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August 3, 2013

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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special (theme) Last Sessions Smithsonian Folkways SFCD40068/71
  2. Putnam Smith: Succotash Kitchen, love. . . Itchy Sabot 203
  3. Trapezoid: Ratatouille (Lorraine Duisit) (Holsteins - September 28, 1984) WFMT recording
  4. The Mollys: The Haggis (Nancy McCallion) This Is My Round self no#
  5. Danu: Miss Fogarty's Christmas Cake (trad,arr.Danu) Christmas in Ireland self 84501-64659
  6. Utah Phillips: Moose Turd Pie (Midnight Special New Year's Eve party - December 31, 1997) WFMT recording
  7. Sweeney Todd (orig.B'way cast-Angela Lansbury): The Worst Pies in London (Stephen Sondheim) RCA 3379-2
  8. The Wood Brothers: Come and Get It (Paul McCartney) Let Us In - Americana - The Music of Paul McCartney for Linda Reviver 53738-05192
  9. Max Morath: Come After Breakfast, Bring Your Own Lunch, and Leave Before Suppertime (James Burris-Tim Brymn-Chris Smith) One for the Road Skomax no#
  10. Warrior River Boys: Midnight Train (Roy Acuff) New Beginnings Rounder 0270
  11. Locust Honey String Band: Walkin' After Midnight (Alan Block- Donn Hecht) He Ain't No Good self 84501-82240
  12. Dylan Sneed: Midnight Promenade Texodus self 00261-30194
  13. Tom Rush: Drop Down Mama (Sleepy John Estes, arr.Rush) Celebrates 50 Years of Music -Boston Symphony Hall - December 28, 2012 Appleseed 1136
  14. The Howlin' Brothers: Mama Don't You Tell Me (Ian Craft- Jared Green-Ben Plasse) Howl Readymade 007
  15. Go Jane Go (Kieran Kane-David Francey-Lucas Kane): Tell Me Mama (Little Walter) Go Jane Go Dead Reckoning no#
  16. John Lowell: Mama Don't Like It I Am Going to the West self 84501-80270
  17. The Deadly Gentlemen: Working (Greg Liszt) Roll Me, Tumble Me Rounder 1161-91742
  18. Carolina Tar Heels: Ain't No Use Working So Hard (PD) Good For What Ails You Old Hat 1005 (from Songs from Sing Out!, Volume 55, Number 2, Winter 2013)
  19. Rebecca Frazier: Ain't Gonna Work Tomorrow (trad, arr. w/add.lyrics R. Frazier) When We Fall Compass 746003-2
  20. The Siegel-Schwall Band: The Underqualified Blues (Jim Schwall) Flash Forward Alligator 4906
  21. Richard Perlmutter & friends: A Piano Is Stuck in the Door (Scott Joplin The Entertainer/Richard Perlmutter) Beethoven's Wig - Sing Along Piano Classics self 1005
  22. Remember Rome: Never Mind the Piano (Jim Papandrea) The Mouth of Truth Ars Nova 38
  23. Lou & Peter Berryman: Dust the Piano Some Days Cornbelt CR16
  24. Locust Honey String Band: Time Goes So Slow (Charlie & Ira Louvin) He Ain't No Good self 84501-82240
  25. Judy Collins: Time Passes Slowly (Bob Dylan) Whales & Nightingales Elektra 75010-2
  26. Monty Python: A Minute Passed The Best/Worst of Monty Python Buddah BDS-5656-2
  27. The Paul McKenna Band: Take Your Time (David McNee) Elements Greentrax-Compass 74613-2
  28. Amy Speace: Hesitate (Amy Speace-Neilson Hubbard) How to Sleep in a Stormy Boat Wind Bone 59709-60466
  29. The Kings of Mongrel Folk (Mark Graham & Orville Johnson): Must I Hesitate (trad, arr.Graham-Johnson) Bitter Truth self 84501-88387
  30. Michael Smith: Zippy Such Things Are Finely Done Tales-From-the-Tavern 019
  31. Genticorum: L'Outarde au Vin - La Sauce / La Poitrine (Pascal Gemme) Recorded Live self 29048-16842
  32. Fletcher Bright & Bill Evans: Polly Put the Kettle On (trad) Fine Times at Fletcher's House Native & Fine 00261-37794
  33. Ricky Skaggs & Bruce Hornsby: Cluck Ol' Hen (trad) Live - Cluck Ol' Hen Skaggs Family 6989050042
  34. Thom Chacon: Bus Drivin' Blues Thom Chacon Pie 18
  35. Bob Newhart: Bus Drivers School Something Like This. . . Warner-Rhino 76742
  36. Dave Van Ronk: Georgie on the IRT (trad/Lawrence Block) The Folkways Years 1959-61 Smithsonian Folkways 40041
  37. Bonnie Koloc: Love Song for Iowa With You on My Side Flying Fish 70437
  38. Susan Werner: Iowa Hayseed Sleeve Dog 94504-79964
  39. Truckstop Souvenir: Song for Iowa (Lauryn Shapter) Under a Big Blue Sky self 00261-25621
  40. Win Stracke: Illinois (trad) Songs of Old Town Flair
  41. Ben Bullington: The Last Adios Ben Bullington self 84501-89936
  42. Slaid Cleaves: Gone (S.Cleaves-Nicole St. Pierre) Still Fighting the War Music Road 015
  43. The Howlin' Brothers: Gone (Ian Craft-Jared Green-Ben Plasse) Howl Readymade 007
  44. (Byron) Sutton, (David) Holt, (T. Michael) Coleman: Solid Gone (trad,arr.Sutton-Holt-Coleman) Ready for the Times High Windy 1264
  45. Ben Bullington: I've Got to Leave You Now Ben Bullington self 84501-89936
  46. Kim & Reggie Harris and Magpie: When I'm Gone (close) (Phil Ochs) Spoken in Love Longtail LT003-2

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Putman Smith, Locust Honey, Dylan Sneed, Howlin' Brothers, John Lowell, Deadly Gentlemen, Rebecca Frazier, Genticorum, Ricky Scaggs & Bruce Hornsby, Susan Werner, Ben Bullington, Slaid Cleaves

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