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October 25, 2014

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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special (theme) Last Sessions Smithsonian Folkways SFCD40068/71
  2. Lennie Gallant: Lifeline Live Acoustic at the Carleton Gallant Effort 4041887
  3. Grace Griffith: Loud Are the Bells of Norwich (Sydney Carter, based on a prayer by Julian of Norwich) Passing Through Blix Street 10108
  4. (Lynn) Adler & (Lindy) Hearne: Send Them Love Second Nature Spring Hollow 35885-21472
  5. Camela Widad: Warriors of Love Al-Ubudiyya 0006
  6. Dry Branch Fire Squad: Fifty Miles of Elbow Room (A.P.Carter) Live at the Newbury Port Firehouse Rounder 11661-0527-2
  7. The True Falsettos: Elbow Room (Joe Wilson-Aaron Allen) A Slummin' Earthwork 4701
  8. Friction Farm (Aidan Quinn-Christine Stay): Wide Open Spaces Every Mile Is a Memory self 00261-29950
  9. The Paper Moonshiners (Frank Meyer-Elana Antinelli): Space (Frank Meyer) The Paper Moonshiners self no#
  10. Natalia Zukerman: Bucket Come Thief Come Fire Talisman 00261-40652
  11. The Bumper Jacksons: Kicking the Bucket Over Your (trad) Sweet Mama Sweet Daddy, Come In self 00261-39987
  12. Corin Raymond and The Soundowners: Bucket of Time (Evalyn Parry) Paper Nickels Local Rescue 2013
  13. David Mitchell & Robert Webb: Ahead of His Time Scientist That Mitchell & Webb Sound, Series Three BBC Audio
  14. Lois Morton: The Cell Phone Song As I See It Green Robin 84502-41515
  15. The Arrogant Worms: Cellphone Vigilante Torpid Worms AW-5005
  16. The Stray Birds: Best Medicine (Maya De Vitry) YepRoc 2408
  17. Cheryl Wheeler: Music in My Room Driving Home Philo 11671-1152-2
  18. John Schindler: When the Music Begins Memory Train CD Freedom 86851-3669-2
  19. Phil Henry: Old Joe's Chair (Phil Henry-Aaron Nathans) Aberdeen Board By Board 1504
  20. Bob Zentz: Mirrors and Changes Folk-Legacy 51
  21. Tom Waits: Barber Shop Foreign Affairs Asylum 7E-1117
  22. Dry Branch Fire Squad: (You Got to Pray to the Lord) When You See Those Flying Saucers (Cy Coben-Charlie Green) Echoses of the Mountains Rounder 11661-0574-2
  23. Billy Bragg & Wilco: My Flying Saucer (Billy Bragg/Woody Guthrie) Mermaid Avenue II Elektra 62522-2
  24. Peter Sellers: Jakka and The Flying Saucers (An Interplanery Fairy Tale) A Celebration of Sellers EMI 7243-8-27781-2
  25. Claudia Russell: Stars (Claudia Russell-Anny Celsi) Ready to Receive Radio Rhythm 83707-08270
  26. Katie Dahl: Leaky Boats and Paper Birds Leaky Boat no#
  27. Lee Murdock: What About the Water Depot 034
  28. Paul Chasman: Free Nation Blues Basics Bay Vew Arts 007
  29. The Down Hill Strugglers w/ John Cohen: All Gone Now (trad) Volume 1 self no#
  30. Ellis Paul: Chasing Beauty Black Wolf 88295-11312
  31. Garnet Rogers w/ Doug Long: The Beauty Game (G.Rogers) Summer Lightning-Live Snow Goose 1123
  32. Lennie Gallant: You Don't Know How Beautiful You Are Live Acoustic at the Carleton Gallant Effort 4041887
  33. The Stray Birds: Simple Man (Oliver Craven) Best Medicine YepRoc2408
  34. Joe Filisko & Eric Noden: Peaceful Man (Eric Noden) On the Move self
  35. Jim Craig w/ Mitch Thomas, Fred Campeau & Vivian Craig: I Don't Want to Be That Man (Jim Craig) Campeau & Craig self no#
  36. Natalia Zukerman: I Don't Feel It Anymore (Zukerman-AG-Erin McKeown) Come Thief Come Fire Talisman 00261-40652
  37. Joan Osborne: Late for the Sky (Jackson Browne) Looking Into You - A Tribute to Jackson Browne Music Road 018
  38. 2-Bit Palomino: When the Feeling Is Gone (A&P Renfree-David Coe) (Folkstage - March 16, 2013) WFMT Recording
  39. Joni Mitchell: Blue Boy Ladies of the Canyon Reprise 6376-2
  40. Scott Alarik: What Numb Hell -30- Folk Songs Old and New CD Freedom 86851-3441-2
  41. Louise Mosrie: Lay It Down Zoe Cat 002
  42. Johnsmith: Lay It Down The Longing Road Blue Pine 00261-40802
  43. Linda Allen: Lay It Down Lay It Down - Images of the Sacred October Rose 106
  44. Kim & Reggie Harris and Magpie: When I'm Gone (close) (Phil Ochs) Spoken in Love Long Tail 003-2

Performer is composer unless otherwise noted. Song is album title unless otherwise noted. Album titles are in italics, composers in parens ( ).

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Lennie Gallant, Grace Griffith, Adler & Hearne, Bumper Jacksons, The Stray Birds, Phil Henry, Lee Murdock, Filisko & Noden, Craig-Campeau-Thomas, Natalia Zukerman, Louise Mosrie, Johnsmith, Looking into You - a Tribute to Jackson Browne

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