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January 18, 2014

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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special (theme) Last Sessions Smithsonian Folkways SFCD40068/71
  2. Mame (orig.cast-Angela Lansbury): It's Today (Jerry Herman) Columbia 60959
  3. Avenue Q (orig.cast-Jordan Gelber): I'm Not Wearing Underwear Today (Robt.Lopez-Jeff Marx) Victor 82876-55923-2
  4. Zoe Mulford: Life Is Too Short to Fold Underwear Traveling Moon Winged Seed 83707 84012
  5. Greg Klyma: How's It Goin' Another Man's Treasure self 00261-39218
  6. Red Moon Road: Do or Die (Daniel Jordan) Red Moon Road MFM 88907-20931
  7. The Show Ponies: If I Die Tomorrow We're Not Lost self 84501-97856
  8. Jeff Gilkinson: Maybe You Can See It Too (Gilkinson-Vezner) Hymn to the Road self 04915-21082
  9. Free Hot Lunch: Sidewalks on Parade (John Corning) Eat This - Live Flying Fish 70540
  10. Nancy White: I Sweep the Sidewalk with My Hose Stickers on Fruit Borealis 147
  11. Terence Martin: Cracks in the Sidewalk (Terence Martin- Gregory Hicks) Waterproof Good Dog 83707-27802
  12. Ernie Hendrickson: Where the Sidewalk Ends Walking with Angels Self 84501-24554
  13. Dan Pelletier: Aces the Dog My Freakin' Heart Three Chances 00261-39364
  14. Christine Lavin: Here Comes Caesar the Dog Whisperer Cold Pizza for Breakfast Yellow Tail 10024
  15. Michael Jerling: Big Dog Halfway Home Fool's Hill 2004
  16. John McCutcheon: The Man Walking His Dog 22 Days Appalsongs 2013
  17. Tim Grimm: Blame It on the Dog The Turning Point Cavalier 255610
  18. Neil Young: After the Gold Rush (at the Cellar Door Nov.30- Dec.2, 1970) Reprise 535854-2
  19. Dan Pelletier: Tea and Coffee with the Aliens My Freakin' Heart Three Chances 00261-39364
  20. Jeff and Janis: Halleluyah Land (N.Budin) Come to the Jewish Cabaret self 83707-24280
  21. The Nameless Trio: Anxiety (Morgan Morse) Explore! self 84501-93715
  22. Jim Infantino: Stress The World of Particulars Gadfly 209
  23. The Duhks: Sleepin' Is All I Wanna Do (Stars on a Sunny Day) (Sarah Dugas) Fast Paced World Sugar Hill 4042-2
  24. Christine Lavin: The Kind of Love You Never Recover From Cold Pizza for Breakfast Yellow Tail 10024
  25. Lily Tomlin: The Marriage Counselor This Is a Recording Laugh.com 1114
  26. Andrew Calhoun: You Better Get a Lawyer Hope Waterbug 0002
  27. Sons of the Never Wrong: Good For Her (Bruce Roper) Nuthatch Suite Gadfly 291
  28. Inside Llewyn Davis (orig.soundtrk - John Cohen w/The Down Hill Strugglers): The Roving Gambler (trad) Nonesuch 534867-2
  29. Billie Joe Armstrong & Norah Jones: Roving Gambler (trad,arr.Everly Bros.) Foreverly Reprise 540939-2
  30. Dave Van Ronk: Gambler's Blues (St. James Infirmary) (trad, arr.Dave Van Ronk) Down in Washington Square Smithsonian Folkways 40213
  31. Jim Malcolm: Pills of White Mercury (trad) Still self 109
  32. Inside Llewyn Davis (orig.soundtrk - Oscar Isaac w/Punch Bros): Shoals of Herring (Ewan MacColl) (trad) Nonesuch 534867-2
  33. Gordon Bok: Herring Croon Herrings in the Bay Timberhead Music 14
  34. Allan Sherman: When I'm in the Mood For Love (You're in the Mood for Herring) (Fields/McHugh) My Son the Box Warner Rhino Handmade 7801
  35. Michael Smith: Love Letter on a Fish Tales from the Tavern 30
  36. Jeff Gilkinson: The Armadillo's Song (Once on a Blue Texas Moon) (Jeff Gilkinson-Mike Williams-Melissa Javors) Hymn to the Road self 04915-21082
  37. Les Barker: Arnold Arovertherapy Mrs. Ackroyd DOG015
  38. Mary Stribling: The Armadillo Polka Big Iguana Mondo Blondo MBCD 102
  39. Steve Spurgin: The Last Armadillo Waltz Past Perfect Blue Night 221
  40. Tom Kastle: Dance with You Across the Centerline Madysen 12008
  41. Guy Clark: Cornmeal Waltz My Favorite Picture of You Dualtone 80302-01636-21
  42. Naomi Ashley: Slow Dance Trying to Fly self 84501-98117
  43. Noctambule (Marla Fibish & Bruce Victor): The Bohemian Dreams (Marla Fibish/Robt.Service) Travel in the Shadows Noctambule 001
  44. Irene Kelley: Garden of Dreams (I.Kelley-David Olney) Pennsylvania Coal Patio Records 84501-95395
  45. The Henry Girls: Sweet Dreams December Moon self 060195-512516
  46. Kim & Reggie Harris and Magpie: When I'm Gone (close) (Phil Ochs) Spoken in Love Long Tail 003-2

Performer is composer unless otherwise noted. Song is album title unless otherwise noted. Album titles are in italics, composers in parens ( ).

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