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July 13, 2002

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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special Last Sessions SMITHSONIAN FOLKWAYS SFCD-40068/71
  2. Great Big Sea: Yarmouth Town (trad/arr.GBS) Sea of No Cares Zoe/Rounder 01143-1026-2
  3. The Starboard List: Cruising 'Round Yarmouth (trad) Cruising 'Round YarmouthAdelphi AD1027
  4. Louis Killen: Liverpool Judies (trad) Sailors, Ships & Chanteys Knock-Out! KO-03
  5. Lee Murdock: Reuben Ranzo (trad) Standing at the Wheel Depot DEP-026 (630-557-2742)
  6. Martin Mull: Men But Seriously... The American Comedy Box 1915-1994 Rhino R271617
  7. Original Cast: I Hate Men (Cole Porter) Kiss Me, Kate Columbia Legacy SK 60536
  8. Barachois: Suite de Jigs 'live' (Uncle Jim, trad / Christina's Dream, E.Benoit) Naturel House Party HPP 5 (800-797-3868)
  9. Grit Laskin: The Upper Class Shanty (Dow Jones) Unabashedly Folk Borealis BCD 124 (416-530-4288)
  10. Capitol Steps: Mr. Greenspan (Ballard/Newport-Strauss) When Bush Comes To Shove Capitol Steps CSCD-1022 (800-733-STEP)
  11. Joe Glazer: Brother Can You Spare a Dime (Jay Gorney/Yip Harburg) Folksongs of the American Dream (1604 Arbor View Rd., Silver Spring, MD 20902) Collector 1954CD
  12. David DiGiuseppe: Any Spare Change (Jessica Ruby Simpson) Movin' On Azalea City ACCD-2020
  13. Small Potatoes: The Dollar Episode (Jacquie Manning) Waltz of the Wallflowers Wind River WR4010CD (877-365-5372)
  14. Michael Cooney: Squalor (Lou & Peter Berryman) Together Again Cove Haven CHRCD001 (207-832-9931)
  15. Les Barker: Detritus Arovertherapy Mrs Ackroyd DOG 015
  16. Simon & Garfunkel: For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her (P.Simon) Live From NYC, 1967 Columbia Legacy CK 61513
  17. Stephen Fearing: When My Baby Calls My Name That's How I Walk True North TND 266
  18. Nichols & May: Morning Rounds Mike Nichols & Elaine May Examine Doctors Mercury 314 558 457-2
  19. Joan Baez: Daddy, You Been On My Mind (Bob Dylan) Farewell Angelina (remastered) Vanguard 79701-2
  20. Cooper, Nelson & Early: Loch Lomond (trad/Lady John Scott PD) Return No More Porcupine PPCD 2017 (630-584-1262)
  21. The McCalmans: Highlands Tomorrow (Ian McCalman) Where the Sky Meets the Sea Greentrax CDTRAX232
  22. Niamh Parsons: My Lagan Love (trad/arr.Parsons) Heart's Desire Green Linnet GLCD 1219
  23. Blue Murder: The Banks of Sweet Primroses (trad/arr.Blue Murder) No One Stands Alone Topic TSCD537 (415-457-9080)
  24. Dervish: Packie Duignan's Jigs (trad) Live In Palma Compass 7 4340 2
  25. Tracy Spring: Bathing Suit Top Life and Art Aziz 004 (360-676-5669)
  26. Kathy Johnson: Well-Tanned, Hairy-Chested, Bare-Armed Men Small Town Girl Singing Bridge SBM0525 (PO Box 4847, Akron, OH 44310)
  27. Anne Walker: Swimsuit Blues Over My Shoulder Quiet Waters QWD101
  28. Jugularity: Piping MacTilda (trad) / Waltzing MacTilda (trad/B.Stephens-P.Mathewson) Unjugged! JUG004
  29. Kenneth Williams: Song of the Australian Outlaw The Best of Rambling Syd Rumpo EMI Starline SRS 5034
  30. Rolf Harris: Stairway to Heaven (Plant/Page) Stairways To Heaven Atlantic 82643-2
  31. Eric Bogle: Australian Through and Through (Tony Miles) Singing the Spirit Home Flying Fish FF 447
  32. The Whites: Sandy Land (trad) Down From the Mountain Lost Highway 088 170 221-2
  33. The Freight Hoppers: Sandy River (trad) Where'd You Come Fron, Where'd You Go? Rounder CD04043
  34. Cisco Houston: Sweet Betsy From Pike (trad) Cowboy Ballads Smithsonian Folkways F-2022
  35. Stan Rogers: House of Orange From Fresh Water Fogarty's Cove FCM0070
  36. Pete Morton: Two Brothers (Folkstage - June 8, 2002) WFMT recording
  37. Terry Tufts: All You Really Need To Know (Tufts/O'Connor/Brown) Two Nights Solo Borealis BCD144
  38. Fred Holstein: Here's To You Rounders (Don Lange) Fred Holstein: A Collection Holstein 1
  39. Guy Clark: Rex's Blues (Townes Van Zandt) The Dark Sugar Hill SUG-CD-1070
  40. Jerry Jeff Walker: No Roots In Ramblin' Driftin' Way of Life Vanguard VMD-73124
  41. Travis Edmonson: I'm a Drifter The Tucson Tapes - First Set Folk Era FE1460CD (877-365-5372)
  42. Sam Shaber: Eldorado Eighty Numbered Streets Brown Chair/SMG 008
  43. David Parry: The Man From Eldorado (Robt. W. Service/D. Parry) The Man From Eldorado Borealis BCD106
  44. Original Broadway Cast: Eldorado (Bernstein/R.Wilbur) Candide Sony SK 48017
  45. Small Potatoes: I Will Pass This Way Again (Rich Prezioso) Time Flies Folk Era FE1427CD
  46. Stephen Fearing: The Parting Glass (trad/arr.Fearing) That's How I Walk True North TND 266
  47. Kim & Reggie Harris & Magpie: When I'm Gone (Phil Ochs) Spoken in Love Long Tail LT003-2 (PO Box 5467, Takoma Park, MD 20913)

Performer is composer unless otherwise noted. Song is album title unless otherwise noted. Album titles are in italics, composers in parens ( ).


Great Big Sea, Barachois, Lee Murdock, Michael Cooney, Cooper-Nelson-Early, The McCalmans, Blue Murder, Dervish, Terry Tufts, Guy Clark, Stephen Fearing

Scarlet Confessions with Jamie O'Reilly, Michael Smith, Anne Hills, and Paul Amandes, runs Thursdays-Sundays, July 11-20 at the Victory Gardens Theater, 2257 N. Lincoln, Chicago. 773-871-3000 or 312-458-0822

The Unity In Chicago Summer Concert series features Chicago Catz, Friday, July 17 at 7, 1925 W. Thome in Rogers Park, Chicago. 773-973-0007

Sam Shaber at the Heartland Cafe, 7000 N. Glenwood, Friday, July 20 at 9:30. 773-965-8005

The Down From the Mountain tour with Alison Krauss, Ralph Stanley, and many others from the movie O Brother, Where Art Thou? perform at the Theater at the United Center, Monday, July 22. 312-559-1212 (Ticketmaster)

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