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December 31, 2008 January 1, 2009

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10:00 11:00 PM

Josh White, Jr:

  1. And Loving You (Bob Gibson Tom Paxton)
  2. Don't Go Looking for Trouble (Steve Goodman)
  3. A Delicate Balance (Tom Dundee)
Kat Eggleston:

  1. Love Doesn't Die (Tom Dundee)
  2. Road to Ruin
  3. Home
John Forster:

  1. The All-Purpose Carol
  2. You've Got to Have It
  3. When Bad Things Happen to Good Mice (John Forster - Tom Chapin)
Deidre McCalla:

  1. The Cat Song
  2. Too Few and Far Between
  3. I Do Not Walk This Path Alone

11:00 12:00 MN

Josh White, Jr:

  1. We Can Do It Together
  2. Eddie's Choice (Josh White, Jr. / J.White, Jr. Mike Bell)
  3. How Many Years (Josh White, Jr. / J.White, Jr. Mike Bell)
Kat Eggleston:

  1. The Birken Tree (trad)
  2. The History Man (Andy Cutting) / Sanctuary (Kat Eggleston)
John Forster:

  1. One Billion Little Emperors
  2. Mismatch Made in Hell
  3. Helium (sung with Vicky Forster)
Deidre McCalla:

  1. Come With Me (Joe Jencks)
  2. One Foot
John Forster:

  1. Nothing Ventured, Nothing Lost

NEW YEAR'S EVE MIDNIGHT SPECIAL (live portion, continued)
January 1, 2009 / 12:00 MN

  1. Ensemble: Auld Lang Syne (Robert Burns, PD)

12:07 1:13 AM

  1. Deidre McCalla: Happy to Be on the Planet
  2. Josh White, Jr.: Scotch and Soda (Dave Guard)
  3. Kat Eggleston: Joy (Andrew Calhoun)
  4. John & Vicky Forster: Way Down Deep (You're Shallow) (J. Forster)
  5. Josh White, Jr.: One For My Baby (Harold Arlen/Johnny Mercer)
  6. Deidre McCalla: Not Me (John McCutcheon)
  7. Kat Eggleston: The Princes and the Frog (Michael Smith)
  8. Vicky Forster: Co-Dependent with You (John Forster)
  9. Josh White, Jr.: The Crayon Box (Shane DeWolf) (guitar string breaks)
  10. Deidre McCalla: Mama's Little Baby Girl
  11. Kat Eggleston: One More Step
  12. John Forster: Entering Marion
  13. Josh White, Jr.: Rosa Parks and the KKK (David Roth)
  14. Deidre McCalla: Playing for Keeps
  15. Ensemble: When I'm Gone (Phil Ochs)

All songs by performer unless otherwise noted.

Host/producer: Rich Warren
Engineer: Eric Arunas

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