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November 19, 2011

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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special (theme) Last Sessions Smithsonian Folkways SFCD40068/71
  2. Fred Gillen, Jr. w/ Catherine Miles: Sing Sing Sing (Gillen) Live in the Heartland of America self 69130 00222
  3. Guy Carawan: Oh Lord I've Got Some Singing to Do (Robt. Schmertz) This Little Light of Mine Smithsonian Folkways 3552
  4. Linda Allen: Why Don't You Sing in the Chorus October Roses self 1004
  5. Flora, The Red Menace (orig.cast-Liza Minnelli): Sing Happy (John Kander/Fred Ebb) RCA Victor 09026-60821-2
  6. Pat Wictor: Raise My Voice and Sing Heaven Is So High Risky Disc 005
  7. Louise Mosrie w/ Anna Denson: Singing My Heart Out (Folkstage - July 9, 2011) WFMT recording
  8. Winterbloom - Natalia Zukerman: The Riddle (Tumbalalaika) (trad,arr.Zukerman) Winterbloom: Traditions Rearranged Market Monkeys 004
  9. Spoon River Anthology (orig.Cates-Aidman cast-Joyce Van Patten): Mabel Osborne (Edgar Lee Masters) Columbia 2410
  10. Pete Seeger: The Riddle Song (trad) American Favorite Ballads Vol. 2 Smithsonian Folkways 40151
  11. Jean Redpath w/ Abby Newton: Riddles Wisely Expounded (Child 1) (trad) Lowlands Philo 1066
  12. Laurie Lewis: Old Ten Broeck (trad, arr.L.Lewis) Skippin' and Flyin' Spruce and Maple 2006
  13. Elaine C. Smith: Runner Up, The Wonder Horse (Les Barker) Herding Cats - Guide Cats for the Blind Volume 5 Osmosys 055/056
  14. Noam Pikelny w/ Tim O'Brien, et.al.: Jim Thompson's Horse (Pikelny) Beat the Devil and Carry a Rail Compass 745652
  15. Cosy Sheridan: The Horse King Waterbug 102
  16. Muriel Anderson w/ Tierra Negra: White Horses (Olivier Ebert - Leo Henrichs) New World Flamenco self 71583 20102
  17. Harry Tuft: Would You Like to Learn to Dance (Steve Goodman) Treasures Untold Manasses 1004
  18. The Squid Jiggers: Up Jumped the Dancers (Troy R. Bennett) 33-1/3 Squid 0002
  19. Robin & Linda Williams: Give the Fiddler a Dram (Dave Hull- Jerry Clark) Robin & Linda Williams Flashlight 3002
  20. Scott Cook: Song for the Slow Dancers Moonlit Rambles Groove Revival 2011
  21. Winterbloom (Meg Hutchinson-Natalia Zukerman): Rexroth's Daughter (Greg Brown) Winterbloom: Traditions Rearranged Market Monkeys 004
  22. Heather Styka: My Father's Daughter Lifeboats for Atlantis Kite Stripe 02
  23. Barb Ryman: Soldier's Daughter Catch the Sunset Renegade 41102-2
  24. Laurie Lewis: The Pharoh's Daughter Skippin' and Flyin' Spruce and Maple 2006
  25. Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer: It's a Ukulele (Cathy Fink) Rockin' the Uke Community Music 205
  26. Lil Rev: Me or Uke Blues Drop Baby Drop Patchwork 2009
  27. The Raisin Pickers: A Uke and You (Al Lewis-Howard Simon- Richard Whiting) Handed Down Flying Raven 003
  28. James Hill: Uke Talk (Doane) A Flying Leap Borealis 174
  29. Sultans of String: Ernie's Bounce (Chris Mckhool- Kevin Laliberte) Move Mckhool 2050
  30. Ewan MacColl & Peggy Seeger: Dirty Old Town (MacColl) Black And White Green Linnet GLCD-3058
  31. Laura Zucker: By the Refinery Lights Left Foot Forward 66449 73732
  32. John Roberts & Tony Barrand: The Rolling Mills of New Jersey (Matt McGinn/John Roberts) Eat Betha's Mussels - Live at Holsteins Golden Hind GHM-203
  33. Jeffrey Hedquist: Blue Light Special (Leadbelly/J.Hedquist) Assorted Flavors self 36211 42427
  34. Greg Trafidlo: (Life is Like a) Grocery Coupon (3:06) (G.Trafidlo- Ron Sowell) Carved in Song Kira 3456
  35. Hard Scrabble Road - Amy Nodwell: Another Big Box Store (James Gordon) Hard Scrabble Road - a folk opera Pipe Street 27
  36. The Milk Carton Kids: No Hammer to Hold (Kenneth Pattengale- Joey Ryan) Prologue self no#
  37. Ruthie Foster: If I Had a Hammer (Hayes-Seeger, arr.Foster) Let It Burn Blue Corn 1201
  38. Honor Finnegan: Freedom Human Heart Frock 37101 17586
  39. Bill & Kate Isles: Old Fences Matching Baggage self 0905
  40. Neptune's Car: Stonewalls and Fences (Holly Hanson- Steve Hayes) Strawberry Moon self 84501 28508
  41. Eric Bogle: Fences and Walls Voices in the Wilderness Alcazar 115
  42. Laura Zucker: Thanksgiving Prayer By the Refinery Lights Left Foot Forward 66449 73732
  43. Dan Zanes: Thank You Little Nut Tree Festival Five 016
  44. Kim Robertson w/ Brett Lipshutz: Thanksgiving Hymn (We Gather Together) (trad) Shady Grove Gourd 140
  45. Jakob's Hollow: Thankful (Josh Wolf) The Legend of Bobby the Kid self 84501 13612
  46. Kim & Reggie Harris and Magpie: When I'm Gone (close) (Phil Ochs) Spoken in Love Longtail LT003-2

Performer is composer unless otherwise noted. Song is album title unless otherwise noted. Album titles are in italics, composers in parens ( ).

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Laurie Lewis, Herding Cats, Cosy Sheridan, Noam Pikelny, Harry Tuft, The Squid Jiggers, Heather Styka, Barb Ryman, Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer, Sultans of String, Laura Zucker, Mike Carton Kids, Honor Finnegan, Dan Zanes

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