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February 4, 2012

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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special (theme) Last Sessions Smithsonian Folkways SFCD40068/71
  2. Dennis Warner: Have a Little Faith in the World Seeds Main Trail 0814-09
  3. Honor Finnegan: Wonderful World (Sam Cooke-Lou Adler- Herb Alpert) The Tiny Life self 00261-34786
  4. John Flynn: My Horizontal Smile The End of the Beginning self 01344-00082
  5. Kristi Rose & Fats Kaplan: Beautiful World (Folkstage - December 3, 2011) WFMT Recording
  6. Bread and Bones: Three Little Birds (Bob Marley) Could Have Been a Dream Riptone 003
  7. Suzy Bogguss: Beautiful Dreamer (Stephen Foster) American Folk Songbook Loyal Dutchess 1006
  8. Lori Lieberman: Rise private recording
  9. Emma's Revolution: Rise (Sandy O-Pat Humphries) Revolutions Per Minute Moving Forward 1234
  10. (Joanne) Crabtree & (Paul) Mills: Rise Above (J.Crabtree) Free & Easy 004
  11. Brother Sun (Joe Jencks): Rise As One (Jencks) (Folkstage - August 27, 2011) WFMT recording
  12. Megon McDonough: Take My Advice Breathe self 85767-99410
  13. Honor Finnegan: Life Is Short The Tiny Life self 00261 34786
  14. Gina Forsyth: 11 Days Promised Land Waterbug 101
  15. Leonard Cohen: Come Healing (Patrick Leonard/Leonard Cohen) Old Ideas Columbia 88697986712
  16. Chris Chandler & Paul Benoit: Afterlife (Chandler) / Can't Stop Me (Benoit) Matadors We Still Call Them Records 1117
  17. Craig Werth: The Spokes Man self 5503
  18. Steve Gillette & Cindy Mangsen: Home By Dark (Steve Gillette) Compass Rose 13
  19. Livingston Taylor: Bicycle (L.Taylor-M.Taylor) Snapshot: Live at the Iron Horse Whistling Dog no#
  20. Artisan: The Weather Man Says (Brian Bedford) Random Play Bedspring 1018
  21. (David) Mitchell & (Robert) Webb: The Weather Brain That Mitchell & Webb Sound: Series Four BBC Audio
  22. Hilary James: Weathers (Simon Mayer-H.James/Thomas Hardy) English Sketches Acoustic 059
  23. Richard Shindell: Waiting for the Storm Thirteen Songs You May, Or May Not Have Heard Before Amalgamated Balladry 1810
  24. Claudia Anderson: There Will Always Be Storms In Dreams I Can Fly self 84501 62595
  25. Girlyman: Storms Were Mine (Doris Muramatsu/Nate Borofsky) Everything's Easy self 003
  26. The Quebe Sisters: Shame on You (Spade Cooley) Timeless FiddleTone 0101
  27. Tony Holt & The Wildwood Valley Boys: I'll Be Broken Hearted (Cardell & Al Eaton) List Highways & Treasured Memories Old Heritage 1001
  28. Billy Boy Arnold: She Fooled Me (Jody Williams) Consolidated Mojo Electro-Fi 3392
  29. Lu Mitchell: The Real Estate Lady Alarums and Excursions Pasquinade 111
  30. Bob Newhart: Buying a House Something like this. . . Warner Rhino R2 76742
  31. Rosemary Clooney: This Ole House (Stuart Hamblin) The Essential Rosemary Clooney Columbia Legacy 90861
  32. Still on the Hill: There Was a Man (John Spillane) Red Curtain Termite Tracs 690
  33. Lady Maisery: The Capable Wife (Equinoctal & Phoebe) (trad) Weave & Spin RBR 09
  34. Still on the Hill: The Crane Wife (Kelly Mulhollan-Donna Stjerna) Red Curtain Termite Tracs 690
  35. Leonard Cohen: Amen Old Ideas Columbia 88697986712
  36. Sue Demel: Amen (S.Demel/Michael Allemana) Church of the Never Wrong Waterbug 103
  37. Bua: The Ballinamore / Golden Locks / Bean A' Ti Ar Lar (trad) An Spealadoir Mad River 1016
  38. Yo-Yo Ma - Stuart Duncan - Edgar Meyer - Chris Thile: Attaboy (E.Meyer-C.Thile-S.Duncan) The Goat Rodeo Sessions Sony 88697 841182
  39. James Bryan & Carl Jones: Patty on the Turnpike Cricket's Lullaby Dittyville 004
  40. Truckstop Honeymoon: She Wants to Be French (Mike West) Steamboat in a Cornfield Squirrel 1056
  41. Monty Python: French Castle Monty Python and the Holy Grail Arista 88697-08408-2
  42. Michael Smith: Famous in France Such Things Are Finely Done TalesFromtheTavern 019
  43. David Mallett: The Road Goes on Forever This Town Vanguard 79466
  44. Dennis Warner: Crossroads Seeds Main Trail 0814-09
  45. Ed Miller w/ Maggie Miller: Walk the Road (Kate Rusby) Come Awa' Wi' Me Wellfield 028
  46. Kim & Reggie Harris and Magpie: When I'm Gone (close) (Phil Ochs) Spoken in Love Longtail LT003-2

Performer is composer unless otherwise noted. Song is album title unless otherwise noted. Album titles are in italics, composers in parens ( ).

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