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October 1, 2011

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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special (theme) Last Sessions Smithsonian Folkways SFCD40068/71
  2. Jackie Morris: Late Again Tell Me a Story JJM 3337
  3. Red Hen: Too Late for the Bacon (Jane Rothfield/Harold Maurer) New Old Time Red Hen 001
  4. Meg Davis: I'm Late, I'm Late The Music of Wonderland self 01
  5. Beth Wood: Late Night Radio (Folkstage - September 6, 2008) WFMT recording
  6. Mary Chapin Carpenter: Iceland The Age of Miracles Zoe-Rounder 01143-1133-2
  7. Heather Styka: Contented Lifeboats for Atlantis Kite Stripe 02
  8. (Tommy) Byrd & (Kathy) Street: Lay Your Troubles Down (Tommy Byrd) Then and Now self 78572-97512
  9. Lou & Peter Berryman: Progress Schmogress Rocky Frontier Cornbelt 18
  10. Artisan: Sign of the Times (Brian Bedford) Random Play Bedspring 1018
  11. Rebel Voices (Janet Stecher & Susan Lewis): March of Progress (Red Ladder Theater) A Little Look Around Reveille no#
  12. The Haunted Windchimes: A Ballad of Human Progress (Inaiah Lujan) Honey Moonshine Blank Tape (from Sing Out! sampler)
  13. Karan Casey: Out of the Window (trad,arr.K.Casey) Exiles Return Compass 745292
  14. Van Morrison w/ The Chieftains: She Moved Through the Fair (trad, arr.Morrison-Paddy Maloney) Irish Heartbeat Mercury 834496-2
  15. Hilary James w/ Simon Mayor: She Moved Through the Fair (trad-Les Barker) Cat Nav - Guide Cats for the Blind, Vol. 4 Osmosys 050/051
  16. Dan Zanes w/ Sierra Leone Refugee All Stars: Little Nut Tree (Renford Cogle) Festival Five 016
  17. Will Holt: Lemon Tree (trad-Holt) (The Sacred Cow, Chicago - May 3, 1963) WFMT recording
  18. Claudia Schmidt & Her Funtet: Tree of Dreams Promising Sky Pragmavision 00261-28844
  19. Karan Casey & John Doyle: False Lover John (trad,arr.Casey-Doyle) Exiles Return Compass 745292
  20. Judy Henske: Love Henry (trad) Judy Henske Collectors' Choice CCM-268-2
  21. Joe Hickerson: Lady Isabel and the Elf Knight (trad) Drive Dull Care Away, Vol. II Folk-Legacy CD-59
  22. Mary Chapin Carpenter: 4 June 1989 The Age of Miracles Zoe-Rounder 01143-1133-2
  23. Capitol Steps: March Like an Egyptian (Sternberg/Newport-Eaton) Desperate House Members CapSteps 1031
  24. Magpie: Kent (Greg Artzner-Terry Leonino) Give Light Sliced Bread 71185
  25. Pokey LaFarge & the South City Three: Coffee Pot Blues (LaFarge) Middle of Everywhere Free Dirt 0065
  26. Dan Zanes w/ Shine: Wake Up Baby! Little Nut Tree Festival Five 016
  27. Cabaret (orig.B'way cast-Bert Convy): Why Should I Wake Up? (John Kander/Fred Ebb) Columbia Legacy SK 60533
  28. Michael Jerling: Dawn Patrol Music Here Tonight Fool's Hill 2003
  29. Dala (Sheila Carabine - Amanda Walther): Heart Like a Wheel (Anna McGarrigle) Girl from the North Country Compass 74558-2
  30. Phil Cohen & Patricia Ford: Heart Like a Lightswitch (Phil Cohen) Long Road 'til Sunrise Hard Miles 7
  31. Mountain Heart: Heart Like a Roadsign, Head Like a Wheel (David Lynn Jones) Force of Nature Skaggs Family 6989020102
  32. Mason Williams: You Done Stompt on My Heart Them Poems and Things Vee-Jay 1103
  33. Neal Gladstone - Dave Plaehn: Throat Man (Gladstone) American Dawg self
  34. Bill Cosby: Tonsils Wonderfulness Warner Bros. 1634-2
  35. Natalie Merchant: Bleezer's Ice-Cream (Natalie Merchant/Jack Prelutsky) Leave Your Sleep Nonesuch 522301-2
  36. Pat Egan & Alex Caton: Peeler Boland's (Mike Rafferty) / John Doherty's / Man of the House (trad) Fiddle Tunes and Ballads self 84501-50758 (pateganmusic.com / alexcaton.com)
  37. Dan Crary & Thunderation: Suite 222 - Shenandoah / Gold Rush / Soldier's Joy (trad, arr.Crary) Perfect Storm Blue Night 222
  38. Putnam Smith: Hush We Could Be Beekeepers Itchy Sabot 2011
  39. Stevie Palmer: Hushaby Heartprint Shadow Greentrax 347
  40. Dejah Leger: Hush Little Baby (trad,arr.D.Leger) Hand Sewn Lullabies Hearth Music
  41. Kim & Reggie Harris and Magpie: When I'm Gone (close) (Phil Ochs) Spoken in Love Longtail LT003-2

Performer is composer unless otherwise noted. Song is album title unless otherwise noted. Album titles are in italics, composers in parens ( ).

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Heather Styka, Byrd & Street, Lou & Peter Berryman, Artisan, Dan Zanes, Dala, Pat Egan & Alex Caton, Dan Crary & Thunderation, Putnam Smith, Stevie Palmer

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