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February 26, 2005

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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special (theme) Last Sessions Smithsonian Folkways SFCD-40068/71
  2. Rachel Bissex: Here Now In White Light One Take OTP 002004
  3. Jonell Mosser: Only the Here & Now (Brandon & Alex Harvey) Enough Rope Siren Songs 001205
  4. Starting Here, Starting Now (orig.cast-Loni Ackerman & Margery Cohen): Today Is the First Day of the Rest of My Life / A New Life Coming (Richard Maltby,Jr./David Shire) RCA ABL1-2369
  5. Pat & Victoria Garvey: Fugacity (Today Is the First Day of the Rest of My Life) (P&V Garvey) Mr. & Mrs. Garvey Epic BN 26403
  6. David Roth: Before I Die Pearl Diver Stockfisch SFR 357-6031-2
  7. Cathie Ryan: So Here's To You Somewhere Along the Road (Alan A. Bell) Shanachie 78047
  8. Christine Lavin: Please Don't Make Me Too Happy One Wild Night in Concert Chrstinelavin.com CL001
  9. Tom Lehrer: The Masochism Tango The Remains of Tom Lehrer Rhino R2-79831
  10. That Was the Week That Was (Millicent Martin & Roy Kinnear): Fly Buttons Parlophone PMC 1197
  11. Ray Jessel: The Things You Do The First 70 Years LML CD-171
  12. I'm Sorry, I'll Read That Again (orig.cast-John Cleese & Jo Kendall): John and Mary EMI M-11634
  13. John Forster: Codependent With You Entering Marion Philo CDPH 1164
  14. Jamie O'Reilly: Gotta Like a Guy (Michael Smith) Heart of a Woman O'Reilly Productions
  15. Dervish: Siesta Set reels: Kevin Burkes (trad) / McCabes (trad) / The Siesta (Tom Morrow) /Gabe O'Sullivans (trad) Spirit Compass 743762-2
  16. The Duhks: The Magnolia Set: Islay Rangers Reel (Charlie McKerron) / Fleur de Madragore (Michel Bordeleau) / Bull Moose (Andy Dejarlais) / Isaac Hanna's (Leonard Podolak) The Duhks Sugar Hill SUGCD-3997
  17. Eric Lugosch: Strung Out New Tradition Acoustic Music 319-1312-2
  18. Carousel (orig. B'way cast-John Raitt): Soliloquy (Rodgers/Hammerstein) Decca 012 157 980-2
  19. Carrie Newcomer: My Father's Only Son Betty's Diner - The Best of Carrie Newcomer Philo 11671 1 245-2
  20. Michael Smith: I Brought My Father With Me Time Flying Fish FF 70613
  21. Enoch Kent: Green Grow the Rashes (Robt. Burns) For the Women Second Avenue SAS 2010
  22. Redbird (Kris Delmhorst-Peter Mulvey-Jeffrey Foucault): Down by the Sally Garden (trad-W.B.Yeats) Redbird Signature Sounds SIG 1291
  23. John Breen: Easy and Slow (trad) John Breen Alternative Urban AUCD-1012
  24. Christine Lavin: Making Friends With My Grey Hair I Was in Love With a Difficult Man Redwing RWMCD 5411
  25. Pete & Joan Wernick: Be Proud of the Grey in Your Hair (Dave Evans) Windy Mountain Niwot
  26. Ed Miller: Wi His Grey Beard Newly Shaven (trad) Live at the Cactus Café Wellfield CD021
  27. Jude Johnstone: Old and Gray On a Good Day BoJak BJR 8113-2
  28. Rachel Bissex: Into My Arms In White Light One Take OTP 002004
  29. Guy Davis: Rolling In My Sweet Baby's Arms (trad-add.words G.Davis) Legacy Red House RHRCD 175
  30. Andy M. Stewart & Manus Lunny: Take Her in Your Arms (Stewart) Dublin Lady Green Linnet GLCD 1083
  31. Danny Kaye: The Ugly Duckling The Best of Danny Kaye Music Club MCCD 233
  32. Cabaret (orig. B'way cast-Jack Gilford): Meeksite (Kander/Ebb) Columbia Legacy SK 60533
  33. Roy Zimmerman: Everybody's Ugly Security Metaphor 29757 74382
  34. Gordon Lightfoot: Beautiful Gordon Lightfoot Songbook Warner Rhino R2 75802
  35. Oklahoma (re-record B'way cast - John Raitt): Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin' (Rodgers/Hammerstein) Columbia OS-2610
  36. Bonnie Lee Panda: I Just Wanna Stay Home Today (B.Panda-Erik Balkey) Within Autumn Lee ALM0001
  37. Tom Paxton: Morning Again Outward Bound & Morning Again Elektra import 8122 76509-2
  38. Sarah Lee Guthrie & John Irion: Mornin's Over (S.L.Guthrie) Exploration New*West NE6067
  39. Cathie Ryan: Grace O'Malley (John Doyle-Cathie Ryan) Somewhere Along the Road Shanachie 78047
  40. Enoch Kent: Billy Taylor (trad/arr.E.Kent) For the Women Second Avenue SAS 2010
  41. Dervish (Cathy Jordan): Soldier Laddie (Robt.Burns) Spirit Compass 743762-2
  42. David Roth: Some Kind of Hero Pearl Diver Stockfisch SFR 357-6031-2
  43. Rachel Bissex: No More Songs (Phil Ochs) In White Light One Take OTP 002004
  44. Kim & Reggie Harris and Magpie: When I'm Gone (close) (Phil Ochs) Spoken in Love Longtail LT003-2

Performer is composer unless otherwise noted. Song is album title unless otherwise noted. Album titles are in italics, composers in parens ( ).

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Rachel Bissex, The Duhks, Eric Lugosch, Enoch Kent, Redbird, Jude Johnstone, Bonnie Lee Panda

CDs of the Week: Enoch Kent

These concerts were mentioned on the program:

Eric Lugosh and Steve Hicks give a guitar workshop at 2 and a concert at 4, Sunday, February 27 at the old Old Town School of Folk Music, 909 W. Armitage, Chicago. 773-728-6000

Jamie O'Reilly performs a free concert at the Acoustic Cafe' of the Chicago Cultural Center, 78 E. Washington, Friday March 4 at noon.

Cathie Ryan is in concert for the Acoustic Renaissance Concert series at the Unitarian Church of Hinsdale, 17 W. Maple, Hinsdale Saturday, March 5 at 8.

David Roth is in concert for Hogeye Folk Arts, Ltd. at the Lake Street Church, 607 Lake St. at Chicago Avenue, Evanston, Saturday, March 5 at 7:30. 847-475-6165

Dervish performs at Fermilab in Batavia. Saturday, March 5 at 8. 630-840-ARTS

At the Old Town School of Folk Music, 4544 N. Lincoln, Chicago:
Sunday, March 13 at 7: Chistine Lavin