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1998 - 002

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  1. Lead Belly : The Midnight Special Last Sessions Smith/Folkways SFCD-40068/71
  2. Original Original Broadway cast: Best Of All Possible Worlds (Wilbur/Bernstein) Candide Columbia SK 48017
  3. John McCutcheon & Tom Chapin: Our Mothers Built This City (Chapin/Kahn) Doing Our Job Rounder CD 0411
  4. Fairfield Four: There Must Be A City (J.Hill) I Couldn't Hear Nobody Pray Warner Bros. 9 46698-2
  5. Judy Garland: Chicago (Fred Fisher) Judy At Carnegie Hall Capitol WBO-1569
  6. Suzzy Roche: Eggshell Holy Smokes Red House RHRCD-104
  7. Aztec Two-Step: The Ballad Of Humpty Dumpty And Cinderella Highway Signs 1-800-PRIME-CD PCD-025 (or email or website.)
  8. Fred Holstein: The Rock & The Egg (Biggs Tinker/Malvina Reynolds) For All The Good People Holstein 001
  9. Eric Peltonieni: Chickens Songs O' Sad Laughter Aalto ARC- CD001 (1730 Dayton Ave., St. Paul, MN 55104)
  10. Red Clay Ramblers: Chicken (Uncle Dave Macon) Hard Times Flying Fish FF-246
  11. Fred Eaglesmith: Lucille Oasis Acoustic (CD DJ sampler - a compilation) Oasis Vol. 7
  12. John McCutcheon & Tom Chapin: The Older I Get Doing Our Job Rounder CD 0411
  13. Four Bitchin' Babes (Debi Smith): Chevy Impala Gabby Road Shanachie 8028
  14. Kenny Smith: Studebaker Studebaker Sugar Hill SHCD 3869
  15. Peter Lehndorff: Peugeot Love On The Line Signature Sounds SSRC 1236 (800-694-5354)
  16. Dave Mallett: Daddy's Oldsmobile Parallel Lives Flying Fish CDFF 670
  17. Oscar Brand: Beep, Beep (Claps/Cicchetti) Sports Car Songs Elektra EKL-188
  18. Sean & Kathleen Ryan, Pat Lyons: Killavil / Father Quinns (trad) Irish Tradition Music Arc Music EUCD 1412
    Fairport Convention (Simon Nicol): End Of a Holiday What We Did On Our Holidays Hannibal HNCD-4430

  20. Suzzy Roche: Holy Smokes Holy Smokes Red House RHRCD 104
  21. Dave Mallett: Like This Parallel Lives Flying Fish CDFF 670
  22. Nichols & May: A Little More Gauze In Retrospect Mercury 314 532 373-2
  23. Holly Near w/ John Bucchino: The Nearness Of You / My Romance (Ned Washington-Hoagy Carmichael/Rodgers-Hart) With A Song In My Heart Calico Tracks CTM-CD-9701 (517-484-1712)
  24. Second City: No George, Don't Comedy From The Second City Mercury OCS 6201
  25. Christine Lavin: I Want To Be Lonely (Acoustic Renaissance-Hinsdale 11/21/97) WFMT tape
  26. Richard Dyer-Bennet: The Lonesome Valley (trad/Dyer-Bennet) The Lonesome Valley Smithsonian/Folkways SFCD 40078
  27. Pick 3: Where The Soul Of Man Never Dies (trad) A Good Woman's Love Flowering Chestnut P3001 (203-454-3000 or email.)
  28. Lee Murdock: Deep Blue Horizon Voices Across The Water Depot DEP-020
  29. Jean Redpath: I Will Guide Thee (trad) (Krannert Center, Urbana / 10/88) WFMT tape
  30. Lee Murdock: Let The Lower Lights Be Burning (Philip P. Bliss) Voices Across The Water Depot 020
  31. Suzzy Roche: Losing Holy Smokes Red House RHR CD104
  32. Dave Mallett: Nothin' but a Long Goodbye Parallel Lives Flying Fish CDFF 670
  33. Tim Harrison: All The Goodbyes Bridges Northern Breeze NB0021 (416-481-5506 or email.)
  34. Judy Collins: Hey, That's No Way To Say Goodbye (L.Cohen) Wildflowers Elektra 74012-2

Performer is composer unless otherwise noted. Song is album title unless otherwise noted. Album titles are in italics, composers in parens ( ).

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