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December 31, 2011 - January 1, 2012

  1. December Songs: One Voice (Ruth Moody)
  2. Dan Navarro: Let Her Ride (Dan Navarro)
  3. Amy Speace: Change for Me (Amy Speace, Neilson Hubbard)
  4. Jon Vezner: What You Gotta Go Through (Jon Vezner, Scott Lee)
  5. Sally Barris: Reluctant Daughter (Jon Vezner, Sally Barris)
  6. Dan Navarro: Baby, It's Cold Outside (Eric Lowen, Dan Navarro)
  7. Amy Speace: It's Too Late to Call It a Night (Amy Speace, Jonathan Byrd)
  8. Jon Vezner: Cats of the Coliseum (Jon Vezner)
  9. Sally Barris: Just Won't Do (Sally Barris, John Randall)
  10. Dan Navarro: A Night Full of Rain (Kenny Edwards)
  11. Amy Speace: The Killer in Me (Amy Speace, Erik Balkey)
  12. Jon Vezner: Emily Ever After (Jon Vezner, Billy Jonas)
  13. Sally Barris: Wilder Girl (Sally Barris, Hush)
  14. Dan Navarro: A Place Where I Belong (Dan Navarro, Jenny Yates)
  15. Amy Speace: Ghost (Amy Speace)
  16. Jon Vezner: All Things Considered (Jon Vezner)
  17. Sally Barris: Are You a Real Cowboy? (Sally Barris, Liz Rose)
  18. Dan Navarro: I'm Gonna Stay That Way (Tom Wilson)
  19. Amy Speace: Make Me Lonely Again (Amy Speace)
  20. Jon Vezner: Tell Me What You Wait For (Jon Vezner, Ariah Mountaindreamer)
  21. Sally Barris: Let the Wind Chase You (Sally Barris, Karyn Rochelle)
  22. Dan Navarro: If I Was the Rain (Eric Lowen, Charles John Quarto, Dan Navarro)
  23. Amy Speace: Sweet Stuff (Amy Speace)
  24. Jon Vezner: I've Got an App for That (Si Kahn, Jon Vezner)
  25. Sally Barris: All I See Is You (Sally Barris, Pat Pattison)
  26. Decembersongs: Auld Lang Syne (Robert Burns)
  27. Dan Navarro: Compass Point (Eric Lowen, Dan Navarro)
  28. Amy Speace: Step Out of the Shade (Amy Speace) / Double Wide Trailer (Amy Speace, Steve Jagoda, Jenny Bruce)
  29. Amy Speace: Two (Amy Speace)
  30. Jon Vezner: Where've You Been (Don Henry, Jon Vezner)
  31. Sally Barris: Sweet Companion (John Randall, Jessie Alexander, Sally Barris)
  32. Dan Navarro: Shed My Skin (Dan Navarro)
  33. Amy Speace: Battened Hatches (Amy Speace, Chuck E. Costa)
  34. Jon Vezner: If My Ears Became Speakers (Jon Vezner)
  35. Sally Barris: We Can Work It Out (John Lennon, Paul McCartney)
  36. Dan Navarro: Legacy (Dan Navarro)
  37. Amy Speace: Real Love Song (Amy Speace, Neilson Hubbard)
  38. Jon Vezner: I Like This Town (Jon Vezner)
  39. Sally Barris: Standing Still (Sally Barris)
  40. Decembersongs: When I'm Gone (Phil Ochs)

All songs by performer unless otherwise noted.

Host/producer: Rich Warren
Engineer: Eric Arunas

COPYRIGHT © 2011, Window To The World Communications, Inc. All rights reserved.

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