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Folkstage is an uninterrupted, one-hour concert featuring some of the best traditional and singer-songwriter talent in folk music. The live concerts can be heard Saturday's at 8 PM on WFMT, immediately preceding The Midnight Special.

About 26 concerts per year are broadcast live from our studio in front of an audience. The remainder of the concerts are from our archives that stretch back 55 years, recent recordings made in the Chicago area, live broadcasts from the Old Town School of Folk Music, or recorded portions of our live studio concerts that were not previously broadcast.

The series is totally listener funded, and made possible in part by Nancy Clark, Andy & Becky Anderson, Freddi Greenberg & Dan Pinkert, an Anonymous Family Foundation and the members of the WFMT Fine Arts Circle.


  Saturday, March 23
The Kaldor - Campagne Family with Connie Kaldor, Paul Campagne, Aleksi Campagne & Gabriel Campagne

Vance Gilbert Connie Kaldor is joined not only by her husband Paul Campagne in concert but her two sons Gabriel and Aleksi Campagne, who are in their 20s. Kaldor lives in Montreal when she's not helping out on the family farm near Willowbunch. Paul is out there most of the growing season. Kaldor's big personality and timeless songs like Wood River and Prairie Moon make for a full concert on their own, but there's a special element with her sons there. Gabriel was raised in the folk music world and trained in classical music. Aleksi spent two years studying jazz violin with Didier Lockwood in Paris. He also plays in a rock band, The History of Gunpowder. And both brothers and their father collaborate in the band Les Barricades. It's not just pride Kaldor feels performing with her sons, it’s the joy of playing with simply good players.

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To attend WFMT's live broadcast Folkstage concerts in our studio, you must join the WFMT Fine Arts Circle for one year. The first year requires an initiation fee of $25 plus $250 per person as the yearly membership and request Folkstage as your thank-you gift. After the first year, Folkstage membership costs $250 per person per year. Memberships are non-transferrable. We ask that you join during one of our fundraising Fine Arts Circle fundraisers in April or November, during the time Folkstage or The Midnight Special is being broadcast. (We will accept memberships at other times during the fundraiser by prior arrangement.) We present approximately 26 live studio concerts per year, although we make no guarantee of the total number. Under no circumstances do we sell admissions to individual concerts. You must subscribe for the year to attend. Donations to the WFMT Fine Arts Circle are tax deductible to the extent provided by law. All Folkstage memberships come with free parking for the concerts within yards of the door. If you have questions, please use our contact form.

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