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March 9, 2013

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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special (theme) Last Sessions Smithsonian Folkways SFCD40068/71
  2. The Gibson Brothers: They Called It Music (Eric Gibson-Joe Newberry) Compass 745599-2
  3. Roger Deitz: That's Not Music Love Songs, Now and Then self 38
  4. Noel Paul Stookey: Not That Kind of Music (N.P.Stookey- Jim Mason) One & Many Neworld 120822
  5. Ernest Troost: Real Music Live at McCabe's Travlin' Shoes 1003
  6. Bob Gibson & Hamilton Camp: Homemade Music (Bob Gibson/ Robert Josiah) Bob Gibson Legacy 1003
  7. BeauSoleil avec Michael Doucet: Two-Step Port Arthur (trad-M.Doucet) From Bamako to Carencro Compass 74591-2
  8. Hobart Smith: John Greer's Two-Step (trad) In Sacred Trust - The 1963 Fleming Brown Tapes Smithsonian Folkways 40141
  9. Trillium: Port One Step / Dill Pickle Rag (trad) Over the Waterfall Little Miracles no#
  10. Hey Mavis: Let the Water Do the Work Honey Man Stellada 00261-37540
  11. Forest Sun: Like Water in the Desert Just Begun Painted Sun 00261-35297
  12. Annalivia: Deepest Water (Liz Simmons) The Same Way Down self 84501-75505
  13. Anais Mitchell & Jefferson Hamer: Clyde Waters (Child 216) (trad,arr. Mitchell-Hamer) Child Ballds Wilderland 002
  14. Altan: The New Rigged Ship / Eddie Curran's Monaghan Twig / Kitty the Hare (trad,arr.Altan) The Poison Glen Compass 74571-2
  15. Oirialla (Gerry O'Connor, Gilles le Bigot, Nuala Kennedy, Martin Quinn): The Kitten Set - Cavers of Kirkculbright (Mike Vass) / The Kitten Slip Jig (trad) / The Ladies' Pantaloons (trad) / Miss Butler's Reel (trad) / Tamarack 'er Down (Donald Angus Beaton) Oirilla Lughnasa 965
  16. Cormac McCarthy: Back When I Worked on the Railroad Collateral Rakish Tilt 1005
  17. Steve Chizmadia: That Old Shirt Jack of All Trades self 94465-93982
  18. Solas: No Forgotten Man (Mick McAuley-Seamus Egan) Shamrock City THL 001
  19. Woody Allen: Unhappy Childhood Standup Comic 1960-1964 Rhino 75721
  20. Bill Camplin: Unruly Children Flying Home Baby Music Boom 3002-2
  21. Michael Smith: Alter Boy Story Songs of a Catholic Childhood J.O'Reilly Productions 84501-84291
  22. Billie Holiday: God Bless the Child (B.Holiday-Arthur Herzog, Jr.) Lady Day: The Best of Billie Holiday Columbia Legacy 85979
  23. Cheryl Wheeler: Gandhi/Buddha Greetings from Cheryl Wheeler Live Dias 1002
  24. Dubl Handi: Katie Cruel (trad,arr.Brian Geltner-Hilary Hawke) Up Like the Clouds self no#
  25. Cheryl Wheeler: Gandhi/Buddha counter version Greetings from Cheryl Wheeler Live Dias 1002
  26. Jenny Ritter: It Is What It Is Bright Mainland self 70541-19052
  27. Harley String Band: Thank You for Calling PizzaCo (Stephen R. Coffee) Didn't Come to Stay Long self 00261-24748
  28. Lily Tomlin: F.B.I. This Is a Recording Laugh.com LGH1114
  29. Tom Paxton: Mr. Blue The Compleat Tom Paxton Rhino Handmade 7870
  30. Switchback: Dunken Sailor (trad,arr.Brian FitzGerald- Martin McCormack) Bolinree Waygood 031705
  31. Henry Morgan: Twelve Bottles The Best of Henry Morgan Judson J 3016
  32. Mary Gauthier: I Drink (Mary Gauthier-Crit Harmon) Live at Blue Rock CDBaby 1006
  33. Elaine Romanelli: Pour Me a Drink Real Deal self 845033043
  34. Louis Rosen: Richard Corey (Louis Rosen/ Edwin Arlington Robinson) Time Was Di-tone 226
  35. Brother Sun: Sad (Joe Jencks) Some Part of the Truth self 53701-21112
  36. Nanci Griffith: Wall Of Death (Richard Thompson) Other Voices, Too Elektra 62235-2
  37. 2-Bit Palomino: Where Have All the Heroes Gone? (Andrea Renfree-David Choi) 2-Bit Palomino Rides Again Songdog 1012
  38. Thom Bishop: Anti-Heroes (WFMT studio - August 1974) WFMT recording
  39. Jessica Radcliffe & Martin Simpson: We Were All Heroes (Jessica Radcliffe) Red Roses Thunderbird no#
  40. The Capitol Steps: Korea (Bernstein-Sondheim/Newport-Eaton) Between Iraq and a Hard Place CapSteps 1023
  41. Randy Newman: Political Science Guilty: 30 Years of Randy Newman Reprise-Rhino 75567
  42. The Capitol Steps: How Do You Solve a Problem Like Korea (Rodgers-Hammerstein/Newport-Eaton) I'm So Indicted CapSteps 1026
  43. Lorna & Ian Campbell: The Sun Is Burning Topic 76 EP
  44. Altan: Seolta Geala (trad) The Poison Glen Compass 74571-2
  45. Stan Rogers: Leave Her, Johnny, Leave Her (trad) From Coffee House to Concert Hall Fogarty's Cove 012 (recorded at the Come for to Sing benefit at Holsteins, Chicago, 1981?) WFMT recording
  46. Kim & Reggie Harris and Magpie: When I'm Gone (close) (Phil Ochs) Spoken in Love Longtail LT003-2

Performer is composer unless otherwise noted. Song is album title unless otherwise noted. Album titles are in italics, composers in parens ( ).

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The Gibson Brothers, Anais Mitchell & Jefferson Hamer, Cormac McCarthy, Steve Chizmadia, Solas, Duble Handi, Louis Rosen, Brother Sun, Jenny Ritter

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