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September 18, 2010

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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special (theme) Last Sessions Smithsonian Folkways SFCD40068/71
  2. Candide (orig. Broadway cast - Max Adrian): Best of All Possible Worlds (Leonard Bernstein/Richard Wilbur) Sony 48017
  3. Tom Paxton: I Believe, I Do Outward Bound Elektra import 812276509-2
  4. Deidre McCalla: Happy to Be on the Planet Playing for Keeps Maiden Rock 3050
  5. Tom Chapin & John Forster: The Good Book & The Big Bang Broadsides Sundance 82148 10242
  6. Golden Ring: This Old World (trad) A Gathering of Friends for Making Music Folk-Legacy 16
  7. Candide (1989 cast - Adolph Green): The Best of All Possible Worlds (Bernstein/Wilbur-LaTouche) DGG 429 734-2
  8. The Special Consensus: Rounder's Spirit (Brandon Rickman) Route 10 Pinecastle 1123
  9. Delmore Brothers: Rounder's Blues (Alton & Rabon Delmore) Volume 2: The Later Years 1933-1952 JSP7765
  10. Fred Holstein: Here's To You Rounders (Don Lange) Fred Holstein: A Collection Holstein 01
  11. Jan Krist: Holy Wars and Politicians When Planets Collide Outpost 001
  12. Kevin So: Champion of the World Life Solo AkouStic WingBone 0519
  13. Tom Chapin & John Forster: Total Security Solutions, Inc. Broadsides Sundance 82148 10242
  14. Tom Lehrer: So Long, Mom (A Song for World War III) The Remains of Tom Lehrer Warner-Rhino 79831
  15. Sally Rogers: Peace Round (Jean Ritchie) / I Come and Stand (Dead Girl of Hiroshima) (Pete Seeger/Nazim Hikmet, trans.J.Turner) Generations Flying Fish 70493
  16. Monty Python: Argument Clinic The Final Rip Off Virgin 0 777 7 86033 2
  17. (Fred) Carpenter & (Tim) May: We Can Work It Out (Lennon-McCartney) Carpenter and May Violin Shop
  18. Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers: Let's Call the Whole Thing Off (fr. Shall We Dance) (G&I Gershwin) George & Ira Gershwin in Hollywood Rhino 72732
  19. Heidi Talbot: Start It All Over Again (John McCusker/Karine Polwart) The Last Star Compass 74545-2
  20. The Special Consensus: Can't Go Back (Justin Carbone/ Alan Bartram) Everything's Alright Pinecastle 1142
  21. Kate Wolf w/ Lionel Kilberg: You Can't Go Back (Kate Wolf-Lionel Kilberg) Breezes Gadfly 210
  22. Anne Hills: Run the Film Backwards (Sydney Carter) (Midnight Special 50th Anniversary New Year's Eve Party - January 1, 2004) WFMT Recording
  23. Enoch Kent: Bonnie Susie Cleland (trad) Take a Trip with Me Borealis 202
  24. Cindy Mangsen: Annachie Gordon (trad) Long Time Traveling Compass Rose 8
  25. Robin & Linda Williams: Step It Out Nancy (trad-R.Williams-J.Clark) Dixie Highway Sign June Appal 031
  26. My Sweet Patootie: Kemble Mountain (Terry Young-Sandra Swannell) Nowheresville Easy Bake 101
  27. Anne & Pete Sibley: Sow 'Em on the Mountain (A.P.Carter) Coming Home self 05
  28. Michele Choiniere: Quand le Soleil dit Bonjour Montagnes (When the Sun Says Hello to the Mountains) (H.Pease/L.Vincent) La Violette self 99261 30326
  29. Greg Klyma: Kale Store PianoMandoNation self
  30. Corey Harris: Greens Back in the Day Greens from the Garden Alligator 4864
  31. Lorre Wyatt: Old Time Nutrition (trad/Lorre Wyatt) Roots and Branches Folk-Legacy 88
  32. Priscilla Herdman - Anne Hills - Cindy Mangsen: Squalor (Lou & Peter Berryman) Voices Flying Fish 70546
  33. cloudstreet: The Greenman (John Thompson) The Circus of Desires self 06
  34. Natasha Borzilova: Water and Wood Balancing Act (Natasha Borzilova/Hunter Davis) Hadley 1006
  35. (Lynn) Adler & (Lindy) Hearne: Goolsby's Pool (Lynn Adler) To the Heart Spring Hollow 4856-0109
  36. Utah Phillips: The Bedbug Song Nobody Knows Me Prestige Int. 13040
  37. Ramblin' Jack Elliott: Mean Old Bedbug Blues (Bessie Smith-Joseph Davis) South Coast Red House 59
  38. Paul's Creek: Fleas (Carol Rifkin) Paul's Creek self 84501 30842
  39. Les Ackroyd w/ The Mrs. Ackroyd Band: Sam Lithgow's Fleas Dark Side of the Mongrel Mrs.Ackroyd 020
  40. Frank Meyer: Too Bad About Bugs Get Serious Mr. Pancake Thangmaker 23843 41652
  41. Al Day: Joe Doubles Guest House self 29048 02942
  42. Bob Gibson: Uptown Saturday Night Hogeye 005
  43. Justin Townes Earle: One More Night in Brooklyn Harlem River Blues Bloodshot 744302 01782 2
  44. Tom Waits: Searching for the Heart of Saturday Night Asylum 7E-1015
  45. Annie Gallup: All Night Rain Weather Waterbug 0093
  46. Peter Rowan Bluegrass Band: The Night Prayer Legacy Compass 745432
  47. Dejah Leger: Mother Earth and Father Time (Richard M. & Robt. B. Sherman) Hand Sewn Lullabies self 10981 30082
  48. Kim & Reggie Harris and Magpie: When I'm Gone (close) (Phil Ochs) Spoken in Love Longtail LT003-2

Performer is composer unless otherwise noted. Song is album title unless otherwise noted. Album titles are in italics, composers in parens ( ).

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Kevin So, Chapin & Forster, Carpenter & May, Heidi Talbot, Enoch Kent, Greg Klyma, Anne & Pete Sibley, Natasha Bozilova, Adler & Hearne, Annie Gallup, Deja Leger

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