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2001 - 004

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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special Last Sessions Smithsonian Folkways SFCD-40068/71
  2. Priscilla Herdman-Anne Hills-Cindy Mangsen: Away Ye Merry Lassies (Georje Holper) At the Turning of the Year Hand & Heart HHM-2000 (PO Box 800, Pine Plains, NY 12567)
  3. New Lost City Ramblers: Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss (trad) New Lost City Ramblers, Vol. 3 Folkways FA 2398
  4. Amelia Earhart: On the Future of Women In Flying (excerpt) Great Speeches of the 20th Century Rhino R2 70567
  5. Carolyn Hester: I'll Fly Away (trad) Carolyn Hester Columbia Legacy Ck 57310
  6. Eleni Kelakos: I Will Fly I Will Fly EEK! ER-84756
  7. Stan Rogers: The Witch of the Westmorland (Archie Fisher) Between the Breaks Live! Fogarty's Cove FCM-002D (23 Hillside Ave. S. Dundas, Ontario L9H 4H7, Canada)
  8. Utah Phillips: Oliver's Outhouse The Moscow Hold & other stories Red House RHR 118
  9. James Gordon: Men Don't Clean Toilets Songs From Basic Black Pipe Street PSR1 (519-837-3757)
  10. Clancy Bros. & Tommy Makem: They're Moving Father's Grave To Build a Sewer (J&H Kennedy) Recorded Live The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem In Ireland! Columbia CS 9065
  11. Ramblin' Jack Elliott: Hard Travelin' (Woody Guthrie) Hard Travellin' Fantasy FCD-24720-2
  12. Tim Grimm: Down the Road Heart Land Vault VR003
  13. Ramblin' Jack Elliott: Me and Bobby McGee (Kristofferson) Me and Bobby McGee Rounder CD 0328
  14. Jez Lowe: Sweep Horizons Clean Live at the Davy Lamp Tantobie TTRCD 100
  15. Claudia Schmidt: It All Depends Wings of Wonder Red House RHRCD 144
  16. Judy Collins: Send In the Clowns (S.Sondheim) Live at Wolf Trap Wildflower WFL 1298-2
  17. Bonnie Koloc: Every Soul's a Circus (L.Rosen/T.Bishop) Close-Up Epic PE 34184

  19. Fairport Convention (Simon Nicol): End Of a Holiday What We Did On Our Holidays Hannibal HNCD-4430
  20. Larry Rand: The Waterbed Polka (WFMT studio 1972) WFMT recording
  21. Firesign Theatre: The Glue-It Yourself Show Boom Dot Bust Rhino R2 75983
  22. Peter Alsop: Stuck On You Peter Alsop Peaceable
  23. Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer: Farewell To Fiddler's Rim (Carter) Tanglewood Tree Signature Sounds SIG 1257 (800-694-5354)
  24. Rosalie Sorrels: On the Rim of the World (Malvina Reynolds) No Closing Chord Red House RHRCD 143
  25. Holly Near: Planet Called Home Edge Calico Tracks CTM0004
  26. Malvina Reynolds: This World Ear to the Ground Smithsonian Folkways SWFCD 40124
  27. Utah Phillips: Larimer Street The Telling Takes Me Home Philo CDPH 1210
  28. T. R. Kelley: Urban Renewal Ghosts of Dreams Dashwater DWM003 (PO Box 184, Eugene, OR 9744)
  29. John Hartford: Tear Down the Grand Ole Opry (Robt.Taylor/Hartford) Aereo-Plain Rounder CD 0366
  30. Iris DeMent: Our Town Infamous Angel Philo CDPH 1138
  31. David Misch: Somerville Fretless 45 rpm 30
  32. Stan Rogers: Music In Your Eyes (Willie P. Bennett) From Coffeehouse to Concert Hall Fogarty's Cove FCM 012D (23 Hillside Ave.S. , Dundas, Ontario L9H 4H7, Canada)
  33. Gordon Bok - Ann Mayo Muir - Ed Trickett: In Your Eyes (Anne Dodson) And So Will We Yet Folk Legacy CD-116
  34. Carrie Newcomer: Close Your Eyes My True Name Philo CDPH 1223
  35. Josh White, Jr: Close Your Eyes (James Taylor) Cortelia Clark Silverwolf SWCD 1028
  36. Amy Frandon: Deep In Gold Passion Angels Leo 100 (General Delivery, W. Shokan, NY 12494)

Performer is composer unless otherwise noted. Song is album title unless otherwise noted. Album titles in italics, composers in parens ( ).


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