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July 20, 2002

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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special Last Sessions SMITHSONIAN FOLKWAYS SFCD-40068/71
  2. Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer: The Power and Glory (Carter) Drum Hat Buddha Signature Sounds SIG 1266 (Dave Carter: August 13, 1952 - July 19, 2002)
  3. Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer: Long Time Travelin' (trad/arr.Fink-Marxer) Postcards Community Music CMCD 203 (800-669-3942)
  4. Alan Lomax: Rambling Gambler (trad) Texas Folksongs Tradition TLP 1029 (Alan Lomax: 1915-2002)
  5. The Weavers: Lonesome Traveler (Lee Hays) The Weavers at Carnegie Hall Vanguard VMD-73101 (Seymour Solomon: 1922 - July 18, 2002)
  6. Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer: Gentle Arms of Eden (Carter) Drum Hat Buddha Signature Sounds SIG 1266
  7. Mark Graham & Orville Johnson aka Kings of Mongrel Folk: Still Goin' Strong Still Goin' Strong KMF002 (206-932-4971)
  8. Ralph Stanley: O Death (trad) O Brother, Where Art Thou? Mercury 088 170-069-2
  9. Monty Python: Bring Out Your Dead The Monty Python Instant Record Collection II Arista ARCD-8296
  10. Hobart Smith: See That My Grave Is Kept Clean (trad/Lomax) Southern White Spirituals Prestige Int. 25011 (above a field recording by Alan Lomax)
  11. James Keelaghan: Who Dies Road Hightone HCD8101
  12. Rich Krueger: Dying Young Personal Overachievement private pressing
  13. Alan Lomax with the Dupree Family: Red River Shore (A.-J.A.Lomax) Raise a Ruckus Kapp KL-1316
  14. Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer: The River, Where She Sleeps When I Go Signature Sounds SIG1272
  15. Connie Kaldor: Down to a River Small Café Philo CDPH 1205
  16. Dan Fogelberg: The River Home Free Columbia CK 31751
  17. Lily Tomlin: The F.B.I. This is a Recording Laugh.com LGH1114
  18. Capitol Steps: Glory, Paranoia When Bush Comes To Shove CapSteps CSCD-1022 (800-733-STEP)
  19. Mike Craver: Watson Come Here I Want You Shining Down Sapsucker 2324 (336-787-3523)
  20. Joel Mabus: My Bucket's Got a Hole In It Thumb Thump Fossil 1402 (PO Box 306, Portage, MI 49081)
  21. Harry Belafonte & Odetta: A Hole In the Bucket (ASCAP) Belafonte Returns to Carngie Hall RCA Victor LOC-6007
  22. Bob Dylan: Buckets of Rain Blood on the Tracks Columbia PC 33235
  23. Alan Lomax: Billy Barlow (trad) Texas Folksongs Tradition TLP 1029
  24. Ian & Sylvia: Cutty Wren (trad/arr.Tyson-Fricker) The Complete Vanguard Studio Recordings Vanguard 196/99-2
  25. Martin Carthy w/ June Tabor: Hunting the Cutty Wren (Les Barker) Oranges and Lemmings Mrs Ackroyd DOG 007
  26. Michael Cooney: Figure It Out (Ginni Clemmens) Together Again Cove Haven CHRCD001 (207-832-9931)
  27. Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer: Arrange and Rearrange (Pete Seeger) Postcards Community Music CMCD203
  28. Dervish: Drag Her Round the Road (trad) Live In Palma Compass 7 4340 2
  29. Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer: Walkin' Away From Caroline (Carter) Tanglewood Tree Signature Sounds SIG 1257
  30. Townes Van Zandt: Tecumseh Valley Live at The Old Quarter, Houston Texas Tomato TOM-3011
  31. Barachois: The Boxer (Paul Simon/arr. Barachois) Naturel House Party HPP5
  32. Mike Craver: I'm Yellow (Craver/J.Herrick-Craver) Shining Down Sapsucker 2324
  33. Kermit the Frog: Green (Joe Raposo) The Sesame Street Book and Record Columbia CS 1069
  34. Louis Jordon: (You Dyed Your Hair) Chartreuse (Billy Moore, Jr. / J.L. McFarland) You Dyed Your Hair Chartreuse Decca MCA MCAD-10503
  35. Al Day: Frank and Red Guest House self no# (773-262-3224)
  36. Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer: Frank to Valentino When I Go Signature Sounds SIG 1272
  37. Anne Hills: Donna From Mobile (Michael Smith) Don't Panic Flying Fish FF 70608
  38. Alan Lomax: My Little John Henry (trad/Lomax) Texas Folksongs Tradition TLP 1029
  39. Ralph Stanley: The Death of John Henry (trad/arr.Stanley) Ralph Stanley DMZ/Columbia CK 86625
  40. Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer: When I Go When I Go Signature Sounds SIG 1272
  41. Eileen Vance: When I'm Gone (Phil Ochs) Sweet Life Avenda AM003CD (408-423-3721)
  42. Patricia Shih: When I'm Gone (trad/Shih) Woman With One Closed Eye Glass GR0040CD
  43. Jean Redpath with Sue Richards: Will Ye No' Come Back Again (trad) (Prairie Crossing - December 11, 1999) WFMT recording
  44. Jennifer Armstrong: Psalm Of Life (trad-Lotus Dickey/Henry Wadsworth Longfellow) The Leaves Entwine Depot 014 (Artists of Note)
  45. Jim Ringer: I Believe If I Lived My Life Again (Utah Phillips) Waitin' for the Hard Times To Go Folk Legacy
  46. Kim & Reggie Harris & Magpie: When I'm Gone (Phil Ochs) Spoken in Love Long Tail LT003-2 (PO Box 5467, Takoma Park, MD 20913)

Performer is composer unless otherwise noted. Song is album title unless otherwise noted. Album titles are in italics, composers in parens ( ).


Great Big Sea, Barachois, Lee Murdock, Michael Cooney, Cooper-Nelson-Early, The McCalmans, Blue Murder, Dervish, Terry Tufts, Guy Clark, Stephen Fearing

Scarlet Confessions with Jamie O'Reilly, Michael Smith, Anne Hills, and Paul Amandes, runs Thursday-Saturday, July 25-27 at the Victory Gardens Theater, 2257 N. Lincoln, Chicago. 773-871-3000 or 312-458-0822

The Unity In Chicago Summer Concert series features Orbert Davis, Friday, July 26 at 7, 1925 W. Thome in Rogers Park, Chicago. 773-973-0007

The Down From the Mountain tour with Alison Krauss, Ralph Stanley, and many others from the movie O Brother, Where Art Thou? perform at the Theater at the United Center, Monday, July 22. 312-559-1212 (Ticketmaster)

Benefit for Bridge North, which helps the mentally ill live in the community, at the Old Town School of Folk Music Saturday, August 3 at 7:30 features Al Day, Robbie Fulks, Ed Holstein, Ralph Covert, Don Stiernberg, Buddy Mondlock and others. 773-728-6000)

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