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July 14, 2007

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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special (theme) Last Sessions Smithsonian Folkways SFCD40068/71
  2. Woody Guthrie: This Land Is Your Land Smithsonian Folkways SFCD40100
  3. Marat/Sade (orig.cast-Royal Shakespeare Co.): Homage to Marat (Peter Weiss / Richard Peaslee) Caedmon TRS 312
  4. Woody Guthrie: I Ain't Got No Home In This World Anymore Hard Travelin' Smithsonian Folkways SFCD40102
  5. Marat/Sade (orig. cast): Marat We're Poor (Peter Weiss / Richard Peaslee) Caedmon TRS 312
  6. Woody Guthrie (w/Sonny Terry & Cisco Houston): Hard Travelin' Woody Guthrie Sings Folk Songs Smithsonian Folkways SFCD40007
  7. Marat/Sade (orig.cast): The People's Reaction (Peter Weiss / Richard Peaslee) Caedmon TRS 312
  8. Arlo Guthrie: 'Til We Outnumber 'em (This Land Is Your Land) (Woody Guthrie) Righteous Baby RBR019D
  9. Bob Dylan: Song to Woody No Direction Home Columbia Legacy C2K 93937
  10. Leftover Salmon: Woody Guthrie (Vince Herman) Leftover Salmon Compendia 15095-5704-2
  11. Jimmy LaFave: Woody Guthrie Texoma Bohemia Beat 65223 0010-2
  12. Tom Russell: Woodrow Hotwalker Hightone HCD8177
  13. Dana Robinson: What Would Woody Do? Avenue of the Saints Threshold TM0007
  14. Girlyman: Through to Sunrise (N.Borofsky/T.Greenstein) Joyful Sign self GM 001
  15. Susan Werner: I Will Have My Portion The Gospel Truth Sleeve Dog 37101 20261
  16. Tanglefoot: For the Day (Steve Ritchie) Dance Like Flames Borealis BCD179
  17. Zoë Lewis: Bastille Day Fishbone Wishbone Funnybone Dog Called Dog 83707 40852
  18. John Forster: The Tragic Kingdom Helium Philo CD 1214
  19. The Capitol Steps: Euro Pest (Menken-Ashman/Newport-Strauss) Lord of the Fries CapSteps CSCD 1014
  20. Mark Hobbs: Too Much on My Mind self 00261 21788
  21. Jim Post: The Galaxy / Lighten Up (Eric Idle) The Crooner from Outer Space Freckle 01905
  22. Amy Speace: Right Through to Me Songs for Bright Street Wildflower WFL 1309
  23. Garnet Rogers: Soul Kiss Shining Thing Snow Goose SGSCD 1131
  24. The Weavers: Kisses Sweeter Than Wine (H.Ledbetter-Weavers-Joel Newman) The Weavers Greatest Hits Vanguard VCD 15/16
  25. Siobhan Quinn & Michael Bowers: The Kiss Dreamers, Lovers and Outlaws Roundhouse RHM0207
  26. The Pines: Without a Kiss Sparrows in the Bell Red House RHRCD 201
  27. Freebo: It Goes By Fast (Freebo-Ronny Cox) Before the Separation Poppabo PM2003
  28. Ronny Cox: The Future's Not What It Used to Be (Mickey Newbury) How I Love Them Old Songs Bay Sounds BSR9606
  29. John Flynn: Blink Two Wolves MettaFour 00342
  30. Arlo Guthrie w/ The University of Kentucky Symphony Orchestra: Epilogue In Times Like These Rising Son RSR 1126
  31. Woody Guthrie: Ramblin' Round This Land Is Your Land Smithsonian Folkways SFCD40100
  32. Richard Shindell: Deportee (Plane Wreck at Los Gatos) (Woody Guthrie) South of Delia self RS 1809
  33. Woody Guthrie: Ship in the Sky Hard Travelin' Smithsonian Folkways SFCD 40102
  34. Michael Smith: Route 66 (from The Grapes of Wrath) (Folkstage - January 25, 2003) WFMT recording
  35. Joel Rafael Band: Dust Storm Disaster (Woody Guthrie) Woodeye self IR71412
  36. Woody Guthrie: Going Down the Road Feeling Bad This Land Is Your Land Smithsonian Folkways SFCD40100
  37. Rose Maddox w/ Woody Guthrie: Philadelphia Lawyer (Woody Guthrie) Woody Guthrie - Hard Travelin' (orig. soundtrack) Rising Son RSR0013
  38. Tim Grimm: Pretty Boy Floyd (Woody Guthrie) Names Wind River WR4032CD
  39. Woody Guthrie: Jesse James (Woody Guthrie - Huddie Ledbetter) This Land Is Your Land Smithsonian Folkways SFCD40100
  40. Woody Allen: Private Life Standup Comic Rhino R2 75721
  41. The Roches: Huh (Terre Roche/Suzzy Roche) Moonswept 429 records FTN 17636
  42. Jacques Brel: Les Prenoms de Paris (Names for Paris) L'Olympia Compete Concerts" DRG 8487
  43. Allan Sherman: You Went the Wrong Way, Old King Louie (Brooks/Russell) My Son the Greatest: The Best of Allan Sherman Rhino R2 75771
  44. Marat/Sade (orig.cast): Fifteen Glorious Years (Peter Weiss / Richard Peaslee) Caedmon TRS 312
  45. Candide (final 1989 cast - Jerry Hadley): It Must Be So (Leonard Bernstein/Richard Wilbur) DGG 429 734-2
  46. Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer: Birds and Ships (Billy Bragg/Woody Guthrie) Postcards Community Music CMCD 203
  47. The Weavers: So Long, It's Been Good to Know Yuh (Woody Guthrie) The Weavers Greatest Hits Vanguard VCD 15/16
  48. Kim & Reggie Harris and Magpie: When I'm Gone (close) (Phil Ochs) Spoken in Love Longtail LT003-2

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Arlo Guthrie, Girlyman, Mark Hobbs, Quinn & Bowers, The Pines, Richard Shindell

CD of the week: Arlo Guthrie

These concerts were mentioned on the program:

Woodstock Folk Festival features Jim Post, Amy Speace, Trina Hamlin, Mark Hobbs, Jeff & Vida, Lee Murdock and Nervous but Excited, at the Woodstock Town Square, Sunday, July 15 from 12:30 to 6. 815-479-9933

Michael Smith, and Small Potatoes perform a free concert at Buffalo Creek Park, Old McHenry Road in Longview, Sunday, July 15 at 3. web site

Freebo performs at Bill's Blues, 1029 Davis, Evanston, Sunday, July 15 at 7. 847-424-9800

Ronny Cox and Garnet Rogers at an outdoor concert at Fermilab, Kirk & Pine in Batavia, Saturday, July 21 at 7. 630-840-ARTS