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November 26, 2016

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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special (theme) Last Sessions Smithsonian Folkways 40068/71
  2. Ry Taylor: Life Taking Chances Take Out Your Tongue Howlin' Dog 128
  3. Kevin Roth: I Am (What Helen Keller Knew) Reawakening New World 160901
  4. Larry Murante: Heart of Happiness Patch of Sky Weeping Wood 53701-15142
  5. (Steve) Hicks & (Lynn) Goulbourn: This Is the Friend Immortal Striatum 140716
  6. Susan Werner: What Did You Do to Your Face Werner: Eight Unnecessary Songs for Piano, Voice & Miscellany, Incomplete Volume 1 Frank Chance 88295-49615
  7. Allan Chapman & Rodeo Kate: People My Age (John Gorka) Under Blue Skies Chili Red 40232-38655
  8. Mac Wiseman & John Prine: Don't Be Ashamed of Your Age (Bob Wills/Cindy Walker) Standard Songs for Average People OhBoy 038
  9. The Savage Hearts: Age (Jim & Ingrid Croce) Playing It Forward self 00261-44670
  10. Jenny & Robin Bienemann: All About You (R.Bienemann) Live at Folkstage self 00261-39965
  11. Suzy Bogguss: It's All About You (Paul Kramer) Swing Compadre 9251512
  12. Ryanhood: All About You (Ryan Green-Cameron Hood) Start Somewhere Four Miles Music 88295-00534
  13. O'Connor Band w/ Mark O'Connor: You Too (Forrest O'Connor-Jim Shirey) Coming Home Rounder 11661-0003
  14. Maxwell Street Klezmer Band: Yoshke (trad) Eight Nights of Joy URJ 951304
  15. Ellen Bukstel & Nick Annis: By My Silence Daddy's Little Girl self 00261-24799
  16. Pete Seeger: Peat Bog Soldiers - Moorsoldaten (trad) Gazette, Volume Two Smithsonian Folkways 2502
  17. Leonard Cohen: The Partisan (Anna Marly- Emmanuel D'Astier de la Vigerie-Hy Zarat, arr.L.Cohen) The Best of Leonard Cohen Columbia 34077
  18. John McCutcheon: Hope Dies Last This Fire Appalsongs 2007
  19. Arlo Guthrie: 50th Anniversary Alice's Restaurant Massacree Rising Son 1132
  20. Linda Ronstadt & Emmylou Harris: Sisters of Mercy (Leonard Cohen) Western Wall Asylum 62408-2
  21. David Olney: 1917 (The French Prostitute) Through a Glass Darkly Philo 1124
  22. Tom Paxton: The Hooker Morning Again Elektra import 8122-76509-2
  23. John McSherry: The Golden Mean set - Steal the Piper / The Sunflower / The Golden Mean Reel The Seven Sins Compass 74673-2
  24. Laura Cortese w/ Xose Liz, bouzouki, et.al.: November Umbrella (Cortese) / The Painter Gas Reel (X.Liz) All In Always self 88295-29106
  25. Jeff Buckley: Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen) Grace Columbia 92881
  26. Blue Highway: Hallelujah (trad, arr.Blue Highway) Original Traditional Rounder 11661-00108
  27. Jan Krist w/ Jim Bizer: Auld Lang Syne (Jan Krist) (WFMT Midnight Special NYE - January 1, 2015) WFMT recording
  28. Bob Kuhn Show: The Aviator The Dwindler Clayhead 0015
  29. David Mitchell & Robert Webb: The Pilot That Mitchell & Webb Sound: Series Three BBC Audio
  30. Oscar Brand: The Poor Co-Pilot (trad/O.Brand) The Wild Blue Yonder: Songs for a Fighting Air Force Collectors' Choice 679
  31. The Piedmont Melody Makers (Alice Gerrard-Chris Brashear-Cliff Hale-Jim Watson): I'll Be There (Locklin-Ray Price) Wonderful World Outside Vigortone 2007
  32. Matt Nakoa: Disappearing Girl (Nakoa-Jared Salvatore) (Folkstage - April 4, 2015) WFMT recording
  33. Scott Wolfson and Other Heroes: Invisible Man Welcoming the Flood BC2 88295-35875
  34. Leonard Cohen: You Want It Darker (Patrick Leonard/Leonard Cohen) Columbia 88985365072
  35. Solas w/ Moira Smiley, v: Darkness Darkness (Jesse Colin Young) All These Years THL 002
  36. David LaMotte: Taste the Light The Other Way Around DPI 161
  37. Tom Paxton: All Night Long The Things I Notice Now Collectables 6972
  38. Joan Baez: Kumbaya (trad) In Concert Vanguard 79598-2
  39. Kim & Reggie Harris and Magpie: When I'm Gone (close) (Phil Ochs) Spoken in Love Long Tail 003-2

Performer is composer unless otherwise noted. Song is album title unless otherwise noted. Album titles are in italics, composers in parens ( ).

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Ry Taylor, Kevin Roth, Larry Murante, Hicks & Goulbourn, Allan Chapman & Rodeo Kate, The Savage Hearts, Susan Werner, O'Connor Band, Leonard Cohen (You Want It Darker), John McSherry, Blue Highway, Bob Kuhn, The Piedmont Melody Makers, Scott Wolfson & Other Heroes

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