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August 6, 2011

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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special (theme) Last Sessions Smithsonian Folkways SFCD40068/71
  2. Red Hen Stringband: Martin Said to His Man (trad) Birds of a Feather Wepecket Island 016
  3. (John) Roberts & (Tony) Barrand: The Derby Ram (trad) Dark Ships in the Forest Folk-Legacy CD-65
  4. Lou & Peter Berryman: The Biggest Cow Yah Hey: Songs About Wisconsin Cornbelt 13
  5. Jack Hardy: Everything's Bigger in Texas Bandolier Great Divide 4698
  6. Austin Lounge Lizards: Stupid Texas Song (H.Card-K.Card- R.Resnick-C.Deisler) Employee of the Month Sugar Hill 3974
  7. Bill Morrissey: Party at the U.N. Standing Eight Philo 1123
  8. Noel Coward: I Went to a Marvelous Party The Noel Coward Album Columbia MDK 47253
  9. Navigators: Mortier Garden Party (Kevin & Fred Jorgensen) Sea Miner self 0209786
  10. Bill Morrissey: Summer Jumped All Over Me Come Running Turn and Spin 1125
  11. Naill Vallely w/ P aul Meehan & Caoimhin Vallely: 1st of August / 2nd of August (N.Vallely) Buille Compass 74450-2
  12. Carolann Solebello: Hound Dogs in August Threshold Elizabeth 011
  13. Nonie Crete and the Rollin' Sands Band: August Has Finally Come Coming Home Sea 200801031
  14. Battlefield Band: Song Composed in August (Robt. Burns) Line-Up Temple 2104
  15. Bill Morrissey: When Summer's Ended You'll Never Get to Heaven Philo 11671-1194-2
  16. Chris Thile & Michael Daves: Roll in My Sweet Baby's Arms (trad) Sleep with One Eye Open Nonesuch 527603-2
  17. Pokey LaFarge and the South City Three: Good Country Girls (P.LaFarge) Middle of Everywhere Free Dirt 0065
  18. Putnam Smith w/ Mariel Vandersteel, fiddle & harmony: Say Darlin' Say (trad) We Could Be Beekeepers Itchy Sabot 005
  19. Bill Morrissey: Birches The Essential Collection Rounder 1166-11595-2
  20. Rosalee Peppard: Voice of Nova Scotia (trad, arr.R. Peppard) Voices Mayflower 003
  21. Dan McKinnon: Nova Scotia for Sale/Sold Just Another Day self 1406
  22. Nancy White: Nova Scotia Squirrel Stuffer Stickers on Fruit Borealis 147
  23. Ian & Sylvia: Nova Scotia Farewell (trad) The Complete Vanguard Studio Recordings Vanguard 196/99-2
  24. Tom Lehrer: Who's Next? The Remains of Tom Lehrer Rhino R2 79831
  25. Vern Partlow: Atomic Talking Blues Songs for Political Action: The People's Songs Era Bear Family BCD 15720-5/6
  26. The Weavers: I'm Standing on the Outside of Your Shelter (Shel Silverstein) Wasn't That a Time Vanguard VCD4-147/50
  27. Robert Klein: Civil Defense (No Talking) Child of the 50's Brut 6001
  28. Randy Newman: Political Science Guilty: 30 Years of Randy Newman Reprise-Rhino 75567
  29. Suzanne McDermott: The 3 Dreams of J. Robert Oppenheimer Souvenir Rosema Red RR-415
  30. Homer Harris: Atomic Bomb Blues News & The Blues - Telling It Like It Is Columbia 46217
  31. Rod MacDonald: The Man Who Dropped the Bomb on Hiroshima Recognition Wind River WR4028CD
  32. Boiled in Lead: Brave Bombardier (trad/Todd Menton) Orb Atomic Theory ATF 1108
  33. Tom Lehrer: So Long, Mom (A Song for World War III) The Remains of Tom Lehrer Rhino R2 79831
  34. Jim Page: Hiroshima-Nagasaki Russian Roulette Human Interesting Whid-Isle 66433 25932-2
  35. Pierce Pettis: Hiroshima Shadow Game Moments Small World SWR076
  36. Lorna Campbell: The Sun Is Burning (Ian Campbell) Topic 45 rpm import
  37. Anne Hills: I Come and Stand at Every Door (P.Seeger-James Waters/Nazim Hikmet-Jeanette Turner-Pete Seeger) Where Have All the Flowers Gone-The Songs of Pete Seeger, Volume 1 Appleseed 1024
  38. Fred Small: Cranes Over Hiroshima No Limit Rounder 4018
  39. Chris Thile & Michael Daves: Rabbit in the Log (trad) Sleep with One Eye Open Nonesuch 527603-2
  40. David Mitchell & Robert Webb w/Olivia Colman: Rabbit News Night That Mitchell & Webb Sound, Series One BBC Audio
  41. Uncle Dave Macon: Rabbit in the Pea Patch At Home Spring Fed 101
  42. Christopher Brown: Keep That Casket Closed Characterist Timbuktunes 00261 33226
  43. Bill Morrissey: Letter From Heaven The Essential Collection Rounder 1166-11595-2
  44. Gilmary Doyle-Andrews: Once You're Dead Comes Up Grinnin' Pigeonbird 84501 09110
  45. Bill Morrissey: These Cold Fingers The Essential Collection Rounder 1166-11595-2
  46. Kim Wempe: The Grave Painting with Tides Ground Swell 10504
  47. Bill Morrissey: Judgement Day Something I Saw or Thought I Saw Philo 11671-1227-2
  48. Lori Lieberman: There's a Harbor Bend Like Steel Drive On 115115-10
  49. Bill Morrissey: Moving Day Something I Saw or Thought I Saw Philo 11671-1227-2
  50. Buddy Mondlock: No Choice Poetic Justice Major Bob 0002
  51. Bill Morrissey: By the Grave of Baudelaire Come Running Spin and Turn 1125
  52. Kim & Reggie Harris and Magpie: When I'm Gone (close) (Phil Ochs) Spoken in Love Longtail LT003-2

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Red Hen Stringband, Navigators, Carolann Solebello, Battlefield Band, Chris Thile & Michael Daves, Rosalee Peppard, Kim Wempe

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