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048 - 2001

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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special Last Sessions Smithsonian Folkways SFCD-40068/71
  2. Tom Chapin - John McCutcheon - Michael Mark: Follow the Light private pressing
  3. Second Opinion: A Seat At the Table (S.Potter/P.Madden-Roth) Final Stop Second Opinion SECOP004 (907 Britten Ave., Lansing, MI 48910)
  4. John McCutcheon: Calling All the Children Home Supper's On the Table... Rounder 1166-11612-2
  5. Shel Silverstein: You're Always Welcome At Our House Inside Folk Songs Atlantic 8072
  6. Claudia Schmidt: Coming Home To You Midwestern Heart Flying Fish FF 70241
  7. Kitty Donohoe: No One On This Road This Road Tonight Roheen R005 (PO Box 3070, Ann Arbor, MI 48106)
  8. Bill Morrissey: Moving Day Something I Saw Or Thought I Saw Philo 11671-1227-2
  9. David Ackles: Waiting For the Moving Van American Gothic Elektra 7559-61597-2
  10. Jim Kweskin: Moving Day (trad-Von Tilzer-Sterling/ add.words Kweskin) Jump For Joy Vanguard VSD-79243
  11. Colyn Davies: They're Moving Father's Grave (trad) Cockney Music Hall Songs & Recitations Tradition TLP 1017
  12. Don White: Adolescent Rant Brown Eyes Shine self no # (800-937-3397)
  13. Homer & Jethro: That Little Boy of Mine (Hirsch-King-Meroff) There's Nothing Like An Old Hippie RCA Victor LSP-3973
  14. Joan Baez: The Trees They Do Grow High (trad) Joan Baez Vol. 2 Vanguard VMD-2097
  15. Susan Werner: Like Bonsai Time Between Trains Bottom Line 63440-47305-2
  16. Original Soundtrack: John Law Burned Down the Liquor Sto' (C.T.King) Down from the Mountain Lost Highway 088 170 221-2
  17. Nashville Bluegrass Band: Tear My Stillhouse Down (Gillian Welch) Unleashed Sugar Hill SHCD-3843
  18. Maria Dunn: Whiskey Evening For a Song MariaDunn MARCD02 (780-430-8560)
  19. HARP: Singing With You (Jeff Langley/Near) A Time To Sing! Appleseed APRCD1054
  20. Eric Bogle: Sound of Singing I Wrote This Wee Song... Rice RRCD1 (PO Box 529, Magill, South Australia 5073, Australia / fax: 08-3328095)
  21. Bob Gibson: I Hear America Singing (Shel Silverstein) Makin' a Mess Asylum 61697-2
  22. Linda Tillery & The Cultural Heritage Choir: Lift Ev'ry Voice and Sing (J.W.& J.R.Johnson) Say Yo' Business EarthBeat! R2 76762
  23. HARP: Singing For Our Lives (Holly Near) A Time For Singing Appleseed APRCD 1054
  24. Gillian Welch: Revelator (Welch-David Rawlings) Time (The Revelator) Acony ACNY0103
  25. Roger McGuinn (with Jean Ritchie & Odetta): John the Revelator (trad) Treasures From the Folk Den Appleseed APRCD1046 (610-701-5755)
  26. Roger McGuinn (with Pete Seeger & Josh White, Jr.): Dink's Song (trad) Treasures From the Folk Den Appleseed APRCD1046 (610-701-5755)
  27. Carrie Newcomer: Anything With Wings Bare to the Bone Philo CD 9901
  28. Artisan: What's the Use of Wings (Brian Bedford) Rocking at the End of Time Boing 9103CD
  29. Michael Smith: We Become Birds Time Flying Fish FF 70613
  30. Les Sampou: You Are My Sunshine (Jimmie Davis/Chas.Mitchell) Borrowed & Blue Monando 0101
  31. Eva Cassidy: Over the Rainbow (Harold Arlen / E.Y. Harburg) Songbird Blix Street G2-10045 (818-763-9151)

Performer is composer unless otherwise noted. Song is album title unless otherwise noted. Album titles in italics, composers in parens ( ).


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