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January 4, 2014
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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special (theme) Last Sessions Smithsonian Folkways SFCD40068/71
  2. Josef Marias & The Bushveld Band: Marching to Pretoria Folk Song America, Vol. 1 Smithsonian-Sony 4-21489
  3. John Hartford: Gumtree Canoe Flying Fish 18964-0289-2
  4. The Grimm Brothers: Wack-Wack-Wacker Drive (private recording)
  5. Gibson & Camp: Skillet Good and Greasy (trad) At the Gate of Horn Collectors' Choice 227-2
  6. Spike Jones (Del Porter, v.): Pass the Biscuits Mirandy (Carl Hoefle) Not Your Standard Spike Jones Collection Collectors Choice 328-2
  7. Golden Ring featuring George Armstrong: Nonesuch (trad) A Gathering of Friends for Making Music Folk-Legacy 16
  8. Jan Hobson & Her Bad Revue: Throw Your Cat Away (Swartzweider) private recording
  9. Lance Brown: Buzzards in Love (private recording)
  10. Fred Koller: Little Green Buttons (Fred Koller- Shel Silverstein) Songs from the Night Before Alcazar 107
  11. Claudia Schmidt & Sally Rogers: Soft and Round (Grit Laskin) (Fermilab - June 18, 1988) WFMT recording
  12. Joni Mitchell: Carey Hits Reprise 946326-2
  13. Donna Herula: Daddy Goodbye Blues (Ma Rainey) Donna Herula self 02015
  14. Henry Morgan: Little Riding Hood Rouge The Best of Henry Morgan Judson 3016
  15. Peter Cook: Lovely Lady of the Roses The Misty Mr. Wisty Brit. Decca
  16. Ian & Sylvia: Four Strong Winds (Ian Tyson) The Complete Vanguard Studio Recordings Vanguard 196/99-2
  17. Red Clay Ramblers: Hot Buttered Rum (C.W."Tommy" Thompson) Chuckin' the Frizz Flying Fish 089
  18. Carl Sandburg: Five Marvelous Pretzels (old 78 rpm recording)
  19. Benjamin Luxon & Bill Crofut: Simple Gifts (trad) / Lord of the Dance (trad/Sydney Carter) Simple Gifts Cousin Jacks no#
  20. Molly & The Tinker: Solstice Song (We Dance the Dance Eternal) (Brian Leo) The Best of Molly & the Tinker, Vol. 1 AM 009
  21. Steve Goodman: My Own Grandpa (trad-Shel Silverstein) Somebody Else's Troubles Buddha 7446599626-2
  22. Camille West: Viagra in the Waters Diva's Day Off Mother Tongue 103
  23. Vivien Richman: Queen Anne Front (Robert Schmertz) Folk Songs For You and Me Bobtone 2066
  24. Jim Craig: Joshua Johnson (WFMT studio - June 24, 1976) WFMT recording
  25. Steve Goodman: My Old Man The Best of the Asylum Years, Volume Two Red Pajamas 007
  26. Mickey Newbury: San Francisco Mabel Joy Looks Like Rain Mercury 61236
  27. Danny Schmidt: In the Company of Friends Little Grey Sheep Waterbug 79
  28. Stan Rogers: Song of the Candle Turnaround Borealis 215
  29. Brendan Behan w/ Ann Beach, Alfred Lynch, et.al: Medley from The Hostage including There's No Place on Earth Like the World / The Bells of Hell / Don't Muck About with the Moon (Behan) 33rpm EP HMV8491
  30. The Mitchell Trio: One Man's Hands (Pete Seeger/Alex Comfort) Typical American Boys Collectors' Choice 373-2
  31. Beyond the Fringe (Broadway recording) (Peter Cook & Dudley Moore): One Leg Too Few EMI 854045-2
  32. Ann Mayo Muir: The Lady Mary Sails (Muir/Judy Goodenough) So Goes My Heart Folk-Legacy 99
  33. Lee Murdock: Fire on the Water Freshwater Highway Depot 017
  34. Tim Grimm & Krista Detor: Aurora Means Dawn (K.Detor) Wilderness Plots Rosehill 111
  35. Townes Van Zandt: Tecumseh Valley Our Mother the Mountain Fat Possum 1090-2
  36. Bob Newhart: Superman and the Dry Cleaner The Windmills are Weakening Collectors' Choice 2047
  37. Nancy White: Procrastination Rag Stickers on Fruit Borealis 147
  38. Megon McDonough: Take My Advice Breathe self 85767-99410
  39. Michael Smith: Gamble's Guitar Time Flying Fish 70613
  40. Stan Rogers: The Last Watch (Come for to Sing benefit at Holsteins - October 24, 1981) WFMT recording
  41. Ben Bullington: I've Got to Leave You Now Ben Bullington self 84501-89936
  42. Pat & Victoria Garvey: Fugacity Mr. & Mrs. Garvey Epic 26403
  43. Kim & Reggie Harris and Magpie: When I'm Gone (close) (Phil Ochs) Spoken in Love Long Tail 003-2

Performer is composer unless otherwise noted. Song is album title unless otherwise noted. Album titles are in italics, composers in parens ( ).

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