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December 27, 2014

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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special (theme) Last Sessions Smithsonian Folkways SFCD40068/71
  2. Cindy Kallet - Ellen Epstein - Michael Cicone: I Arise Facing East (Mary Austin/Deborah Langstaff) Heart Walk Overall 3
  3. Magpie (Greg Artzner-Terri Leonino): Before the Morning Sun In This World Sliced Bread 75315
  4. John Reischman & The Jaybirds: Shine Like a Star in the Morning (trad) On a Winter's Night Corvus 023
  5. Rani Arbo & daisy mayhem: Shine On (Daisy May Erlewine) Big Old Life Signature Sounds SIG 2005
  6. The Milk Carton Kids: Hope of a Lifetime (Kenneth Pattingale- Joey Ryan) The Ash & Clay Anti 87238-2
  7. April Verch: Evening Star Waltz (trad) Bright Like Gold Slab Town 13-01
  8. Connie Kaldor: Andromeda Love Sask Coyote 1050
  9. Seussical (orig.cast - Kevin Chamberlin & Anthony Blair Hall): Alone in the Universe (Stephen Flaherty/Lynn Ahrens) Decca 012159792-2
  10. Victoria Parks: We Are Not Alone Wild English Rose Wild Mane 40501
  11. Joni Mitchell: You Turn Me On I'm a Radio Hits Reprise 9 46326-2
  12. Annonymous auditionee: The WFMT Announcer's Audition (Mike Nichols) WCLV (Cleveland) Recording
  13. Ray Nordstrand & Marty Robinson: The WFMT Announcer's Audition (Mike Nichols) WFMT Recording
  14. Marty Robinson: WFMT Radio Marvelous Station Break
  15. Dick Whittinghill & Bob Arbogast: Two Announcers At Carnegie Hall Dot 3500
  16. Jim Photoglo: Sparks in the Radio (Jim Photoglo-Gary Burr) Grifftone 76481-10203
  17. Joe Filisko & Eric Noden: Kick Myself (Joe Filisko) On the Move Roots Duo no#
  18. Pat Donohue: Ain't Nobody's Fault But Mine (trad) Nobody's Fault Bluesky 930
  19. The Lords of Liechtenstein (Noah & Dan Rauchwerk): My Low Self Esteem Siberia self no#
  20. Steeleye Span: Who's the Fool Now? (trad, arr.Steeleye) Live at a Distance Park PRKCD104
  21. The Special Consensus: Trouble Let Me Be (Billy Smith/ Tom T. & Dixie Hall) Scratch Gravel Road Compass 74573-2
  22. Greg Brown: I Don't Know Anybody in This Town Freak Flag YepRoc 2244
  23. Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen: No Life in This Town (Chris & Karen Walls) Cold Spell Compass 74633-2
  24. Connie Kaldor: World Is Upside Down Love Sask Coyote 1050
  25. Leon Rosselson: The World Turned Upside Down RosselSonGs Fuse 001
  26. February Sky (Phil Cooper & Susan Urban): I Have So Many Children (S.Urban) Goldenrod self 03
  27. Pete Seeger: My Father's Mansion The Essential Pete Seeger Vanguard VCD-97/98
  28. Jenny Bienemann w/ Deb Lader & Sue Demel: God's Children Church of the Never Wrong - Songs of the Never Wrong & Friends Waterbug 103
  29. Pete Seeger: To Everyone in All the World Pete Living Music 0032
  30. Jean Redpath: Auld Lang Syne (trad/Robt.Burns, PD) Songs of Robert Burns, Volume 3 self 105
  31. Jesse Winchester: Do It The Best of Jesse Winchester Rhino R2 70085
  32. Joe Dooley: Guess We'll Never Know Joe: A Collector's Edition private recording
  33. April Verch: Six Feet of Earth Makes Us All of One Size (Ola Belle Reed) Bright Like Gold Slab Town 13-01
  34. Sheldon Harnick: I Brought You a Gift Hidden Treasures, 1949-2013 Harbinger 3002
  35. Geoff Bartley: The Song of Imaginary Gifts Blackbirds inthe Pie Joshua Omar 1004
  36. Megon McDonough: What Present's This? (trad/D.Rudolf) Dave Rudolf's Completely Cracked Christmas! self 75014-10092
  37. Bob Newhart: Returning a Gift Something like this. . . Warner Rhino R2 76742
  38. Tim Grimm: Sometimes Trouble Is a Gift The Back Fields Wind River 4035
  39. Nowell Sing We Clear (Andy Davis - Tony Barrand - John Roberts - Fred Breunig): Stay and I'll Sing (trad, via Ruth Crawford and Peggy Seeger) Bidding You Joy Golden Hind 110
  40. Golden Ring Reunion (Ed Trickett, Dave Para, Cathy Barton, lead vocals): Singer's Request (Nic Jones/trad) For All the Good People Folk-Legacy 121
  41. Joe & Eddie: Sing Hallelujah (Mike Settle) The Best of Joe & Eddie GNP Crescendo GNPD 2032
  42. Grit Laskin: Sing for a Penny (Bob White?) Earthly Concerns Borealis BCD111
  43. Shelley Posen: Thanks for the Song Roseberry Road Well Done 04
  44. Jean Rohe: New Year Jean Rohe & The End of the World Show Laundry Line no#
  45. Bob Zentz: The End of Another Year (New Year's Eve Midnight Special - January 1, 2010) WFMT recording
  46. Nowell Sing We Clear: Carol for New Year's Day (trad) Best of Nowell Sing We Clear Front Hall 301
  47. Paul Metsers: Peace Must Come In the Hurricane's Eye Sagem 279
  48. Kim & Reggie Harris and Magpie: When I'm Gone (close) (Phil Ochs) Spoken in Love Long Tail 003-2

Instrumental fill: John Fahey: Auld Lang Syne (trad,arr.Fahey) Christmas Guitar Varrick-Rounder 002

Performer is composer unless otherwise noted. Song is album title unless otherwise noted. Album titles are in italics, composers in parens ( ).

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John Reischman & The Jaybirds, Filisko & Noden, Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen, Connie Kaldor, Jean Rohe, Shelley Posen

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