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July 4, 2015

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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special (theme) Last Sessions Smithsonian Folkways 40068/71
  2. Magpie w/ Phil Ochs Song Night ensemble: Power and Glory (Phil Ochs) (Old Town School of Folk Music - May 11, 2002) WFMT recording
  3. Woody Guthrie at 100! Ensemble - Ramblin' Jack Elliott, Rosanne Cash, Jimmy LaFave, Lucinda Williams et. al.: This Land Is Your Land (Woody Guthrie) (recorded Washington, D.C. October 14, 2012) Woody Guthrie at 100! Live at the Kennedy Center Legacy 88837-28122
  4. Aztec Two-Step: Living in America (Rex Fowler-Mernit) It's About Music 8601
  5. Bob Gibson: I Hear America Singing (Shel Silverstein) Makin' a Mess - Bob Gibson sings Shel Silverstein Asylum 61697-2
  6. 1776 (orig.cast-Wm.Daniels): Sit Down, John (Sherman Edwards) Sony 48216
  7. Stan Freberg: The Declaration of Independence Stan Freberg presents the United States of America, Vol. 1 Rhino 72476
  8. 1776 (orig.cast-Wm.Daniels): Piddle, Twiddle and Resolve (Sherman Edwards) Sony 48216
  9. Hal Holbrook as Mark Twain: Congress (Samuel Clemens) The Best of Hal Holbrook in 'Mark Twain Tonight!' Columbia Legacy 86228
  10. Bill Camplin: Freedom and Democracy Flying Home Baby Boom 3002-2
  11. Ellen Jahoda: The New Colossus (Emma Lazarus) / Kim & Reggie Harris & Rabbi Jonathan Kliger: Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor (Irving Berlin) Let My People Go! Appleseed 1084
  12. Larry Long w/ Claudia Schmidt: American Dreams (Larry Long) (Come for to Sing benefit - Holstein's - October 25, 1981) WFMT recording
  13. Kitty Donohoe: To America As Sparks Fly Upwards Roheen 003
  14. Eric Andersen: My Land Is a Good Land 'Bout Changes & Things Vanguard 79206
  15. Noel Paul Stookey: America the Beautiful (Samuel Ward/ Katherine Lee Bates, new lyrics and arr. Stookey) One and Many Neworld 120822
  16. West Side Story (orig.B'way cast-Marilyn Cooper-Chita Rivera): America (Leonard Bernstein/Stephen Sondheim) Columbia 60724
  17. Mara Levine: Immigrant Dream (Bob Wright) Jewels and Harmony self 00261-3782-2
  18. Lou & Peter Berryman: Your State's Name Here What,Again?! Cornbelt 900
  19. Art Thieme: The State of Illinois (trad) Out-Right, Bold-Faced Lies Kicking Mule 150
  20. Susan Werner: Chicago Any Day Live at the Center for Arts in Natick - March 19, 2011 Sleeve Dog 84501-59423
  21. Phil Ochs: I'm Going to Say It Now There But for Fortune Elektra 960832-2 (1st Amendment)
  22. Bob Gibson: There's a Meetin' Here Tonight (trad) Joy Joy! The Young and Wonderful Bob Gibson Riverside 9909-2 (1st Amendment)
  23. Win Stracke: Methodist Pie (trad-Stracke) Songs of Old Town Flair (1st Amendment)
  24. The Conception Corporation: The First Atheist Congregational Church Complete Conception Rhino Handmade 7728 (1st Amendment)
  25. Tom Paxton: Buy a Gun for Your Son Ain't That News Elektra 8122-73565-2 (2nd Amendment)
  26. Tom Lehrer: The Hunting Song The Remains of Tom Lehrer Rhino 79831 (2nd Amendment)
  27. Bob Gibson: The Ballad of Fred and Mark (B.Gibson/Marion Fischer) Bob Gibson Capitol 742 (4th Amendment)
  28. New Faces of 1952 (orig.cast): Lizzie Borden (Michael Brown) Jasmine 126 (6th & 7th Amendment)
  29. Red Clay Ramblers: Fourth of July at a Country Fair (trad) Chuckin' the Frizz Flying Fish 089
  30. Jean Shepherd: The Human Comedy Jean Shepherd and other foibles Collectors' Choice CCM-343-2
  31. Dan Zanes w/ Matthew Broderick & Sonia: Before the Parade Passes By (Jerry Herman) 76 Trombones Festival Five 014
  32. The Music Man (orig.B'way cast-Robt.Preston): Seventy-six Trombones (Meredith Willson) Angel 764663-2
  33. George M. Cohan: Yankee Doodle Dandy / You're a Grand Old Flag Tribute to George M. Cohan Audio Rarities 2295
  34. Byron MacGregor: Stand Up America (Joe Donovan-Artie Fields- Larry Lick) Westbound 11479
  35. Beyond the Fringe '64 (Alan Bennett-Jonathan Miller-Peter Cook- Dudley Moore): Home Thoughts from Abroad EMI7243-8-54045-2
  36. Simon & Garfunkel: America (Paul Simon) Over the Bridge of Time - A Paul Simon Retrospective 1964-2011 Legacy 88837-57672
  37. Antje Duvekot: Long Way The Near Demise of the Hire Wire Dancer Black Wolf 008
  38. 1776 (orig.cast-Wm.Daniels): Is Anybody There? (Sherman Edwards) Sony 48216
  39. Stan Freberg: The Battle of Yorktown Stan Freberg presents the United States of America, Vol. 1 Rhino 72476
  40. Alan Jabbour & Ken Perlman: Washington's March (Edden & Burl Hammons) Southern Summits self 25346-93482
  41. Lori Lieberman: The Letter (America) Monterey Drive On 115115-01
  42. Nell Robinson & The Rose of No-Man's Land: American Anthem (Gene Scheer) Nell Robinson & The Rose of No-Man's Land Compass 746382
  43. Woody Guthrie: This Land Is Your Land Smithsonian Folkways 40100
  44. Mary Chapin Carpenter: Goodnight America Songs from the Movie Zoe 01143-1147-2
  45. Woody Guthrie: This Land Is Your Land (:30 out-take) Smithsonian Folkways 40100
  46. Kim & Reggie Harris and Magpie: When I'm Gone (close) (Phil Ochs) Spoken in Love Long Tail 003-2

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