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1998 - 037

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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special Last Sessions Smith/Folkways SFCD-40068/71
  2. Hugh Blumenfeld: Shoot The Moon Rocket Science 1-800-PRIME-CD PCD 43
  3. National Lampoon: Those Fabulous Sixties Radio Dinner Banana/Blue Thumb BTS-38
  4. The Foremen: Peace Is Out Folk Heroes Reprise 9 45993-2
  5. Valerie & Walter Crockett: This Ain't The '60s No More Moonbone" Big Bark 0002 (508-754-8437 or email.)
  6. Mustard's Retreat: Faded Blue & Gold (J.Gorka) The Wind And The Crickets Palmetto PM 2029
  7. Tamara Feinman: Your Mother Hates Me A Little Space Left Montauk Daisy no# (212-330-8980 or email.)
  8. Joan Baez: Silver Dagger (trad) Very Early Joan Vanguard VSD-79446/7
  9. Bonnie Dobson: My Mother Chose My Husband (trad) Dear Companion Prestige International PR-INT 13031
  10. Buffy Sainte-Marie: Johnny Be Fair (trad) The Best Of Buffy Sainte-Marie, Vol. 2 Vanguard VSD-33/34
  11. Hillary Spencer: Lies (Stan Rogers) Other Roads Other Lives Strawberry SMSCD01 (phone England: 0114 283 0531 or email.)
  12. Steve Goodman: It's A Sin To Tell A Lie (Billy Mahew) Jessie's Jig & Other Favorites Red Pajamas RPJ-01CD (800-521-2112 or website.)
  13. Severn Darden: What Is Truth? (excerpt from Metaphysics Lecture) The Sound Of My Own Voice and Other Noises Mercury CM 2202
  14. Chenille Sisters: Is It True Albert (C.Dawdy) Mama, I Wanna Make Rhythm Red House RHRCD 39
  15. Huxtable, Christensen & Hood: The Truth From Above (trad) Wallflowers Philo 1053
  16. Joan Baez: The Trees They Do Grow High (trad) Vol. 2 Vanguard VSD-2097
  17. Pierce Pettis: My Little Girl (Pettis/R.E.Orrall) Everything Matters Compass 7 4252 2
  18. Malvina Reynolds: Turn Around Malvina Cassandra CFS-2807
    Fairport Convention (Simon Nicol): End Of a Holiday What We Did On Our Holidays Hannibal HNCD-4430

  20. Jim Post: Back On The Street Again (T.Dundee) Back On The Street Again Mountain RR MR 52778
  21. Laurel Canyon Ramblers: Back On The Street Again (Steve Gillette) Back on the Street Again Sugar Hill SHCD-3881
  22. Mustard's Retreat: Motherlode (R. Pinney) Back To Back Red House RHRCD 72
  23. Mary McCaslin: Circle Of Friends Way Out West Philo CDPH 1011
  24. John McCutcheon & Tom Chapin: I Don't Care (McCutcheon) Doing Our Job Rounder CD 0411
  25. Stephen Fearing: The Upside Down Industrial Lullaby Red House RHRCD 120
  26. Michael Cooney: Rigs Of The Time (trad) The Cheese Stands Alone Folk-Legacy FSI-35 (800-836-0901 or website.)
  27. Mary Chapin-Carpenter: Stones In The Road Stones in the Road Columbia CK 64327
  28. Maddy Prior: Heart Of Stone (Rick Kemp) Flesh & Blood Park PRKCD38 (PO Box 391887, Cambridge, MA 02139 or website.)
  29. Bok-Muir-Trickett: A Water Over Stone A Water Over Stone (Bok) Folk-Legacy FSI-80
  30. Hugh Blumenfeld: Why Am I Awake Rocket Science 1-800-PRIME-CD PCD 43
  31. Steve Goodman: I Can't Sleep Best Of The Asylum Years, Vol. 2&nsbp; Red Pajamas RPJ007CD
  32. Margo Hennebach: Morning Song Big Love 1-800-PRIME-CD PCD 42
  33. Townes Van Zandt: I'll Be Here In The Morning Townes Van Zandt Tomato TOM-7014

Performer is composer unless otherwise noted. Song is album title unless otherwise noted. Album titles are in italics, composers in parens ( ).

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