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September 7, 2013

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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special (theme) Last Sessions Smithsonian Folkways SFCD40068/71
  2. Peter Cooper: Great Today Opening Day Red Beet 016
  3. Sonia (Rutstein) w/ Disappear Fear: American Artist Broken Film Disappear Fear 017
  4. Cary Cooper: Wildest Dreams Zuzu's Petals Mackinaw Harvest 205
  5. David Bromberg: I'll Rise Again Only Slightly Mad Appleseed 1135
  6. Val Mindel & Emily Miller: I'll Be Rested (trad- Blind Roosevelt & Uaroy Graves) Close to Home Yodel Ay Hee 0085
  7. Tim O'Brien & Darrell Scott: Brother Wind (Tim O'Brien) Memories & Moments Full Skies 94504-79904
  8. Mary McCaslin: The Wayward Wind (H.Newman-S.Lebowski) Things We Said Today - The Best of Mary McCaslin Rounder 11671-1179-2
  9. Craig Bickhardt: Brother to the Wind (C.Bickhardt-F.C.Collins) Stone Barn CBCD1003
  10. Guy Clark: My Favorite Picture of You (G.Clark-Gordy Sampson) Dualtone 80302-01636-21
  11. Paul Pasch: A Picture of You Tornado Sky Jokester 061
  12. Andrew Kerr: Picture of You Silver Suitcases no label or#
  13. Jamie Anderson: Black and White Dare Tsunami 1034
  14. Marie-Lynn Hammond: Shades of Grey Black & White. . . and Shades of Grey Vignettes 7883-2
  15. Barnum (orig.cast-Jim Dale): The Colors of My Life (Cy Coleman/Michael Stewart) Columbia Legacy 89999
  16. David Frost: Hilton Report on Britain EMI Starline 5084
  17. Steve Goodman: This Hotel Room The Best of the Asylum Years, Vol. 2 Red Pajamas RPJ007CD
  18. Eddie Holstein with Bonnie Koloc: Bluebird Hotel (E.Holstein) Eddie Holstein Holstein 004
  19. Tim O'Brien & Darrell Scott: Alone and Foresaken (Hank Williams) Memories & Moments Full Skies 94504-79904
  20. Scott Cook: Broke, and So Far from Home One More Time Around Groove Revival 006
  21. Sam Baker: Say Grace self no#
  22. The Barn Birds (Jonathan Byrd & Chris Kokesh): Close Enough to Touch (J.Byrd-Anothony Da Costa) Waterbug 112
  23. David Frost w/ John Cleese: A Matter of Taste Report on Britain EMI Starline 5084
  24. Grant Baynham: The Wine Song Listen, Wiff's 001
  25. Monty Python: Australian Table Wines The Final Rip Off Virgin 07777 86033 2 0
  26. Jaime Michaels: Dirty Wine (Annie Wenz-Jaime Michaels) Unknown Blessings Frumdahart 1011
  27. Greg Klyma: Kale Store PianoMandoNation self
  28. Tsufit: Broccoli's On Sale at Dominion Under the Mediterranean Sky self 76127-09802
  29. Woody Guthrie w/ Cisco Houston & Sonny Terry: Bile Them Cabbage Down (trad) My Dusty Road Rounder 11661-11622
  30. Tom Chapin: Don't Try It on Me (Michael Mark-Tom Chapin) Give Peas a Chance Sundance 82148-11252
  31. Steep Canyon Rangers: Come Dance (Graham Sharp-Nicky Sanders) Tell the Ones I Love Rounder 11661-91682
  32. Dan Zanes & Elizabeth Mitchell: Now Let's Dance (Dan Zanes) Turn Turn Turn Festival Five 019
  33. Guy Clark: The Waltzing Fool (Lyle Lovett) My Favorite Picture of You Dualtone 80302-01636-21
  34. Ruth Moody: Dancing in the Dark (Bruce Springsteen) These Wilder Things Red House 266
  35. Tim O'Brien & Darrell Scott: Keep Your Dirty Lights On (O'Brien-Scott) Memories & Moments Full Skies 94504-79904
  36. Holly Near: Power (John & Johanna Hall, add.lyrics Near) And Still We Sing Calico Tracks 0005
  37. Kim & Reggie Harris w/ Charlie King & Karen Brandow: Solar Carol (trad/Austin-Dorsey-King-Taylor) Simplicity Appleseed 1061
  38. Magpie: Power of the Wind (Greg Artzner-Terry Leonino) Give Light Sliced Bread 71185
  39. David Frost: Numbers Report on Britain EMI Starline 5084
  40. Tom Lehrer: New Math The Remains of Tom Lehrer Warner-Rhino 79831
  41. David Mitchell & Robert Webb: Week by Week Numbers That Mitchell & Webb Sound, Series Three BBC Audio
  42. Shaun Cromwell: Numbers Game Folk-Worn Prose Melon Patch 0002
  43. Scott Cook: Pass It Along One More Time Around Groove Revival 87516-97142
  44. Yellow Room Gang - David Barrett: Gamble's Song (Pass It On) The Yellow Room Gang Yellow Room YRR001
  45. Dan Zanes & Elizabeth Mitchell w/ You Are My Flower: Turn! Turn! Turn! (Ecclesiastes adpt. Pete Seeger with additional lyrics by Toshi Seeger) Turn Turn Turn Festival Five 019
  46. Kim & Reggie Harris and Magpie: When I'm Gone (close) (Phil Ochs) Spoken in Love Longtail LT003-2

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