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July 26, 2014

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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special (theme) Last Sessions Smithsonian Folkways SFCD40068/71
  2. The Craven Family Band: Dear Hearts and Gentle People (Sammy Fain-Bob Hilliard) The Flower Grown Beehive 00261-38414
  3. Ken Hicks & ensemble: All the Good People Remembering Fred- A Tribute to Fred Holstein (recorded at the Old Town of Folk Music, April 3, 2004) Remembering Fred 001
  4. Donna Adler: If My Life Were a Book (Tom Dundee) Stories to Keep Grace Street 00261-34446
  5. Brigadoon (orig. B'way cast): Down on MacConnachy Square (Frederick Loewe/Alan Jay Lerner) RCA Victor 1001-2
  6. Missy Werner: Main Street (Gretchen Peters) Turn This Heart Around self 88295-10138
  7. The Craven Family Band: City Streets (Tim Craven) The Flower Grown Beehive 00261-38414
  8. Alex Smith: This Town Hamilton County Wepecket Island 027
  9. Harpeth Rising: Four Days More (Jordana Greenberg- Rebecca Reed-Lunn) Tales from Jackson Bridge Grimm Rising 84501-97178
  10. Tracy Chapman: Talkin' Bout a Revolution Tracy Chapman Elektra 960774-2
  11. Shovels & Rope (Michael Trent-Cary Ann Hearst): Save the World Swimmin' Time Dualtone 80302-01670-25
  12. The Young Tradition (Royston Wood-Heather Wood-Peter Bellamy): The Bold Fisherman (trad) Oberlin 1968 Fledg'ling 3094
  13. Scott Cameron Smith: The Fisherman and 'The Lady' Poets and Painters Fogarty's Cove - Skydiver 7500
  14. Naming the Twins (Robbie Smith & Kathleen Glauser): Spanish Fisherman (Robbie Smith/Robt. Smith) Sweet Transitions Duet Right 001
  15. Jean Rohe: The Fisherman Jean Rohe & The End of the World Show Laundry Line no#
  16. Monty Python: Fish License The Final Rip Off Virgin 0777-7-86033-2
  17. Richard Shindell: Fishing Blue Divide Shanachie 8014
  18. Beckie Menzie, Laura Freeman and Marianne Murphy Orland: One Fine Day (Gerry Goffin-Carole King) private recording
  19. Mable Mercer: Some Fine Day (Cy Walter) Songs by Mable Mercer, Vol. 2 Atlantic LP 403
  20. RPR (Steve Ritchie-Al Parrish-Rob Ritchie w/Beaker Granger): One Fine Day (Rob Ritchie) TransAtlantic self 79444-00371
  21. The Hot Nut Riveters: Leadfoot Larry (Guy Forsyth-Keane) Moustashe Girl Small & Nimble 99282
  22. The Frantics: You Were Speeding (Paul Chato-Rick Green- Dan Redican-Peter Wildman) Dr. Demento's 30th Anniversary Collection - Dementia 2000! Rhino R2-79787
  23. The Playmates: Beep Beep (Clapps/Cocchetti) Dr. Demento 20th Anniversary Collection Rhino 70743
  24. Jim Croce: Speed Ball Tucker Life and Times ABC 769
  25. Hilary Spencer: Slowing Down to Lethargy (trad-Toby Fagenson) Afterimage Strawberry SMSCD02
  26. Still on the Hill (Kelly & Donna Mulhollan): Cedar Song Once on a River - Story Songs About the Beaver Lake Watershed Termite Tracs 88295-08993
  27. Andrew McKnight: Cedars Something Worth Standing For Falling Mountain 1050
  28. Linda Allen: Sometimes I'm Cedar Lay It Down - Images of the Sacred October Rose 106
  29. Dan Navarro: Walking on a Wire (Eric Lowen-Dan Navarro) Live at McCabes Red Hen 7
  30. Catie Curtis: Walking on a Wire (Richard Thompson) Hello, Stranger Compass 74517-2
  31. Leonard Cohen: Bird on a Wire (Clyde Auditorium-Glasgow, Scotland) Songs from the Road Columbia Legacy 88697-75908-2
  32. Dean Milano: When Did Class Become Crass? (private recording)
  33. Rosalie Sorrels (with Utah Phillips): Feather Ben (Peter Bowen) (Somebody Else's Troubles - October 19, 1977) WFMT recording
  34. Susan Pepper: Good Old Days in Forest Grove Hollerin' Girl Ballad 102
  35. Lou & Peter Berryman: How Can We Sleep at Night Rocky Frontier Cornbelt 18
  36. Beckie Menzie, Laura Freeman and Marianne Murphy Orland: Jolene (Dolly Parton) private recording
  37. Peter Cook & Dudley Moore: The Psychiatrist The World of Pete & Dud Laughing Stock LAFFCD 110
  38. Bernice Lewis: His Next Ex-Wife Checks & Love Letters Berkalin 6690
  39. Tumbling Bones: Just Because (J.Shelton-S.Robin-B.Shelton) Loving a Fool self 93447-36692
  40. Krista Detor: Grace (Folkstage - December 15, 2012) WFMT recording
  41. Don White: More Alive (Folkstage - July 19, 2014) WFMT recording
  42. Kim & Reggie Harris and Magpie: When I'm Gone (close) (Phil Ochs) Spoken in Love Long Tail 003-2

Performer is composer unless otherwise noted. Song is album title unless otherwise noted. Album titles are in italics, composers in parens ( ).

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Craven Family Band, Missy Werner, Alex Smith, Shovels & Rope, Still on the Hill, Susan Pepper, Bernice Lewis

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