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May 28, 2005

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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special (theme) Last Sessions Smithsonian Folkways SFCD-40068/71
  2. Pete Seeger w/ Big Bill Broonzy: Down By the Riverside (trad) Wimoweh, Other Songs of Freedom, Protest Smithsonian Folkways F-31018
  3. Cooper-Nelson-Early: Let Peace Prevail (Margaret Nelson) Love & War Porcupine PPCD2219
  4. Eliza Gilkyson & friends: Peace Call (Woody Guthrie) Land of Milk and Honey Red House RHRCD 174
  5. Tom Paxton & Anne Hills: Peace Will Come (Paxton) (Old Town School - May 13, 2005) WFMT recording
  6. Eddie From Ohio: 50 Pounds (Michael Clem) This Is Me Virginia Soul VSR 009
  7. Riders in the Sky: The Ballad of Palindrome/Palindrome: The Scene with Johnny Western (Western-LaBour-Boone-Rolfe) A Great Big Western Howdy Rounder CD 0430
  8. Pete Seeger: English is Cuh-Ray-Zee (Josh White, Jr./Richard Lederer) Headlines & Footnotes Smithsonian Folkways SFWCD 40111
  9. Yuri Rasovsky: The Chicago Language Tape Fifty Years from the Archives WFMT CD
  10. Lou & Peter Berryman: History of Language Some Kinda Funny Cornbelt CR 11
  11. Austin Lounge Lizards: The Drugs I Need (Card-Deisler-Pittman-Resnick-Simeone) private pressing
  12. Mike Cross: Rogaine (Midnight Special NYE - January 1, 2002) WFMT recording
  13. Peter Cook: The Plib The Misty Mr. Wisty Brit. Decca LK 4722
  14. Max Morath: Cures, by a Curious Curist (trad) Drugstore Cabaret Premier PRCD 1050
  15. Redhead: The Medicine Show (Mike Dunbar) Redhead Legend LP
  16. Gordon Bok: Apples in the Basket (Judy Goodenough) Timberhead THD CD15
  17. Livingston Taylor & Deborah Henson-Conant: Life Is Good (L.Taylor-J.Curtis-M.Taylor) Live Wires Bose BCD 2303
  18. Alfred Lynch & Co.: There's No Place on Earth Like the World (Brendan Behan) HMV 7EG 8491 (EP)
  19. Cheryl Wheeler: Defying Gravity (Jesse Winchester) Philo 11671-1240-2
  20. Adie Grey: Mr. Armstrong Was Right / It's a Wonderful World (A.Grey/Weiss-Thiele) . . . How To Find a Rainbow Hey Baby! HBCD 1007
  21. Rick Lee: The Lady and the Gypsy (trad-arr.Rick Lee) Look What Thoughts Will Do Swift River SRM CD-111
  22. Lorraine & Bennett Hammond: Jingalo Gypsy (Lorraine Lee Hammond) Snowy Egret SE112891
  23. Jeff Daniels: The Lifelong Tiger Fan Blues Live and Unplugged at the Purple Rose Purple Rose 16892 62042
  24. Abbott & Costello: Who's On First The American Comedy Box (a compilation) Rhino R2 71617
  25. Erik Balkey: Baseball in My Blood While the Paint Dries Hudson Harding HH 092704
  26. Rory Block: Mama's Stray Baby Last Fair Deal Telarc CD-83593
  27. Dan Pelletier: Aces the Dog (Folkstage - May 21, 2005) WFMT recording
  28. Judy Henske: Song About My Dog She Sang California Fair Star 8393
  29. Eddie From Ohio: Independence, Indiana (Robbie Schaefer) This Is Me Virginia Soul VSR 009
  30. John Mellencamp: Small Town Polygram 45 rpm
  31. Valerie & Walter Crockett: Small Town Heart Schell) Long Live Album Big Bark 0004
  32. Jonathan Byrd: Small Town The Waitress Byrd 83707 64082
  33. Iris DeMent: Our Town Infamous Angel Warner Bros. 9 45238-2
  34. Jed Marum: Mama's Lilly Miles From Home Boston Road BRR 051
  35. Carol Ponder & John Knowles: The Minstrel Boy (Thomas Moore, PD) Going Across the Mountain Cove Struck CSM-003CD
  36. Lord Richard Buckley: Gettysburg Address (Abraham Lincoln/Buckley) His Royal Hipness Discovery 71001
  37. Judy Collins: Lincoln Portrait (Aaron Copland) Portrait of an American Girl Wildflower WFL-1305
  38. Gordon Bok: Heading For Home (Peggy Seeger) Apples in the Basket Timberhead THD CD15
  39. Alison Brown w/ Amy Ray & Emily Saliers (the Indigo Girls): Homeward Bound (Paul Simon) Stolen Moments Compass 7 4400 2
  40. Peggy Seeger: Love Call Me Home Appleseed APRCD 1087
  41. Kim & Reggie Harris and Magpie: When I'm Gone (close) (Phil Ochs) Spoken in Love Longtail LT003-2

Performer is composer unless otherwise noted. Song is album title unless otherwise noted. Album titles are in italics, composers in parens ( ).

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Gordon Bok, Cheryl Wheeler, Adie Grey, Rick Lee, Lorraine & Bennett Hammond, Judy Henske, Jed Marum, Alison Brown, Peggy Seeger

CD of the Week: Judy Henske

These concerts were mentioned on the program:

Eddie From Ohio, and The Kennedys perform at the Old Town School of Folk Music on Saturday, June 11 at 7 PM. 773-728-6000

Hillbilly Antigone previews at the Lookingglass Theater starting Wednesday, May 26. The official opening is June 5. Lookingglass Theater is at 821 N. Michigan Avenue in the Chicago Waterworks. 312-337-0665