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049 - 2001

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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special Last Sessions Smithsonian Folkways SFCD-40068/71
  2. HARP (Near-Guthrie-Gilbert-Seeger): O Mary Don't You Weep (trad) A Time For Singing Appleseed APRCD 1054 (610-701-5755)
  3. Bob Franke: Trouble In This World (It'll Be All Right) The Heart of the Flower Daring CD3016
  4. Tim Harrison: No Percentage In Bitter Sara and the Sea Second Avenue SAS2006 (416-686-1616)
  5. Connie Kaldor: I'm a Nice Little World (Holsteins - 4/28/84) WFMT recording
  6. Kim & Reggie Harris & Magpie: Living Planet (Jay Mankita/ add.lyricsArtzner-Leonino) Spoken In Love Longtail LT003
  7. Cole Porter: A Picture of Me Without You Cole Columbia KS 31456
  8. Susan Werner: Maybe If I Sang Cole Porter (Folkstage - 5/1/99) WFMT recording
  9. Nancy White: Leonard Cohen's Never Gonna Bring My Groceries In Momnipotent Children's Group SANCD 1025 (64 Palmerston Sq., Toronto, ON M6F 2S7, Canada)
  10. Les Barker: Blessed are the meek Arovertherapy Mrs Ackroyd DOG 015
  11. Original Cast: The Meek Shall Inherit (Alan Menkin/Howard Ashman) Little Shop of Horrors Geffen 7599-22020-1
  12. The Persuasions: The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing (Frank Zappa) Frankly A Cappella EarthBeat! R2 79822
  13. Kathy Kallick: Web of Birdsong (Bob Coltman) My Mother's Voice Copper Creek CCCD-0201
  14. Leah Kaufman: Sweet Sweet Five Fingers Boojum 4001 (425-373-0899)
  15. Voices On the Verge: Blackbirds (Erin McKeown) Live In Philadelphia Ryko Slow River RCD 10608
  16. Nancy White: Clapping Song for Grownups Gaelic Envy Borealis BCD 109 (416-530-4288)
  17. John Gorka: People My Age The Company You Keep Red House RHRCD 151
  18. Dan Hart: You're Old The Life of Dan Stone Boat 83707 40282
  19. Susan Werner: When They Make The Movie of My Life Time Between Trains Bottom Line 63440-47305-2
  20. Dervish: Abbeyfeale Set (trad/arr.Dervish) Midsummer's Night Whirling WHRL005
  21. Firesign Theatre: The Haystack In the Needle The Bride of Firesign Rhino R2 74390
  22. John Williams: John Brady's (Brady) & The Hawk from Dundalk (trad/arr.Williams) Steam Green Linnet GLCD 1215
  23. Ellis Paul: Did Galileo Pray? Live Philo 11671-1229-2
  24. Robbie O'Connell: Galileo Never Learned to Dance Green Linnet GLCD 1124
  25. Original British Cast: Regella Parolophone That Was the Week That Was PMC 1197
  26. Pete Nelson: Good Sushi On Jupiter Days Like Horses Signature Sounds SIG 1260 (800-694-5354)
  27. Anne Hills: Pleiades Bittersweet Street Redwing RWMCD 5402 (PO Box 577575, Chicago, IL 60657)
  28. Doc Watson: The Lone Pilgrim (trad) Gerdes Folk City Sugar Hill SUGCD-3934 28
  29. Kathy Kallick: My Native Home (trad) My Mother's Voice Copper Creek CCCD-0201
  30. The Wyrd Sisters: What You Ask For (Nancy Reinhold) Sin & Other Salvations Wyrd WYRD4 (866-400-1003)
  31. Les Sampou: Answered Prayers WFMT recording
  32. Mustard's Retreat: Motherload (Richard Pinney) Back To Back Red House RHRCD 72
  33. The Wyrd Sisters: Leave a Little Light (Nancy Reinhold) Sin & Other Salvations Wyrd WYRD4

Performer is composer unless otherwise noted. Song is album title unless otherwise noted. Album titles in italics, composers in parens ( ).


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