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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special Last Sessions Smith/Folkways SFCD-40068/71
  2. Kavisha Mazella: Fisherman's Daughter The Fisherman's Daughter ABC/EMI 724349321229 (phone Australia: 2-47-876 338)
  3. Judy Collins: Fisherman Song True Stories and Other Dreams Elektra 75053-2
  4. Buffy Sainte-Marie: Los Pescadores (The Fishermen) Many A Mile Vanguard VSD-79171
  5. Christy O'Leary: Young Riley the Fisherman The Northern Bridge OBMCD09 (315-858-1434 or email.)
  6. Sam Shaber: Perfect Perfect Brown Chair BC-3263 (800-937-3397 or email.)
  7. Ben Sures: In A Perfect World Folk Alliance Manitoba Sampler not available (204-775-7263 or email.)
  8. Martin Mull: I'm Everyone I Ever Loved I'm Everyone I Ever Loved ABC AB-997
  9. Megon McDonough: If I Had You (Shapiro/Campbell/Connelly) My One And Only Love SHANACHIE 5027
  10. Annie Gallup: If I Loved You Steady Steady Yes 1 800 PRIME CD PCD-63
  11. Grit Laskin: A Few Simple Words A Few Simple Words BOREALIS RECORDS BCD001 (416-530-4288)
  12. Rebel Voices: I Hype the Songs (Bruce Johnston/Nina Silver) I Hype the Songs Reveille no# (708-386-1252 or email.)
  13. Joni Mitchell: Free Man In Paris Hits REPRISE 9 46326-2
  14. Harry Chapin: W*O*L*D Short Stories Elektra EKS-75065
  15. Annie Gallup: Hero Steady Steady Yes 1 800 PRIME CD PCD63

  17. Fairport Convention (Simon Nicol): End Of a Holiday What We Did On Our Holidays Hannibal HNCD-4430
  18. Christine Lavin: Blind Dating Fun Compass PHILO CDPH 1142
  19. Jerry Stiller & Anne Meara: Hershey Horowitz Meets Mary Elizabeth Doyle Laugh When You Like Atlantic SD 7249

  20. Jimmy LaFave: It's All Over Now Baby Blue (B.Dylan) Trail Bohemia Beat 0009 (303-691-8218)
  21. Annie Gallup: Three Photographs Steady Steady Yes 1 800 PRIME CD PCD63
  22. Simon & Garfunkel: Bookends (P.Simon) Old Friends Columbia C3K 64780
  23. Patrick Sky: Photographs Photographs Verve/Forecast FTS-3079
  24. Paul Sanchez: Two Thumbs Up Yesterday's Clothes Wynema WCD004 (PO Box 10011, Austin, TX 78766 or email.)
  25. Gamble Rogers: Saturday Afternoon at the Baby Grand Saturday Afternoon at the Baby Grand Oklawaha OK1002 (352-372-8158)
  26. Susan Werner: When They Make the Movie Of My Life Time Between Trains Bottom Line 63440473052
  27. Fred Holstein: The Streets of London (R. McTell) Chicago & Other Ports PHILO 1030
  28. Sally Fingerett: You Don't See Me private tape
  29. Nancy Hanson: Trouble on the Street Drops In A Bucket Small Box SPB01 (801-553-1891 or email).
  30. Tom Paxton: Clarissa Jones The Best of Tom Paxton RHINO R2 73515
  31. The Wyrd Sisters: I Guess It's Alright (N.Reinhold) Folk Alliance Manitoba Sampler (204-284-7284 or email.)

Performer is composer unless otherwise noted. Song is album title unless otherwise noted. Album titles are in italics, composers in parens ( ).