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December 15, 2007

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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special (theme) Last Sessions Smithsonian Folkways SFCD40068/71
  2. Second Opinion: A Seat at the Table (Sally Potter/Pat Madden-Roth) Final Stop self no#
  3. Jennifer Armstrong: At the Table self JA1704
  4. Bill Brickey & Sue Demel: Welcome Table (trad) Old Town School of Folk Music Songbook, Volume Four Bloodshot OTS004
  5. Michael Jerome Browne: Les plats sont tous mis sur la table (The Table Is All Set) Double Borealis BCD188
  6. Jorma Kaukonen: There's a Table Sitting in Heaven (Rev.Gary Davis) Stars in My Crown Red House RHRCD 202
  7. The Mrs. Ackroyd Band - Hilary Spencer: Non-dairy Creamer (Les Barker) Dark Side of the Mongrel Mrs. Ackroyd DOG 020
  8. Bill Crofut: Non-Dairy Creamer Blues The Goshen Concert Cousin Jacks no#
  9. Peter Paul Van Camp: A Milkman at Heart I'm Gonna Tell Likeable 02
  10. The Town Pants: Gin & Milk (instrumental) (Virginia Schwartz) Coming Home Savage Pants TTP004
  11. Cindy Kallet & Grey Larsen: Courage Cross the Water Sleepy Creek 105
  12. Jerry Jeff Walker: Courage of Love Five Years Gone Koch KOCCD-8047
  13. Pete Morton: Courage, Love and Grace Flying Fish FF 654
  14. The Strangelings: Matty Groves (trad-arr.Fairport Convention) Season of the Witch self 00261 22133 (email)
  15. The Mrs. Ackroyd Band - Cloudstreet: Mrs. Groves (trad-Les Barker) Dark Side of the Mongrel Mrs. Ackroyd DOG 020
  16. Joan Baez: Geordie (trad) In Concert Vanguard 79598-2
  17. ByrdJones (Jonathan & Diana): Reckon I Did (Jonathan Byrd) Radio Soul self 78277 15572
  18. Into the Woods (orig. London cast): Your Fault (Stephen Sondheim) RCA Victor 60752-2-RC
  19. Red Allen: I'll Take the Blame (Carter Stanley) Classic Bluegrass, Vol. 2 Smithsonian Folkways SFWCD40163
  20. Bruce Hornsby: Don't Blame It on Me (Fats Domino/Bartholomew) Goin' Home - A Tribute to Fats Domino (compilation) Vanguard 225/26-2
  21. Kevin Danzig with Siel: Route 66 (I Didn't Know This Road Went Through Kansas) Box Cars KEDA 00261 22723
  22. David Francey: Kansas Right of Passage Laker 1007
  23. David Bromberg: Kansas City (Mike Stoller-Jerry Leiber) Wanted Dead or Alive Columbia CK 32717
  24. Bill Morrissey: He's Not From Kansas City Come Running Turn and Spin 1125
  25. The Juggernaut Jug Band: (Get Your Kicks on) Route 66 (Bobby Troup) Live Lunch self 59696 10102
  26. The Snow Queen (Andrew Keltz - Kat Eggleston): I'm Cold (Michael Smith) private recording
  27. Kelly Flint: Deep Freeze Drive All Night Bepop BPO-1018
  28. Matt & Shannon Heaton: First Snowfall of December Fine Winter's Night ESL CD 007
  29. The Mrs. Ackroyd Band - Cloudstreet: The Cruel Motherboard (Les Barker) The Dark Side of the Mongrel Mrs. Ackroyd DOG 020
  30. The Arrogant Worms: The Guy with Computer Know-How Beige self AW-4004
  31. Da Vinci's Notebook: The Gates Brontosaurus self DVN 0003
  32. Gary Snyder: Why I take Good Care of My Macintosh Computer Poetry on Record: 98 Poets Read Their Work 1888-2006 Shout Factory D4K 10029
  33. Trillium: Puggleglum's Misery (J.Sutherland) / Pumpherston Hornpipe (J.Kirkpatrick) (arr.Trillium) The Moody Leprechaun Little Miracles no#
  34. Emily Kurn: Light the Lamp Hudson Harding Sampler - Happy Holidays: Volume 2 (compilation)
  35. Fiddler on the Roof (orig.cast-Zero Mostel): Tradition (Jerry Bock / Sheldon Harnick) RCA Victor 82876-51430-2
  36. John Gorka: The Things We've Handed Down (Marc Cohn) Down at the Sea Hotel Secret Mountain 2-923163-3504
  37. Si Kahn: Generations Thanksgiving Strictly Country Records SCR-63
  38. Mike Agranoff: The Water Is Weird (trad/Agranoff) Ain't Never Been Plugged self BFD104C
  39. John Hartford: The All Collission All Explosion Song The Walls We Bounce Off Of Small Dog A-Barkin' SD-394CD
  40. Cindy Kallet & Grey Larsen: Once (Kallet) Cross the Water Sleepy Creek 105
  41. Tim Buckley: Once I Was Fuel 2000 302 061 056-2
  42. Kate Power & Steve Einhorn: Something Once (K.Power) Pearls Artichoke SK006
  43. Bill Staines: Once We Walked Old Dogs Red House RHRCD 208
  44. Bev Barnett & Greg Newlon: Now Is What We Are Any Door Will Do TrueWind TW-701
  45. ByrdJones (Jonathan & Diana): The Things of This World (Jonathan Byrd) Radio Soul self 78277 15572
  46. Cary Creed: Grateful (John Bucchino) Peace of Wild Things Azalea City ACCD 0705
  47. Misty River: A Prayer Like Any Other (Kevin Welch) Stories self MRCD005
  48. Kim & Reggie Harris and Magpie: When I'm Gone (close) (Phil Ochs) Spoken in Love Longtail LT003-2

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Mrs. Ackroyd Band, Cindy Kallet & Grey Larsen, ByrdJones, Mike Agranoff, Kate Power & Steve Einhorn, Cary Creed

CD of the week: Cindy Kallet & Grey Larsen

These concerts were mentioned on the program:

The Snow Queen playing at Victory Gardens Theater, 2433 N. Lincoln, November 30 runs through January 6. Featuring Michael Smith, Kat Eggleston, Barbara Barrow, music by Michael Smith. Directed by Frank Galati. 773-549-5788

Muriel Anderson, Pete Huttlinger, Ed Hall, and Trillium perform a Christmas concert at the Woodstock Opera House, 121 Van Buren St., Woodstock, Sunday, December 23 at 8. 815-338-5300