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June 9, 2001

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  1. John Hartford: Station Break Aereo-Plain Rounder CD 0366
  2. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special Last Sessions SMITHSONIAN FOLKWAYS SFCD-40068/71
  3. John Hartford: Steam Powered Aereo Plane Aereo Plain Rounder CD 0366
  4. Larry Penn: Old Time Aeroplanes The Whiskey's Gone Cookie Man CM-92 (414-483-7306)
  5. The Watersons and Martin Carthy: Heavenly Aeroplane (author unknown, PD) Sound, Sound Your Instruments of Joy Topic 12TS346
  6. John Hartford: The Poor Old Prurient Interest Blues John Hartford RCA Victor LSP-4156
  7. Lou & Peter Berryman: Naked and Nude What, Again?! Cornbelt CR900 (608-257-7750)
  8. The Righteous Mothers: 60,000 Naked Hoosiers (Marla Beth Elliot) Pesky Angels Nexus 120 (360-456-0473)
  9. John Hartford: I Shoulda Wore My Birthday Suit John Hartford Looks at Life RCA Victor LSP-3687
  10. Luther the Jet: A Hobo's Remembrance King of the Hobos test pressing
  11. John Hartford: Men All Want To Be Hoboes Down On the River Flying Fish FF 70514
  12. Fred Holstein: Hobo Songs (trad/Harry Mac McClintock) Chicago and Other Ports Holstein 01
  13. Lunasa: The Merry Sisters of Fate / The Longacre (trad) The Merry Sisters of Fate Green Linnet GLCD 1213
  14. The Fenians: Casey's Jig (Terry Casey) Have Fun or Get Out! Mizen Head MH494CD
  15. Karen Tweed & Timo Alakotila: Dr. Gilbert's (trad/arr.Alakotila-Tweed) May Monday NorthSide NSD6059
  16. Hartford-Grisman-Seeger: Flint Hill Special (Earl Scruggs) Retrograss Acoustic Disc ACD-37 (800-221-DISC)
  17. John Hartford: In Like Of Housing Project RCA Victor LSP-3998
  18. Michael Johnson: Troubled For You (Ted Sherman) The Early Albums MJP no#
  19. Eric Anderson - Rick Danko - Jonas Fjeld: Come Runnin' Like a Friend (Anderson) Ridin' On the Blinds Ryko RCD 10371
  20. Oscar Brand: Beep Beep (Claps/Cicchetti) Sports Car Songs Elektra EKL-188
  21. John Hartford: The All Collision All Explosion Song The Walls We Bounce Off Of Small-Dog-A'Barkin' SD394
  22. Bob Gibson: I Come For To Sing Joy! Joy! The Young and Wonderful Bob Gibson Riverside RIVCD-9909-2
  23. David Stoddard: Sell Out Immigrants & Only Children no label (313 N. Lincoln Ave., Beaver Dam, WI 53916)
  24. Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer: Here Is the Chorus (Bernard Carney) (Folkstage 4/21/01) WFMT recording
  25. Michael Johnson: The Glory (Crow Johnson) The Early Albums MJP no#
  26. John Hartford: In Tall Buildings My Oh My, How the Time Does Fly Flying Fish FF 440
  27. Bob Newhart: Ledge Psychology Something like this... Rhino R2 76742
  28. Andy Breckman: So Far So Good Proud Dad Gadfly 201
  29. Joni Mitchell: The Arrangement Ladies of the Canyon Reprise 6376-2
  30. John Hartford: Up On the Hill Where They Do the Boogie Aereo Plain Rounder CD 0366
  31. Small Potatoes: Waltz of the Wallflowers (J.Manning) WIND RIVER WR4010CD (877-365-5372)
  32. John Hartford: The Deck Hand's Waltz All In the Name of Love Flying Fish FF 044
  33. Joe Hickerson: We Are Anchored By the Roadside, Jim (trad) Drive Dull Care Away II Folk Legacy FSI-69
  34. Meg Davis: Four Nights Drunk (trad) Live at Dennos LHAP 100 (PO Box 7257, Little Rock, Arkansas 72217)
  35. Roberts & Barrand: Three Drunken Maidens (trad) Live At Holsteins! Golden Hind GHM-203
  36. Mike Nichols & Elaine May: Chopin Improvisations To Music Mercury 314 558 455-2
  37. John Hartford: I've Heard that Tearstained Monologue You Do There By the Door Before You Go John Hartford RCA Victor LSP-4156
  38. Tom Paxton: Annie's Going To Sing Her Song Even A Gray Day Flying Fish FF 70280
  39. John Hartford: The Girl With the Long Brown Hair Housing Project RCA Victor LSP-3998
  40. Richard Dyer-Bennet: Jeanie With the Light Brown Hair (S.Foster) Stephen Foster Songs Dyer-Bennet #11
  41. Steve Tilston & Maggie Boyle: The Maid With the Bonny Brown Hair (trad/arr.Tilston-Boyle) All Under the Sun Flying Fish CDFF 663
  42. John Hartford: Where Does An Old Time River Man Go Live From Mountain Stage Blue Plate BPM 401 (800-521-2112 / www.ohboy.com)
  43. Ed Trickett: Gently Down the Stream of Time (Major J.Barton - PD) Gently Down the Stream of Time Folk Legacy FSI-64
  44. John Hartford: Today John Hartford Looks At Life RCA Victor LSP-3687
  45. Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer: Gentle Soldier Of My Soul Drum Hat Buddha Signature Sounds SIG-1266 (800-694-5354)
  46. Tom Paxton: Last Thing On My Mind Live From Mountain Stage Blue Plate BPM 404
  47. John Hartford: Gentle On My Mind Live From Mountain Stage Blue Plate BPM 401
  48. John Hartford: Prayer The Love Album RCA Victor LSP-3884
  49. Kim & Reggie Harris & Magpie: When I'm Gone (Ochs) Spoken in Love Long Tail LT003-2 (PO Box 5467, Takoma Park, MD 20913)

Performer is composer unless otherwise noted. Song is album title unless otherwise noted. Album titles are in italics, composers in parens ( ).

Lunasa, Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer

These concerts were mentioned on the program:

Small Potatoes at the Folk-Lore Center, 29W140 Butterfield Rd., Warrenville, Saturday, June 16 at 8. 630-393-1247

Small Potatoes will also be at Fitzgerald's in Berwyn, with Michael Smith, Thursday, June 21. 708-788-2118

Grand Hobo Concert in Pullman, in Chicago, Sunday, June 17 at 4 at the Pullman United Methodist Church, 11211 S. St. Lawrence Ave. The concert will feature Hobo King Luther The Jet, Banjo Fred Starner, Larry Penn, Joe Hickerson and others. 312-810-9909

Fred Holstein album release concert and party, also featuring Ed Holstein, at the Abbey Pub, 3420 W. Grace, Chicago, Saturday, June 23. 773-478-4408

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