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December 10, 2016

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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special (theme) Last Sessions Smithsonian Folkways 40068/71
  2. Peter Ustinov w/Peter Sellers: Mock Mozart Parlophone 45 rpm
  3. (Michael) Flanders & (Donald) Swann: Ill Wind (Rondo fr. Mozart's Horn Concerto in E flat, K.495) (Mozart/Flanders-Swann) At the Drop of Another Hat EMI 7974642
  4. Beckie Menzie & Tom Michael: Mozart Alla Turca (W.A.Mozart/ Beckie Menzie) (Folkstage - December 12, 2015) WFMT Recording
  5. Pete Seeger: Guantanamera (J.Fernandez-Dias, P.Seeger, J.Orbon/ Jose Marti) (June 8, 1963) A Link in the Chain Columbia Legacy 64772
  6. The Chenille Sisters: I'll See You In C U B A (Irving Berlin) The Chenille Sisters Red House 29
  7. Nancy White: I Know Cuba (Like the Back of My Hand) Unexpected Borealis 131
  8. John Stewart: Waiting for Castro to Die Havana Appleseed 1070
  9. Kenny White: Che Guevara Long List of Priors MVP 2385
  10. Rani Arbo & daisy mayhem: Hot Buttered Rum (Tommy Thompson) Wintersong Signature Sounds 0111
  11. Eric Von Schmidt: Stick to Rum Living on the Trail Tomato 2053
  12. Barbara Dane: Away! Away! With Rum, By Gum! A Night at the Ash Grove - Saturday Night at the Coffee House World Pacific 1254
  13. Sweet Cecilia: Jingle Bells (James Lord Pierpont) Sweet Christmas self 88295-36555
  14. David Myles: Sleigh Ride (Mitchell Parish-Leroy Anderson- Felix Bernard-Richard Smith) It's Christmas self 20953-50082
  15. Ruth & Max Bloomquist: Yingle Bells (James Pierpont-Harry Stewart) This Season of Hope and Delight Ruby 1225
  16. Still on the Hill: Eveline and Peter Tyler (Kelly & Donna Mulhollan) Still a River Termite Tracs 88295-48034
  17. Gloria Attoun: Will & Indiana (a Civil War song) (Gloria Attoun Bauermeister) Gloria Attoun Out of Tune 709
  18. Jenny Avila: A Bullet Lives On Civil War Stories in Song Cool Acoustic 09
  19. Lee Murdock: The Cumberland's Crew (trad) Loving Light Depot 036
  20. The Bittersweet Christmas Band (Phil Cooper): I'm Beginning to Look a Lot Like Santa (Bob Holdsworth) Yuletide Magic self 02
  21. Wailin' Mahalias: We Wanna See Santa Do the Mambo (B.J.Greer) Angel Voices self 88295-35609
  22. Dave Rudolf: Santa's Got a Zoot Suit Completely Cracked Christmas Moneytree 75014-10092
  23. Sharon Goldman: Jerusalem (Yerushalayim) Kol Isha (A Woman's Voice) self 88295-4700
  24. Milk and Honey (orig.B'way cast-Tommy Rall, Juki Arkin, et.al.): Milk and Honey (Jerry Herman) RCA Victor 1065
  25. Sharon Goldman: Land of Milk and Honey Kol Isha (A Woman's Voice) self 88295-4700
  26. Beth Wood: Gone Too Soon Spring Tide Mehaffey 2210
  27. Johnsmith: Longing Road The Longing Road Blue Pine 00261-40802
  28. (Madeline) Fendrick & (Brian) Peck: Old Pine Woman The Sandhill Crane self no#
  29. Still on the Hill: Granny Henderson (Kelly & Donna Mulhollan) Still a River Termite Tracs 88295-48034
  30. Beth Wood: Already Slipped Away Spring Tide Mehaffey 2210
  31. Lois Morton: It's Unrelated What's New (private recording)
  32. Shelley Posen: Denial Roseberry Road Well Done 04
  33. Jack Hardy: Denial Coin of the Realm Great Divide 4235
  34. Lance Brown: It's Not My Fault Too Busy to Work self 0026127281
  35. The Savage Hearts: Ragtime Annie (trad) Playing It Forward self 00261-44670
  36. O'Connor Band w/ Mark O'Connor: Fishers Hornpipe (trad,arr.Mark O'Connor) Coming Home Rounder 11661-00003
  37. Norah Jones: December The Fall Blue Note 509996-99286-2
  38. Michael Braunfeld: December Full Circle self 88295-23392
  39. Rebekah Long: December (Donna Ulisse-Dennis Duff) Here I Am Luk 1001
  40. Kevin Roth: Love Is Reawakening New World 160901
  41. Putnam Smith: Gotta Go Where the Love Is 99 Desires Itchy Sabot 2016
  42. Paul Sachs: Love Is Love self 00261-44393
  43. Kim & Reggie Harris and Magpie: When I'm Gone (close) (Phil Ochs) Spoken in Love Long Tail 003-2

Performer is composer unless otherwise noted. Song is album title unless otherwise noted. Album titles are in italics, composers in parens ( ).

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Kenny White, Rani Arbo, Lee Murdock, Sharon Goldman, Beth Wood, Savage Hearts, O'Connor Band, Rebekah Long, Kevin Roth, Putnam Smith, Paul Sachs

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