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September 23, 2006

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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special (theme) Last Sessions Smithsonian Folkways SFCD-40068/71
  2. Ed Miller: Come Fill Up Your Glasses (Peggy Seeger) Never Frae My Mind Wellfield CD-026D
  3. Ruth Pelham: Celebrate Look to the People Flying Fish FF-399
  4. Jerry Jeff Walker: Just to Celebrate Navajo Rug Ryko RCD 10175
  5. The Kennedys: Happytown (All Right With Me) (Dave Carter) Songs of the Open Road Appleseed APRCD 1097
  6. Scott Huffman w/ Laurie Lewis & The Right Hands: Live Forever (Billy Joe Shaver/Eddy Shaver) The Golden West Hightone HCD-8194
  7. Jim Bizer: The River Knows Connected Brozone 234
  8. Paula Joy Welter: Rivers Run Deep Still Hidden Places Starry Sky TK22005
  9. Eamon Friel: Here Is the River Thran THR 1004
  10. Larry Rand: The Waterbed Polka (WFMT studio - 1972) WFMT Recording
  11. Sally Fingerett: My Famous Bed Enclosed Amerisound AMR 1 1977 797
  12. The Juggernaut Jug Band: Foldin' Bed (B.Whistler) Live Lunch Juggernaut 59696 10102
  13. Dave Van Ronk: As You Make Your Bed (Kurt Weill/Bertolt Brecht) The Mayor of MacDougal Street Lyrichord / Multicultural Media MCM 4005
  14. Joe Glazer: The Mill Was Made of Marble Folksongs of the American Dream Collector 1954CD
  15. The Weavers: Banks of Marble (Les Rice) Wasn't That a Time Vanguard VCD4-147/50
  16. Kenneth Williams: Hand Up Your Sticks The World of Kenneth Williams Brit.Decca SPA 64
  17. Barenaked Ladies: Bank Job (Page/Robertson) Are Me Desperation 2-44351
  18. Sara Grey: Goodbye My Lover I'm Gone (trad) Back in the Airly Days Waterbug WBG0044
  19. Rick Fines: Won't Be Gone Too Long Solar Powered self RAF005
  20. Chuck Pyle: Long Time Gone True Unity Zen Cowboy 09557-2028-2
  21. Claire Lynch: Long After I'm Gone (Pat Alger/Claire Lynch) New Day Rounder 11661-0563-2
  22. James Durst: Talking Life (Problem Solved) Internationally Unknown WorldWind WW15
  23. Sam Hinton: It's a Long Way From Amphioxus Sam Hinton Sings the Songs of Men Smithsonian Folkways F-2400
  24. Austin Lounge Lizards: Shallow End of the Gene Pool (Emily Kaitz) Small Minds Watermelon 1034
  25. John Forster: Bye Bye Futue Entering Marion Philo CDPH 1164
  26. Demi-Dozen (orig.cast): The Intellectual's Rag (Jay Thompson) Offbeat O-4015
  27. Scott Alarik: Finest Are the First to Go All That Is True self no#
  28. Fred Small: Denmark 1943 I Will Stand Fast Flying Fish FF491
  29. John McCutcheon: Sail Away (inspired by Carmen Agra Deedy's The Yellow Star) Mightier Than the Sword Appalsongs 2005
  30. Cindy Mangsen: Open That Can (Nancy White) Cat Tales Compass Rose CRM-10CD
  31. James Gordon: Cat Commercial Songs From Basic Black Pipe Street PSR1
  32. Cindy Mangsen: Le Chat Gris (Grant Livingston) Cat Tales Compass Rose CRM-10CD
  33. Joe Glazer: Fight That Line Garbage...and other songs of our times Collector 1919
  34. New Lost City Ramblers: Henry Ford's Model A (trad/Oscar Ford) Modern Times Smithsonian Folkways F-31027
  35. Fleming Brown: Ford Machine (trad) Fleming Brown Folk-Legacy FSI-4
  36. DeWolf Hopper: Casey at the Bat Baseball's Greatest Hits Rhino R2 70710
  37. Chuck Cheesman: Coaching Casey Campfire self CDCA02
  38. Patti LuPone: Early Autumn (Ralph Burns - Woody Herman - Johnny Mercer) The Lady With the Torch Ghostlight 7915583303-2
  39. Eric Hanke: Autumn Blues Ten Foot Texan TFT00101
  40. Emily Smith: Strong Winds for Autumn (Bob McNeill) A Different Life White Fall WFRCO01
  41. Will Danforth: Autumn Grey Dawn Breaking Namaste 104
  42. Pat Madden & Sally Potter: When Fall Comes to New England (Cheryl Wheeler) It's About Time self no#
  43. Linda Allen: The Fall The Long Way Home October Rose OR 1012
  44. Dulcimer w/ Richard Todd: Sonnet to the Fall (Pete Hodge) And I Turned As I Had Turned As a Boy Mercury SR 61355
  45. Kim & Reggie Harris and Magpie: When I'm Gone (close) (Phil Ochs) Spoken in Love Longtail LT003-2

Performer is composer unless otherwise noted. Song is album title unless otherwise noted. Album titles are in italics, composers in parens ( ).

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Ed Miller, Laurie Lewis & The Right Hands, Rick Fines, Chuck Pyle, Claire Lynch, James Durst, Scott Alarik

CD of the week: Scott Alarik

These concerts were mentioned on the program:

Jim Bizer at the Two Way Street Coffee House, 1047 Curtiss, Downers Grove, Friday, September 28 at 8:15.

Larry Rand at Hogeye Folk Arts, Ltd. at the Unitarian Church, 1330 Ridge Ave, Evanston, Saturday, September 30 at 7:30.

Sara Grey & Keiron Means at Stage Left, 125 Van Buren St., Woodstock, Sunday, October 1 at 7.