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February 25, 2012

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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special (theme) Last Sessions Smithsonian Folkways SFCD40068/71
  2. The Chieftains with The Decemberists: When the Ship Comes In (Bob Dylan) Voice of Ages Hear 33437-02
  3. Honor Finnegan: Waiting The Tiny Life self 00261-34786
  4. Jim Post: Silver Engine (Kendell Kardt) Reach Out Together self 06805 08091
  5. Kallet - Epstein - Cicone: Life Comes In (Ellen Epstein) Heart Walk Overall OM-3
  6. Ian & Sylvia: Come In Stranger (Johnny Cash) The Complete Vanguard Studio Recordings Vanguard 196/99-2
  7. Lunasa: Return from Fingal (trad,arr.Lunasa) The Merry Sisters of Fate Green Linnet 1213
  8. Stan Rogers: Giant Home in Halifax Fogarty's Cove 010
  9. Paul Anderson w/ George Donald: Fingal's Cave (Felix Mendelssohn, PD) Home + Beauty Greentrax 340
  10. Pine Leaf Boys: Creole Mardi Gras (Cedric Watson) Blues de Musicien Arhoolie 533
  11. Gina Forsyth: What I Did on Mardi Gras Day Promised Land Waterbug 101
  12. Steve Riley & the Mamou Playboys: La Danse de Mardi Gras (trad,arr.Mamou Playboys) Meet Me at Mardi Gras (compilation) Rounder 11661-9133-2
  13. The Siegel-Schwall Band: Take Out Some Insurance (Chas.Singleton-Wadense Hall) R.I.P. Wooden Nickel 0554
  14. David Frost & John Cleese: Adventure (Insurance Salesman) Report on Britain EMI Starline MRS5084
  15. Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver: Hearbreak Insurance (Steven Gulley) A School of Bluegrass Crossroads 05472
  16. Jud Caswell: Insurance Plan (Folkstage - April 28, 2007) WFMT recording
  17. David Mitchell & Robert Webb: Insurance Advertising Sketch That Mitchell & Webb Sound, Series One BBC Audio
  18. Lunasa: The Dimmers set (Jerry O'Sullivans/The Dimmers) (trad,arr.Lunasa) The Kinnitty Sessions Compass 74377-2
  19. Kathy Hussey: Dim Flickering Light Moments of Wonder Raku 0538628
  20. Alison Krauss & Union Station: Dimming of the Day (Richard Thompson) Paper Airplane Rounder 11661-0665-2
  21. Charlie King & Karen Brandow: Things Redux (Bobby Darin, new lyrics Charlie King) The Distance Remaining Vaguely Reminiscent 9023
  22. The Better Halves: My Internet Date (Jimmy Joe Natoli) Tete a Tete Hillabeanz 00261-33614
  23. The Capitol Steps (Felicia Curry): I've Grown Accustomed to My Facebook (Lerner-Loewe/Newport-Eaton) Desperate Housemembers Capsteps 1031
  24. We're About 9: For One More (Brian Gundersdorf) Paperdust Stardust self 2008
  25. Leonard Cohen: Anyhow (Patrick Leonard/Leonard Cohen) Old Ideas Columbia 88697986712
  26. Kath Buckell: I Span and Eve Span (Kath Buckell/Dame Mary Gilmore) Faces Do Not Change VMM 45121 03975
  27. Punch Brothers: Soon or Never Who's Feeling Young Now? Nonesuch 529777-2
  28. Mary Black: Faith in Fate (Danny O'Reilly) Stories from the Steeples Blix Street 10100
  29. Donna Adler: Why Do I Believe Stories to Keep Grace Street 00261-34446
  30. Lead Belly: John Hardy (trad,arr.Lead Belly) Bourgeous Blues Smithsonian Folkways 40045
  31. Kyle Carey: John Hardy's Wife Monograph self 84501-52000
  32. Frank Proffitt: John Hardy (trad) Frank Proffitt Sings Folk Songs Smithsonian Folkways 2369
  33. Ewan MacColl: The Iron Horse (Charles Balfour, 1848 PD) British Industrial Ballads Vanguard 9090
  34. Cisco Houston: Pat Works on the Railroad (trad) The Folkways Years 1944-1961 Smithsonian Folkways 40059
  35. Otter Creek: Iron Horse (trad,arr. Peter & Mary Danzig) Hunter's Moon
  36. Larry Penn: Sing Me a Railroad Song A Ride on the Westbound Cookie Man 02
  37. Rani Arbo & daisy mayhem: The Green Grass Grows All Around (trad,arr.Arbo, et.al.) Panky Tanky Mayhem 101
  38. Rolf Harris: The Court of King Caracticus Epic 26110
  39. Judy Collins: Big Sur Bohemian Wildflower 1336
  40. Ric Masten & Kenny Stahl: Big Sur Country Big Sur Dance Carmel Jazz 03283 44442
  41. Debby McClatchy: Big Sur Mists and Mountains Lady Luck Green Linnet 1012
  42. Liz Carroll & John Doyle: Island of Woods (Liz Carroll) In Play Compass 74418-2
  43. Marc Cohn: The Things We've Handed Down The Rainy Season Atlantic 782491-2
  44. Garnet Rogers: The Joy of Living (Ewan MacColl) At a High Window Snow Goose 1121
  45. Ernest Troost: The Last Lullaby Live at McCabes Travelin' Shoes 1003
  46. Red Molly: Your Long Journey (trad-Doc & Rosa Lee Watson) Light in the Sky self 84501-58062
  47. Jean Redpath w/ Abby Newton: Will Ye No' Come Back Again (last chorus) (Caroline Oliphant) Lady Nairn Philo 1087
  48. Kim & Reggie Harris and Magpie: When I'm Gone (close) (Phil Ochs) Spoken in Love Longtail LT003-2

Performer is composer unless otherwise noted. Song is album title unless otherwise noted. Album titles are in italics, composers in parens ( ).

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The Chieftains, Honor Finnegan, Gina Forsyth, The Better Halves, Leonard Cohen, Kath Buckell, Punch Brothers, Mary Black, Donna Adler, Otter Creek, Judy Collins, Ernest Troost

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