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January 15, 2011

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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special (theme) Last Sessions Smithsonian Folkways SFCD40068/71
  2. Hot Club Of Cowtown: Stay a Little Longer (Tommy Duncan/Bob Wills) What Makes Bob Holler: A Tribute to Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys Proper American 014
  3. Tim O'Brien: Gonna Try to Make Her Stay (Tim O'Brien-Jimmy Stewart) Chicken & Egg Howdy Skies 1005
  4. Lisa Bigwood: Stay Intrepid Mothersgirl 803
  5. Do I Hear a Waltz? (orig.2000 cast - Alyson Reed-Anthony Crivello): Stay (Rodgers/Sondheim) Fynsworth Alley 3020621267
  6. Heidi Talbot: If You Stay (Simon Bruce/Tim Schmacher) In Love + Light Compass 744692
  7. James Keelaghan: Get to You A Recent Future Green Linnet 2120
  8. (Sandy) Andina & (Stephen) Rich: Where Did the Good Man Go? (Alan Moorehouse-Stephen Lee Rich) Two Guitars, A Dulcimer and an Attitude DulciYodel 1001
  9. You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown (Clark Gesner-Barbara Minkus): You're a Good Man Charlie Brown (Clark Gesner) Decca 012159851-2
  10. Brenda Jean: He Kept on A-Goin' (Brenda Jean Searcy) Joe Pye Weed Butch Bunny 2873
  11. Randy Newman: Can't Keep a Good Man Down Faust Reprise 945672-2
  12. Maria Muldaur: Garden of Joy (Clifford Hayes) Stony Plain 1332
  13. Patti Casey: Spread Joy Over This Land The Heart of a Waiting Boy Long Shot 005
  14. The Resophonics: Joy Comes Back (Sean Staples) Diamonds in the Ground self 86851-9948-2
  15. Lois Morton: Twentieth Century Girl As I See It Green Robin 84502-41515-2
  16. Woody Allen: Mechanical Objects Standup Comic Rhino R2 75721
  17. The Arrogant Worms: The Guy with the Computer Know-How Beige self 4004
  18. Peter Mayer: Do You Really Want to Know Heaven Below Blue Boat 1209
  19. Robbie O'Connell: Galileo Never Learned to Dance Green Linnet GLCD 1124
  20. Tim Grimm: My Turn The Back Fields Wind River 4035
  21. The Yellow Room Gang (Annie Capps): Empty Boots (A.Capps) Live at Big Sky Yellow Room 014
  22. Eileen McGann: How Many Wars? Pocketful of Rhymes Dragonwing 118
  23. Peter Cook & Dudley Moore: Dud and Pete at the Zoo Once Moore with Cook Brit. Decca 4785
  24. Simon & Garfunkel: At the Zoo (Paul Simon) Live 1969 Columbia Legacy 88697 41306-2
  25. Stanley Holloway: The Lion & Albert Stanley Holloway at His Very Best Castle Pulse 584
  26. Julie Andrews: Don't Go in the Lion's Cage Tonight (Jerry Vogel) The World of Julie Andrews Columbia 31970
  27. Kathy Kallick Band: The Snow (K.Kallick) Between the Hollow and the High Rise Live Oak 540
  28. The Henhouse Prowlers: Walkin' Around in the Snow (James Weigel) A Dark Rumor self 84502 18813
  29. Coco & Lafe: Snow (Lafe Dunton/Coco Kallis) Café Loco SkyHunter 2008
  30. Patty Griffin: Up to the Mountain (MLK Song) Children Running Through ATO 88088 21574-2
  31. Rick Robbins: Martin's Song Time & Gravity Seeds of Man 002007
  32. Lara Herscovitch: Letters from A Ghost Through a Frozen Midnight Sky LaRama 0904
  33. Joan Baez: MLK (Bono Hewson-David Evans-Laurence Mullen- Adam Clayton) Recently Gold Castle 171004-1
  34. Loreena McKennitt: The Wind That Shakes the Barley (trad,arr.McKennitt) Quinlan Road 114
  35. Julee Glaub: The Maid Who Sold the Barley (trad) Blue Waltz self 76695 01552
  36. Shirley Elizabeth Collins: Mowing the Barley (trad) False True Lovers Smithsonian Folkways FG 3564
  37. John McCutcheon: Wind That Shakes the Barley/ Morpeth's Rant / Staten Island (trad) The Wind ThatShakes the Barley Rounder 82161-0476-2
  38. Dean Milano: Built on Mistakes Something to Think About Kira 3624
  39. Peter Mayer: Tandem Life Heaven Below Blue Boat 1209
  40. Susan Herndon: Build Your House All Fall Down self 8450139907
  41. Beth Wood: The House That Made Me The Weather Inside Blue Rock 1030
  42. Forest Sun: Your Horizon Harlequin Goodnight Painted Sun 96873 03125
  43. The Yellow Room Gang (Matt Watroba): How Will I Leave Live at Big Sky
  44. Salamander Crossing: Crossing the Bar (Rani Arbo/Alfred Lord Tennyson) Bottleneck Dreams Signature Sounds 1244
  45. Lori McKenna: Still Down Here (L.McKenna-Barry Dean) Lorraine Signature Sounds 2034
  46. Kim & Reggie Harris and Magpie: When I'm Gone (close) (Phil Ochs) Spoken in Love Longtail LT003-2

Performer is composer unless otherwise noted. Song is album title unless otherwise noted. Album titles are in italics, composers in parens ( ).

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