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June 9, 2012

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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special (theme) Last Sessions Smithsonian Folkways SFCD40068/71
  2. Doc & Merle Watson: Mama Don't Allow (Charles Cow Cow Davenport-Sammy Cahn) Remembering Merle Sugar Hill 3800
  3. Pete Seeger: Beans in My Ears (Len Chandler) Dangerous Songs!? Columbia Legacy 65261
  4. Sue Trainor: You're in Trouble (Bill Harley) In Our Own Words self 052
  5. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young: Teach Your Children (Graham Nash) Dejà vu Atlantic 7200
  6. U. Utah Phillips: Kid's Liberation Starlight on the Rails: A Songbook Daemon 19047
  7. Karl Shiflett & Big Country Show: Mama Don't Allow (Charles Cow Cow Davenport-Sammy Cahn) Take Me Back Pine Castle 1177
  8. David Mitchell & Robert Webb w/Olivia Colman: Other People's Kids That Mitchell & Webb Sound - Series Two BBC Audio
  9. Arrogant Worms: Go to Sleep Little Leech Beige ArrogantWorms AW-4004
  10. The Once: Jack the Sailor (trad,arr.The Once) Row Upon Row of the People They Know Borealis 212
  11. The Squid Jiggers: Jack Was Every Inch a Sailor (trad,arr. Squid Jiggers) 33-1/3 Squiddy 0002
  12. Kate Rusby: I Courted a Sailor Little Lights Compass 74310-2
  13. Steve Turner: William Glenn (trad,arr.Turner) Rim of the Wheel The Tradition Bearers 1104
  14. Martin Mull: Men I'm Everyone I've Ever Loved Laugh.com LGH1120
  15. Cindy Mangsen: Willie-O (Steve Sellars) Settle Down Front Hall FHR-038
  16. Rude Girls: We Don't Need the Men (Malvina Reynolds) Mixed Messages Flying Fish FF-70511
  17. Mary Chapin Carpenter: What To Keep and What to Throw Away Ashes and Roses Rounder Zoe01143-1150-2
  18. Deborah Silverstein: House Full of Fortune Fast Folk - Boston One Fast Folk FF-304
  19. Sarah McQuaid: The Plum Tree and the Rose Waterbug 104
  20. Kate Wolf: Lilac and the Apple Lines on Paper Rhino R2 71480
  21. Wendell Ferguson: The Way I Drive Live self 0305
  22. Susan Lawrence: Driving to Philadelphia (Tony Burns/Susan Lawrence) Welcome to Lawrenceville self 001 (email)
  23. Ronny Cox w/ Karen Mal & Radoslav Lorkovic: A Big Truck Brought It (Rob Vaarmeyer/Corin Raymond) Ronny, Rad & Karen Groove House 41444-10692
  24. Richard Shindell: The Kenworth of My Dreams Courier Signature Sounds 1270
  25. The Once: Valley of Killbride (trad,arr.Once) Row Upon Row of the People They Know Borealis 212
  26. Alistair Olgilvy: Wars O' Germanie (trad,arr.A.Ogilvy) Leaves Sae Green Greentrax 365
  27. Ed Miller: The Twa Recruitin' Sergeants (trad) Come A Wa' Wi' Me Wellfield 028
  28. Mary Chapin Carpenter: Don't Need Much to Be Happy Ashes and Roses Rounder Zoe 01143-1150-2
  29. 110 in the Shade (orig.cast - Inga Swenson): Simple Little Things (Harvey Schmidt/Tom Jones) RCA Victor 1085-2
  30. Krista Detor: Small Things Chocolate Paper Suites Tightrope 255-102
  31. Honor Finnegan: Content The Tiny Life self 00261-34786
  32. O'Brien Party of 7: Guv'ment (Roger Miller) Reincarnation - The Songs of Roger Miller Howdy Skies 1006
  33. Firesign Theatre: The Mayor Is the Problem Boom Dot Bust Rhino 75983
  34. Burke Ingraffia: Dumb It Down Jazz Animals self 84501-56133
  35. (Peter) Ekstrom & (Michael) Quinn: The Flag Song The Front Page Follies self 83707-78502
  36. Leon Rosselson: Talking Democracy Blues The World Turned Upside Down Fuse / PM Press 0014-2
  37. Doc Watson: Tennessee Stud (Jimmie Driftwood) The Best of Doc Watson 1964-1968 Vanguard 79535-2
  38. Chris LeDoux: Yellow Stud Cowboy Capitol 7243-5-26601-2-4
  39. Willie Nelson w/ Merle Haggard: A Horse Called Music (Wayne Carson) Heroes Legacy 88691960482
  40. The Once: Ode to a Broken Heart (The Once / Emile Benoit) Row Upon Row of the People They Know Borealis 212
  41. Kat Eggleston: The Only Word (Eggleston) / The Clumsy Lover (Neil Dickey) The Only Word Redwing RWMCD5414
  42. Robin & Linda Williams: All Broken Hearts Are the Same (R&L Williams-Jerome Clark) Buena Vista Red House 213
  43. Mary Chapin Carpenter: Another Home Ashes and Roses Rounder Zoe 01143-1150-2
  44. Kim & Reggie Harris and Magpie: When I'm Gone (close) (Phil Ochs) Spoken in Love Longtail LT003-2

Performer is composer unless otherwise noted. Song is album title unless otherwise noted. Album titles are in italics, composers in parens ( ).

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Karl Shiflett, Steve Turner, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Sarah McQuaid, Susan Lawrence, Ronny Cox, et.al., Alistair Olgilvy

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