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December 31, 2014 - January 1, 2015
Live from the Levin Music Performance Studio

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James Lee Stanley

  1. What Would You Do
  2. Let the Tree Fall
  3. The More I Drink
Connie Kaldor with Paul Campagne

  1. Relax
  2. Love Sask
  3. What Might Have Been
Mark Dvorak

  1. Every Step of the Way
  2. The Middle Years
  3. Ruben Can You Play Your Banjo (Bartholomew Bean)
Jim Bizer & Jan Krist

  1. Little Bird (Bizer-Krist)
  2. It Takes One to Know One (Bizer)
  3. Happy New Day (Bizer)
James Lee Stanley

  1. Here We Have My Father
  2. It's So Easy to See
Connie Kaldor with Paul Campagne

  1. Come All You Women
  2. Andromeda
Mark Dvorak

  1. It'll Be Better When It's Better
  2. Where Have All the Flowers Gone (Pete Seeger, add.verses Joe Hickerson)
Jim Bizer & Jan Krist

  1. Sweet Dreams (A Scary Lullaby) (Krist)
  2. Any One Thing (Bizer)
James Lee Stanley

  1. New Year's Song
  2. The World We Left Behind

  1. Auld Lang Syne (Robt. Burns, PD)
Connie Kaldor with Paul Campagne

  1. If We Only Have Love (Jacques Brel)

  3. Bird on a Wing
Mark Dvorak

  1. I Remember Loving You (Utah Phillips, et.al.)
  2. Bourgeoise Blues (Huddie Ledbetter)
Jan Krist & Jim Bizer

  1. My Baby (Krist)
  2. (Extra) Ordinary Thing (Bizer)
James Lee Stanley

  1. When Love Comes Knockin' Arond
  2. Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues (Bob Dylan)
Connie Kaldor with Paul Campagne

  1. Linda's Fighting Cancer
  2. If You Like Her Pierogies
Mark Dvorak

  1. Let Love Go On
  2. Old Friends
Jim Bizer & Jan Krist

  1. I'm Gonna Take My Son to Work (Bizer)
  2. Auld Lang Syne (Krist)

  1. When I'm Gone (Phil Ochs)

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