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November 23, 2002

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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special Last Sessions SMITHSONIAN FOLKWAYS SFCD-40068/71
  2. Coyote Run: Lord of the Dance (David Doersch) Coyote Run Run Wild 83707 36632
  3. Danny Bakan: Dance (with Old Molly Hare) Dog Man Don't Cat Man Do no label SDR001
  4. Mad Agnes: Dancing Man (Adrienne Jones) Live at UH private release
  5. Jim Post: Dance, Gypsy Dance (Kendall Kardt) Shipshape Flying Fish FF-240
  6. Danny Bakan: I Did My Laundry On Saturday Night Dog Man Don't Cat Man Do no label SDR001
  7. Big Bill Broonzy: Saturday Evening Blues Big Bill Broonzy Sings Country Blues Folkways FT 1005
  8. Dudley Connell & Don Rigsby: Another Saturday Night (Jimmie Skinner) Another Saturday Night Sugar Hill SUG-CD-3940
  9. Tom Paxton: Saturday Night Tom Paxton 6 Elektra EKS-74066
  10. Aengus Finnan: One Hand On the Radio (Bill Caddick/Pete Bond) North Wind Borealis BCD 148 (877-530-4288)
  11. Nanci Griffith: Listen To the Radio Winter Marquee Rounder 1161-3220-2
  12. Kate Rusby: Radio Sweethearts (Miller/McCusker) Hourglass Compass 7 4255-2
  13. We're About 9: The Port Wine Song (Brian Gundersdorf) Something Magnetic (EP) WA997912
  14. Eamon Friel: The Waltz of the Years Thran THR 1002
  15. Thom Bishop: Mr. Arthur's Place Feed Me a Dream Coyote CCDF 1007 (213-656-5331)
  16. Nancy White: And I Copied It Stickers On Fruit Borealis BCD147
  17. Dave Van Ronk: Stealin' (Gus Cannon) A Chrestomathy Gazelle GPCD 2007/8
  18. Original Cast: The Great Train Robbery (Alan Bennett-Peter Cook) Beyond the Fringe '64 Capitol ST 11654
  19. Mad Agnes: Rhyming Song Live at UH private release
  20. John Roberts & Tony Barrand: The Ballad of the Cowpuncher (Genny Haley) Eat Bertha's Mussels - Live At Holsteins! Golden Hind GHM203
  21. Marty Feldman: Worlds In Rhyme The Crazy World of Marty Feldman Brit.Decca SPA 134
  22. Samuel Ramey-Ruth Ann Swenson: Rhymes Have I (Robt.Wright/Geo.Forrest) Kismet Sony SK 46438
  23. Steeleye Span: Thomas the Rhymer (trad/adapt/arr.Steeleye) Spanning the Years Chrysalis EMI 7243 8 32236 2
  24. Adam Brodsky: Uncivil Rights Hookers, Hicks & Hebes Permanent PR001
  25. Nancy White: Stickers On Fruit Stickers On Fruit Borealis BCD147
  26. Julie Snow: 1st Amendment Rights If Words Were Stones SnowSongs no#
  27. Michael Smith: Dead Egyptian Blues Love Stories Flying Fish FF 70404
  28. Zoë Lewis: Sarcophagi Fishbone, Wishbone, Funnybone Dog no#
  29. Red Clay Ramblers: I Crept Into the Crypt (Liz Anderson) Hard Times Flying Fish FF246
  30. John Forster: In the Closet Helium Philo CD 1214
  31. Amy Fix: Closet Spoon AmyFix AFCD001
  32. Bill Harley: The Cape (G&S Clark-J.Janousky) Mistakes Were Made Round River 203 (800-682-9522)
  33. We're About 9: Born Again (Brian Gundersdoft) Something Magnetic (EP) WA997912
  34. Original Broadway Cast: When I'm Being Born Again (Burton Lane / Alan Jay Lerner) On a Clear Day You Can See Forever RCA LSOD-2006
  35. Mahalia Jackson: You Must Be Born Again (composer unidentified) (May 17, 1958 - Mandel Hall) WFMT recording
  36. Stan Freberg: Pilgrim's Progress / The Thanksgiving Story Stan Freberg presents the United States of America, Vol. 1 Rhino R2 72476
  37. Bill Harley: Swimming To the Other Side (Pat Humphries) Mistakes Were Made Round River 203
  38. The Short Sisters: The Other Shore (H.Card-K.N.Card-C.Deisler) Love and Transportation Black Socks BS24
  39. Joni Mitchell: River Hits Reprise 9 46326-2
  40. The Wailin' Jennys: Row Him Home (Nicky Mehta) The Wailin' Jennys (EP) WailinJennys WJ001
  41. Antje Duvekot: Streets of Soho Little Peppermints Pantjebare ADP58099
  42. David Ackles: Subway to the Country Subway to the Country Collectors' Choice CCM-313-2 (800-923-1122)
  43. Nanci Griffith: Good Night, New York (Julie Gold) Winter Marquee Rounder 11661-3220-2
  44. Terri Allard: Happy Endings Makes No Sense Reckless Abandon RA62902
  45. Tony Bennett & k.d. lang: What a Wonderful World (C.Carpenter-M.C.Dunlap-E.Hines) A Wonderful World RPM-Columbia CK86724
  46. Kim & Reggie Harris & Magpie: When I'm Gone (Phil Ochs) Spoken in Love Long Tail LT003-2 (PO Box 5467, Takoma Park, MD 20913)

Performer is composer unless otherwise noted. Song is album title unless otherwise noted. Album titles are in italics, composers in parens ( ).


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