another Man's Wife Live at the Davy Lamp Tantobie TTRCD 100
  20. Free Hot Lunch: My Wife and My Best Friend's Girl (John Corning) Wa Ha Music Mountain RR HR-8006
  21. Original Broadway Cast: You Must Meet My Wife (Sondheim) A Little Night Music Sony SK 65284
  22. Andrew Calhoun: You Better Get a Lawyer Hope Waterbug WBG 0002
  23. Meg Davis: Captain Jack and the Mermaid Captain Jack and the Mermaid Leelanau Heritage MEG02 (PO Box 7257, Little Rock, Arkansas 72217)
  24. Lee Murdock: The Mermaid of Ontario (S.Silverstein) The Lost Lake Sailors Depot DEP-024
  25. Peggy Seeger: The Mermaid (trad) Peggy Alone Argo ZDA 81
  26. Mississippi John Hurt: Let the Mermaids Flirt With Me Last Sessions Vanguard VMD 79327
  27. Peter Spencer: Adam & Eve on a Raft New Hope and Wise Virgins Autumn Song ASR002 (718-983-8020)
  28. Cosy Sheridan: Dorothy and Eve Anthymn WIND RIVER WR4019CD (877-365-5372)
  29. The Randolph Singers: If Eve In Her Innocence (S.Webbe) The Catch Club Elektra 162
  30. Marie Lynn Hammond: Eve Gave Adam the Apple Black & White ... and shades of grey Vignettes Media vm7883-2
  31. Peggy Seeger w/ Irene Scott: Give 'Em an Inch (Seeger) Almost Commercially Viable SLICED BREAD CD-SB71204 (PO Box 606, Blue Bell, PA 19422)
  32. Loudon Wainwright III: Men The BBC Sessions Fuel 2000 302-061-054-2
  33. Peter Alsop: It's Only a Wee-Wee Uniforms Flying Fish FF 256
  34. Eric Lugosh: Tripping On My Own Feet Kind Heroes Acoustic Music 319 1188 2
  35. Original Cast: One Leg Too Few Beyond the Fringe '64 Capitol ST-11654
  36. Peter Spencer: Godzilla Feet New Hope and Wise Virgins Autumn Song ASR002
  37. Eric Noden: Little Green Slippers (Memphis Jug Band) 55 Highway Diving Duck DD001 (PO Box 578630, Chicago, IL 60657 or noden@voyager.net)
  38. Meg Davis: Eileen Aroon (trad) The Burning West Indies Leelanau Heritage MEG03
  39. Sheila O'Donnell: Bridge og ni mhaille (trad) Come By the Hills Tic-Toc no# (6355 N. Broadway, #24, Chicago, IL 60660)
  40. Andrew Calhoun: I Love You All the Time Hope Waterbug WBG 0002
  41. Muriel Anderson: The Three Sisters Hometown live! CDG300-CD
  42. Priscilla Herdman-Anne Hills-Cindy Mangsen: Forget-Me-Not (Smith/Hills) At the Turning of the Year Hand & Heart HHM-2000
  43. Loreena McKennitt: Dante's Prayer The Book of Secrets Warner Bros. 9 q6719-2
  44. Tim Buckley: Morning Glory Once I Was Fuel 2000 302-061-056-2
  45. Cindy Kallet: Longed So Far This Way Home Stone's Throw STM-2 (207-236-6308)
  46. Pete Morton: Thanksgiving Hunting the Heart Harbourtown HARCD 040
  47. Anita Silvert: All Roads Converge Midwest Girl Balancing Act BAM-003 P.O Box 512, Yardley, PA 19067 (215-369-0220) or email

Performer is composer unless otherwise noted. Song is album title unless otherwise noted. Album titles are in italics, composers in parens ( ).


Herdman-Hills-Mangsen, Jez Lowe, Cosy Sheridan, Peter Spencer, Anne Dodson, Cindy Kallet, Pete Morton

Andrew Calhoun at the Two Way Street Coffee House, 1047 Curtiss, Downers Grove, Friday. November 24 at 8:45. 630-969-9720

Lee Murdock's annual Christmas Ship concert presented by Centre East, at the North Shore Center for the Performing Arts, Skokie, Saturday, November 25 at 7. 847-673-6300

Muriel Anderson's annual Home Town Concert, at Downers Grove North High School, Saturday, November 25 at 8. 630-968-4984. She'll also be giving a guitar workshop at the Two Way Street Coffee House, Sunday, November 26 at 1.

Eric Lugosch performs at the Folk-Lore Center, 29 W 140 Butterfield Road, Warrenville, Saturday, November 25 at 8. 630-393-1247

Priscilla Herdman - Anne Hills - Cindy Mangsen in a pair of concerts, Friday, December 15 at 8 at the Byron Colby Barn of Prairie Crossing in Grayslake, which will be recorded for a WFMT Folkstage and broadcast the next night, December 16 at 8. The trio also will perform in a Hogeye Folk Arts concert at the Lake Street Church in Evanston, Saturday, December 16 at 7:30.

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