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September 3, 2005

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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special (theme) Last Sessions Smithsonian Folkways SFCD-40068/71
  2. Judy Garland: Chicago (Fred Fisher) Judy at Carnegie Hall Capitol WBO-1569
  3. Art Thieme: State of Illinois (trad) Outright Bold-Faced Lies Kicking Mule KM-150
  4. Win Stracke: The 43rd Ward (Stracke) Songs of Old Town Flair S-912
  5. Yuri Rasovsky: The Chicago Language Tape Fifty Classic Years - From the Archives WFMT Fine Arts Circle CD
  6. Aliotta-Haynes-Jeremiah: Lake Shore Drive (Haynes/von Heitlinger) Quicksilver OSCD-1019
  7. Roger McGuinn: Gate of Horn (J.Levy/R.McGuinn) Peace on You Columbia KC-32956
  8. Bob Gibson & Bob (Hamilton) Camp: Chicago Cops (B.Gibson-Frank Hamilton) At the Gate of Horn Collectors' Choice CCM-227-2
  9. Burl Ives: Goober Peas (trad) Burl Ives Sings for Fun Decca DL-8248
  10. Carl Sandburg: My Name Is Yon Yonson Flat Rock Ballads Columbia AML-5339
  11. Malvina Reynolds: Little Boxes Ear to the Ground Smithsonian Folkways SFWCD 40124
  12. The Gateway Singers: The Ballad of Sigmund Freud (Bob March - Larry Glasser - Dave Lazar) At the Hungry I Decca DL 8671
  13. Bob Dylan: Blowin' in the Wind (recorded live on Studs Terkel program 5/1/63) WFMT recording
  14. The Beatles: I Want to Hold Your Hand (Lennon/McCartney) 1 Capitol 71243529325 2
  15. Steve Goodman: City of New Orleans Steve Goodman Buddha 744659 96252
  16. Stan Rogers: Barrett's Privateers Between the Breaks. . . Live Fogarty's Cove FCM002D
  17. Eric Bogle: The Band Played Waltzing Matilda By Request Greentrax CDRTRAX 210

Ray introducing Chicago Singer-Songwriter Show

  1. Jim Post: Dancing In the Wind Colorado Exile Fantasy 9401
  2. Thom Bishop: Mr. Arthur's Place Feed Me a Dream Coyote CCDF-1007
  3. Michael Smith: The Dutchman Live at Dark-Thirty self MPS3564
  4. Steve Goodman: Chicken Cordon Bleus Somebody Else's Troubles Buddha 744659 96262
  5. Second City: I Hate Liver (recorded at The Second City, ca. 1972) WFMT recording
  6. Martin, Bogan & Armstrong: Barnyard Dance Barnyard Dance Rounder 2003

Ray introducing Chicago Comedy Show

  1. Second City: Great Books Comedy from The Second City Mercury OCS 6201
  2. Bob Conrad: Great Square Inches of Art (WCLV promotional recording) Geranium GRLP00003
  3. Tom Paxton: Ramblin' Boy Elektra import 8122 73565-2
  4. Tom Dundee: McBride-Argyle Station Furnished Rooms (Earl of Old Town-August 7, 1975) WFMT recording
  5. Utah Phillips: All Used Up The Telling Takes Me Home Philo CDPH 1210
  6. Bonnie Koloc: Song for David (WFMT studio - May, 1969) WFMT recording
  7. Mike Nichols & Elaine May: Mother and Son In Retrospect Mercury 314 532 373-2
  8. Ray Nordstrand & Marty Robinson: WFMT Announcer Audition (Mike Nichols) Fifty Classic Years - From the Archives WFMT Fine Arts Circle CD
  9. Larry Rand: Audiophile Maniac (WFMT studio - 1972) WFMT recording
  10. Bryan Bowers: The Scotsman (Mike Cross) Home, Home on the Road Flying Fish 70091
  11. Chris Farrell: Nuns in Disguise (Midnight Special 40th celebration - Old Town School - 10/30/93) WFMT recording
  12. Jan Hobson & Her Bad Revue: Throw Your Cat Away (Swartzweider) self MI-80D
  13. John Roberts & Tony Barrand: The Rolling Mills of New Jersey (Matt McGinn/John Roberts) Eat Bertha's Mussels: Live at Holsteins! Golden Hind GHM-203
  14. Jim & Jean: Crucifixion (Phil Ochs) Changes Collectors' Choice CCM-477-2
  15. Norm Pellegrini's recollections of Ray
  16. Archie Fisher: Jock Stewart (trad) The Man With a Rhyme Folk-Legacy CD-61

Ray's segment:

  1. Pete Seeger & Big Bill Broonzy: The Midnight Special (H.Ledbetter-A.Lomax) Folkways FVS-9008
  2. Steve Goodman: The 20th Century Is Almost Over (Goodman-Prine) Best of the Asylum Years, Vol. One Red Pajamas RPJ006CD
  3. Bob Gibson: There's a Meeting Here Tonight (trad-arr.Gibson) Riverside 12-830
  4. Grimm Brothers: Wack, Wack, Wacker Drive private CD
  5. Win Stracke: El-a-noy (trad) Songs of Old Town Flair S-912
  6. Art Thieme: The State of Illinois (trad) Outright Bold-Faced Lies Kicking Mule KM-150
  7. Stan Rogers: The Mary Ellen Carter Home in Halifax Fogarty's Cove FCM-010D
  8. Tom Dundee: A Delicate Balance Frekcle 01901
  9. Fred Holstein: All the Good People (Ken Hicks) Holstein 001

  11. Richard Dyer-Bennet: The Lonesome Valley (trad-arr.Dyer-Bennet) Dyer-Bennet #1 Smithsonian Folkways SFCD 40078

Performer is composer unless otherwise noted. Song is album title unless otherwise noted. Album titles are in italics, composers in parens ( ).

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