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December 7, 2002

The underlined artist names and record labels are links to their sites. You can use your browser's Back button to return to this list from their sites.

(* denotes a 2002 favorite)

  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special Last Sessions SMITHSONIAN FOLKWAYS SFCD-40068/71
  2. *John McCutcheon: Children of Abraham The Greatest Story Never Told Red House RHRCD 163
  3. *Kim & Reggie Harris: Spoken In Love Simplicity Appleseed APRCD1061
  4. *Carrie Newcomer: The Gathering of Spirits The Gathering of Spirits Philo 116 711 243-2
  5. *Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer: Long Time Travelin' (trad/arr. Fink-Marxer) Postcards Community Music CMCD 203
  6. *James Keelaghan: Sing My Heart Home Home Appleseed APRCD1059
  7. *Blue Murder: Rubber Band (Mike Waterson) No One Stands Alone Topic TSCD537
  8. Original Broadway Cast: Seventy-Six Trombones (Meredith Willson) The Music Man Angel ZDM7 64663 2 3
  9. Flanders & Swann: Ill Wind At the Drop of Another Hat EMI CDS 7974642
  10. Jackson Gilman (on Bob Blue CD): A Little Night Words (Bob Blue) The Best of... Black Socks BSP21 (413-256-8784 / email)
  11. *Andrew Calhoun: The Scyther Tiger Tattoo Waterbug WBG0053
  12. *Blue Murder: No One Stands Alone (Jimmy Davis) No One Stands Alone Topic TSCD537
  13. *Ralph Stanley: Lift Him Up, That's All (trad/arr.Stanley) Ralph Stanley DMZ/Columbia CK 86625
  14. *Michael Cooney: Figure It Out (Ginni Clemmens) Together Again Cove Haven CHRCD001
  15. *Enoch Kent: I'm a Workin' Chap (trad/Kent) I'm a Workin' Chap 2nd AV SAS2007
  16. *Liz Carroll: The Ghost / The Hatchlings / The Long Bow Lake Effect Green Linnet GLCD 1220
  17. *Aoife Clancy: The Nightbird (Mark Simos) Silvery Moon Appleseed APRCD 1065
  18. *Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer: Birds and Ships (Billy Bragg/Woody Guthrie) Postcards Community Music CMCD 203
  19. *Tanglefoot: The Commodore's Compliments (Steve Ritchie) Borealis BCD143 Agnes On the Cowcatcher (877-530-4288)
  20. *James Keelaghan: Stonecutter Home Appleseed APRCD1059
  21. *John McCutcheon: Barbershop The Greatest Story Never Told Red House RHRCD 163
  22. Monty Python: Barber / Lumberjack The Worst of Monty Python's Flying Circus BBC REB 73M
  23. *Michael Cooney: The Thing That Makes You Beautiful (Jane Voss) Together Again Cove Haven CHRCD001
  24. Joe Hickerson: Lather and Shave (trad) Joe Hickerson With a Gathering of Friends Folk Legacy CD-39
  25. *Aoife Clancy: Kisses Sweeter Than Wine (Ledbetter-Gilbert-Hays-Hellerman-Seeger) Kisses Sweeter Than Wine Appleseed APRCD1065
  26. *Enoch Kent: I'll Lay Ye Doon Love (trad/Kent) I'm a Workin' Chap 2nd AV SAS2007
  27. *Andrew Calhoun: Day In and Night Out Tiger Tattoo Waterbug WBG0053
  28. Fred Holstein: Touch Me (Utah Phillips) Fred Holstein: A Collection Holstein 1
  29. *James Keelaghan: You Know Me Home Appleseed APRCD1059
  30. *Ralph Stanley: Twelve Gates To the City (trad/arr.Stanley) Ralph Stanley DMX/Columbia CK 86625
  31. Jim Post: Twelfth Month The Heart of Christmas private CD
  32. Magpie: Last Month of the Year (trad) Last Month of the Year SLICED BREAD CDSB 71305
  33. Magpie: Chanukah Chase (trad) Last Month of the Year SLICED BREAD CDSB 71305
  34. Nancy White: The Shabbat Goy C'est Moi Stickers On Fruit Borealis BCD147
  35. Dave Snaker Ray: Lonesome Road (trad) The Return of Koerner Ray & Glover Red House RHRCD 131
  36. *Tanglefoot: Summer Ghosts (Joe Grant) Agnes on the Cowcatcher Borealis BCD143
  37. *Carrie Newcomer: The Things I've Gone and Done The Gathering of Spirits Philo 116 711 243-2
  38. Kim & Reggie Harris: Changes (Phil Ochs) Simplicity Appleseed APRCD1061
  39. *Ralph Stanley: Great High Mountain (trad/arr.Stanley) Ralph Stanley DMZ/Columbia CK 86625
  40. *Aoife Clancy: There Is Hope (Robbie O'Connell) Silvery Moon Appleseed APRCD1065
  41. *Blue Murder: The Goodnight Song (Jim Boyes) No One Stands Alone Topic TSCD537
  42. Kim & Reggie Harris & Magpie: When I'm Gone (Phil Ochs) Spoken in Love Long Tail LT003-2 (PO Box 5467, Takoma Park, MD 20913)

Performer is composer unless otherwise noted. Song is album title unless otherwise noted. Album titles are in italics, composers in parens ( ).

The Heart of Christmas, with Jim, Janet and Angel Post, December 4-January 5 at the new Lakeshore Theater, 3175 N. Broadway, Chicago. 773-472-3492

The Village Square Concert Series, 37 S. Main St., Sandwich, presents Michael Smith, Saturday, December 14 at 7:30. 815-878-2693

Joe Hickerson, and Fred Holstein in an Acoustic Renaissance Concert at the Hinsdale Unitarian Church, 17 W. Maple, Hinsdale, Saturday, December 14 at 8. 708-802-0236.

Fred Holstein also will give a house concert Friday, December 13 at 8 in Oak Park. For information and reservations: 708-848-2205

Make-A-Wish Foundation benefit at the Two Way Street Coffee House, 1047 Curtiss, Downers Grove, Sunday, December 15 at 2 features Small Potatoes, Tricia Alexander, Sons of the Never Wrong, Dan Zahn, Darwin & Marv, and Kate Moretti. 847-540-5527 or kmoretti@aol.com.

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