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December 31, 2014
(8-10 PM) Requests

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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special (theme) Last Sessions Smithsonian Folkways SFCD40068/71
  2. The Pajama Game (orig.B'way cast): Once-a-Year Day (Richard Adler/Jerry Ross) Columbia SK89253
  3. Josh White: Raise a Ruckus (trad) The Elektra Years Rhino Handmade RHM2 7879
  4. Judy Collins: Bottle of Wine (Tom Paxton) The Judy Collins Concert Wildflower 1301-2
  5. Mike Cross: Whiskey 'Fore Breakfast / Sailor's Bonnet (trad) Creme de la Cross: Best of the Funny Stuff Sugar Hill 1010
  6. Win Stracke: Wee Drappie O't (trad) Songs of Old Town Flair
  7. Studs Terkel w/Norm Pellegrini: Break da News to Muddah December 31, 1968 NYE Midnight Special
  8. John Forster: Helium Philo 11671-1214-2
  9. Tom Lehrer: The Elements The Remains of Tom Lehrer Warner-Rhino 79831
  10. Mike Nichols & Elaine May w/ Marty Rubenstein: Second Piano Concerto (The Dentist) (Rachmaninoff) In Retrospect Mercury 314532373-2
  11. John Prine & Iris DeMent: In Spite of Ourselves (Prine) Oh Boy 019
  12. Alan Arkin: I Like You Columbia 45 rpm
  13. Bob Gibson w/ Tom Paxton: A Box of Candy (and a Piece of Fruit) (Bob Gibson-Tom Paxton) The Living Legend Years Bob Gibson Legacy 1001 (edited)
  14. Joe Crookston: The Rutabega Curl Abel Baker Charlie & Dog Milagrito 78
  15. Steve Goodman: Vegematic Affordable Art Red Pajamas 002 (edited)
  16. James Curley: Goodman's Shoes There Used to Be a Train Sidewalking Crab 00261-39321
  17. Aliota, Haynes, Jeremiah: Lake Shore Drive (Haynes-von Heitlinger) Quicksilver 1019
  18. Dos Boys: Riders on the El (The Doors/M.J. Jenkins & M.F. Jenkins) Will Sing for Food self 0784
  19. Jim Post: Silver Engine (Kendell Kardt) Reach Out Together self 06805-08091
  20. Bok, Trickett, Muir: Waltzing with Bears (Dr. Suess/Dale Marxen) The First Fifteen Years, Volume II Folk-Legacy 1004
  21. Les Barker: Guide Cats for the Blind Osmosys 020/21
  22. Steve Gillette & Cindy Mangsen: Ralph to Rose (Lou & Peter Berryman) Berrymania Compass Rose 14
  23. Jan Hobson & Her Bad Revue: Raccoon Song (Swartzweider) MI-80D 45 rpm
  24. Bob Gibson & Bob (Hamilton) Camp: Daddy Roll 'Em (trad, new words-music, Bob Gibson) At the Gate of Horn Collectors' Choice 227-2
  25. Pete Seeger: My Get Up and Go Headlines & Footnotes Smithsonian Folkways 40111
  26. Lance Brown & friends: Buzzards in Love (private recording - trk 4)
  27. Anne Hills - Priscilla Herdman - Cindy Mangsen: At the Turning of the Year (Anne Hills) Hand & Heart 2000
  28. Stan Rogers: The Mary Ellen Carter Between the Breaks Live Borealis 216
  29. The Wizard of Oz (orig.soundtrk-Judy Garland: Over the Rainbow (Harold Arlen/E.Y.Harburg) Rhino 71964
January 1, 2015
(1:15-2 AM) NYE Requests

  1. John Fahey: Auld Lang Syne (instrumental) (trad) Christmas Guitar Varrick-Rounder 002
  2. Claudia Schmidt: The Quiet Way Spinning Pragmavision 43157-37775
  3. Jennifer Armstrong: White Goddess The Leaves Entwine Depot 014
  4. Peter, Paul & Mary: Autumn to May (trad. arr.Yarrow-Stookey) Peter, Paul and Mary Warner Bros. 1449-2
  5. Pete Seeger: The Bells of Rhymney (P.Seeger/Idris Davies) Headlines & Footnotes Smithsonian Folkways 40111
  6. Thom Bishop: Mr. Arthur's Place Feed Me a Dream Coyote 1007
  7. Will Holt: The First Time We Went Waltzing (The Waltz of Time) (Jacques Brel, trans-arr.Will Holt) (Mother Blue's Chicago - December 17, 1965) WFMT recording
  8. L'homme de la Mancha (orig. French cast-Jacques Brel): Le Quete (The Impossible Dream) (Mitch Leigh/Dale Wasserman, trans. Jacques Brel) Barclay 80381
  9. Fred Holstein: Thanksgiving Eve (Bob Franke) Fred Holstein - A Collection Holstein 01
  10. Bok, Trickett, Muir: Turning Toward the Morning (Gordon Bok) The First Fifteen Years, Volume II Folk-Legacy 1003
  11. The Weavers: When the Stars Begin to Fall (trad,arr.Weavers) Wasn't That a Time Vanguard 147/50

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