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March 1, 2014

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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special (theme) Last Sessions Smithsonian Folkways SFCD40068/71
  2. The Mae Trio: World of Your Own (Elsie Rigby) Housewarming self 345105-002189
  3. Claire Ness: Don't Wait for a Rainbow Hopeless Romantic Raven Loon 81877-00610
  4. T Sisters: Seduction of Spring (Rachel, Chloe, Erika Tietjen) Kindred Lines self no#
  5. Laurie Lewis w/ Tom Rozum & Nina Gerber: Garden Grow (L.Lewis) One Evening in May Spruce & Maple 1009
  6. Del McCoury Band: Untamed (Liz Meyer) The Company We Keep McCoury-Sugar Hill 0002
  7. Karen Pernick: Tempt the Tame Apartment 12 Shanachie 8021
  8. Claudia Schmidt: Coward in the Face of Love New Whirled Order Red House 275
  9. Belle Plaine: Maybe Winter (Chloe Hankewich-Jeremy Sauer)
  10. Holmes Hooke narrator, Oliver Schroer fiddle: The Cremation of Sam McGee (Robt. W. Service) Caught by the Tale Holmespun 001
  11. Tim Grimm: Frostbite on the Soul (Tim Grimm) Wilderness Plots (a compilation) Rosehill RH-111
  12. James Gordon: The Silence of the Snow Coyote's Calling Borealis 223
  13. Coracree: Thunder Snow (Sarah Gowan) Dancing in the Sky self 001
  14. Poor Angus: Silver Islet (Andrew Bryan-Joel Guenther- Brian LeBlanc) Gathering Borealis 227
  15. Tanglefoot: One More Night (Joe Grant-Elizabeth Szekeres) Captured Alive Borealis 157
  16. Anais Mitchell: Quecreek Flood Hymns for the Exiled Waterbug 58
  17. Peggy Seeger: Sing About These Hard Times Love Call Me Home Appleseed 1087
  18. Erik Balkey: My America Everything Is Great Hudson Harding 0114
  19. T Sisters: American Tune (Paul Simon) Kindred Lines self no#
  20. Diana Jones: Better Times Will Come Proper 008
  21. The Magnolia Sisters: Bon Temps rouler (Let the Good Times Roll) (Clarence Garlow) Stripped Down Arhoolie 538
  22. James McMurtry: Airline Agent Walk Between the Raindrops Sugar Hill 1060
  23. Tom Paxton: Thank You, Republic Airlines One Million Lawyers and Other Disasters Flying Fish 70356
  24. Dave Carroll: United Breaks Guitars Curve single
  25. Anne Hills & David Roth: The Strange Meanderings of His Holiness the Dalai Lama Down to Nashville, Tennessee (A.Hills-Michael Smith-D.Roth) Rhubarb Trees Wind River 4051
  26. The Kings of Mongrel Folk (Mark Graham & Orville Johnson): Zen Gospel Singing (M.Graham) Bitter Truth self 84501-88387
  27. Mike Quick: Little Buddha Knows House of Dreams Froghorn 2013
  28. Linda Dunn: Mickey Mouse Psuedo-Zen Linda Dunn 800-PRIME-CD 64
  29. Peggy Seeger: Leftwing Wife An Odd Collection Rounder 4031
  30. Emma's Revolution: Women Say No (Pat Humphries-Sandy O) Revolutions Per Minute Moving Forward 1234
  31. Working (orig.cast-Susan Bigelow): Just a Housewife (Craig Carnelia) Fynsworth Alley 302 062 1142
  32. Holly Near with Emma's Revolution: Sky Dances (Jimmy Durham-Roy Brown) We Came to Sing! Calico Tracks CTM0009
  33. We're About 9: My Flying Soul (Brian Gundersdorf) Future Pilot self 00261-39744
  34. The Roches: Cloud Dancing (Maggie Roche/Huang, trans.K.Rexroth-Ling Chung) Speak Paradox-MCA6345
  35. Michael Jerling: No Solid Ground Halfway Home Fool's Hill 2004
  36. Quebe Sisters: Red Wing (trad-Kerry Mills) Texas Fiddlers Fiddle Tone 96583-00102
  37. Pete Seeger: Union Maid (trad/Woody Guthrie) If I Had a Hammer: Songs of Hope & Struggle Smithsonian Folkways 40096
  38. (Tommy) Byrd & (Kathy) Street: You Have Been My Friend (T.Byrd) Words and Music self 78572-99982
  39. Jan Krist & Jim Bizer: Dear Old Friend Too Yellow Room 17
  40. Kitty Donohoe: Every Small Thing Northern Border Roheen RR007
  41. James Curley: Unleash the Light There Used to Be a Train Sidewalking Crab 00261-39321
  42. Holly Near: I Am Willing Show Up Calico Tracks 0007
  43. Lindsay Lou & The Flatbellys: Here Between (Lindsay Rilko) The Here Between EP Earthwork 2302
  44. Tom Clelland: Next Time Modestine 007
  45. The Mae Trio: Lately (Kate Rusby) Housewarming self 345105-002189
  46. Kim & Reggie Harris and Magpie: When I'm Gone (close) (Phil Ochs) Spoken in Love Long Tail 003-2

Performer is composer unless otherwise noted. Song is album title unless otherwise noted. Album titles are in italics, composers in parens ( ).

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Mae Trio, Claire Ness, T Sisters, Laurie Lewis, Caracree, Poor Angus, Erik Balkey, We're about 9, Michael Jerling, James Curley, Tom Clelland, Lindsay Lou & The Flatbellys

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