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January 15, 2005

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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special (theme) Last Sessions Smithsonian Folkways SFCD-40068/71
  2. Fred Holstein: Passing Through (trad) Remembering Fred Remembering Fred 001
  3. Jerry Orbach: God's Greeen World (Loewe/Lerner) Ben Bagley's Alan Jay Lerner Revisited Painted Smiles PS 1337
  4. Joe Hickerson: Working on the New Railroad (trad) Drive Dull Care Away, Volume II Folk-Legacy CD-59
  5. Eric Bibb: Just Keep Goin' On (Rev.Dan J.Smith) Spirit and the Blues EarthBeat! R2 75686
  6. Kim & Reggie Harris & Rabbi Jonathan Kliger: B'chol Dor Va'Dor (In Every Generation) / I'm On My Way (trad/arr.-adapt. K&R Harris) Let My People Go! Appleseed APRCD 1084
  7. The Fantasticks (orig. cast-Jerry Orbach): Try To Remember (Harvey Schmidt/Tom Jones) Polydor 821 943-2 Y-1
  8. Martin Carthy: The January Man (Dave Goulder) The Carthy Chronicles Topic FRCD 63
  9. Balfa Toujours: Pa Janvier (Papa January) (trad) La Pointe Rounder 11661-6086-2
  10. Zoë Lewis: Eyelashes Small Is Tremendous Dog Called Dog 2168103862
  11. Ken Nordine: Eyelashes (Robt. Shure) Twink Philips PHS 600-258
  12. David Francey: Tonight In My Dreams The Waking Hour Red House RHRCD 182
  13. Frank Meyer: Yer So Purty Dagnabit Thangmaker
  14. Dana Lyons: Cows With Guns Reigning RR-1010-CD
  15. Lifeline Theater (Sharyon Culberson, Libby Lane): We Will Fight! (Geo.Howe/Howe-Jas.Grote) Lifeline
  16. Capitol Steps: Cows Gone Mad (Strong-Whitfield/Strauss-Newport-Eaton) Papa's Got a Brand New Baghdad Capitol Steps CSCD-1024
  17. Danu: The Wonder Hornpipe (trad) / The Impish Hornpipe (J.Sheahan) The Road Less Traveled Shanachie SH 78057
  18. Bonnie Lee Panda: I Hope You Dance (Tia Sillers/Mark Selby) Within Autumn Lee ALM0001
  19. Steve Seskin: Life's a Dance (Seskin/Allen Shamblin) Live Seskin SR 112
  20. Mary Liz McNamara: Dance With Me Unhinged self
  21. Danu: MaCahills Reel / Doherty's / Reel Gan Ainm (trad/arr.Danu) The Road Less Traveled Shanachie SH 78057
  22. Magpie: Who Will Speak for the Trees? (G.Artzner-T.Leonino) Raise Your Voice Sliced Bread CDSB 75110
  23. Jack Williams: This Is My Body Eternity & Main Wind River WR4016D
  24. Suzzy & Maggie Roche: A Day in the Life of a Tree (Brian Wilson/Jack Rieley)Why the Long Face Red House RHRCD 179
  25. Wanda Fischer: Branching Out (John Gorka) self 04879 00272
  26. Garnet Rogers: Here Tonight Shining Thing Snow Goose SGSCD 1131
  27. Rachel Bissex: Here Now In White Light One Take OTP 002004
  28. Gertrude Lawrence: Now You're Here (Hamilton) The Star Audio Fidelity AFLP 709
  29. Joe Hickerson: Shingling the Rum Seller's Roof (trad) Drive Dull Care Away, Volume 1 Folk-Legacy CD-58
  30. Eric Bibb: Shingle By Shingle Good Stuff EarthBeat! R2 75265
  31. Alison Krauss & Union Station: Crazy As Me (R.L.Castleman) Lonely Runs Both Ways Rounder 11661 0525-2
  32. Jeff Daniels: If I Weren't So Stupid, You Wouldn't Be So Smart Live and Unplugged Purple Rose
  33. Carnival (orgi. cast-Jerry Orbach): I've Got To Find a Reason (Bob Merrill) Polydor 837 195-2
  34. Eric Bibb: Guru Man Blues Natural Light EarthBeat! R2 73830
  35. Just For Openers (Betty Aberlin - Madeline Kahn): Telephone Hang-Up (Dial-a-Deviate) (Bill Kaufman-Paul Koreto) UpstairsDownstairs UD-37W56
  36. John Aler (Grant Gershon, piano): I Hear You Calling Me (Chas.Marshall/Harold Harford) Songs We Forgot To Remember Delos DE 3181
  37. Conception Corporation: Dial a Dirty Joke A Pause in the Disaster Cotillion SD 9031
  38. Danu: County Down (Tommy Sands, arr.Danu) The Road Less Traveled Shanachie SH 78057
  39. Jim Hanlon: Streets of Your Hometown From the Heart Bog Bard BR-104
  40. Tim Grimm: Jackie Brown (John Mellancamp) Names Wind River WR4032CD
  41. Ed Trickett: People Like You (Si Kahn) Remembering Fred Fred Holstein 01
  42. Grace Griffith: Beautiful Fool (Don Henry) Grace Blix Street G2-10028
  43. Kim & Reggie Harris and Magpie: When I'm Gone (close) (Phil Ochs) Spoken in Love Longtail LT003-2

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Remembering Fred, Kim & Reggie Harris and Rabbi Jonathan Kliger, Zoe Lewis, David Francey, Frank Meyer, Bonnie Lee Panda, Steve Seskin, Magpie, Garnet Rogers, Rachel Bissex, Alison Krauss & Union Station, Jeff Daniels, Jim Hanlon, Tim Grimm

CD of the Week: Tim Grimm

These concerts were mentioned on the program:

At the Old Town School of Folk Music, 4544 N. Lincoln, Chicago:
Sunday, January 23 at 7: Eric Bibb
Sunday, January 30 at 7: Danu

Joe Hickerson in a house concert in Oak Park, Friday, January 28 (708-848-2205) and at Hogeye Folk Arts, Ltd. at the Lake Street Church, 607 Lake St., Evanston, Saturday, January 29 at 7:30. 847-475-6165

Tim Grim at Bill's Blues, 1029 Davis St., Evanston, Sunday, January 23 at 7. 847-424-9800