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050 - 2001

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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special Last Sessions Smithsonian Folkways SFCD-40068/71
  2. Ilene Weiss: It's That Time Again (Virginia Hagemann) Weiss Christmas Gadfly 236 (888-9GADFLY)
  3. Original Cast:: We Need a Little Christmas (Jerry Herman) Mame Columbia KOS 3000
  4. Yorgi Yorgeson: I Yust Go Nuts At Christmas Dr. Demento's Greatest Novelty Records of All Times: Christmas Rhino RNBC 490
  5. Artisan: The Wassail of Figgy Duff (Flanders/Swann) Paper Angels Boing 9806
  6. The Arrogant Worms: The Christmas Song Christmas Turkey ArrogantWorms AW-1125 (88-THE-WORMS)
  7. Robert Earl Keen: Merry Christmas From the Family Tinsel Tunes Sugar Hill SHCD-3855
  8. Dar Williams: The Christians and the Pagans Mortal City Razor and Tie RT 2821-2
  9. Nancy White: It's So Chic To Be Pregnant at Christmas Dr. Demento's Holidays In Dementia Rhino R2 72176
  10. Ilene Weiss: His Initials Weiss Christmas Gadfly 236
  11. John Prine: I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus (Tommy Connor) Oh Boy 45 rpm
  12. Biff Rose: Happy Birthday Beethoven Half Live at the Bitter End Buddah BDS 5078
  13. Peter Cook & Dudley Moore: This Is Ludwig van Beethoven not only...but also... Brit.Decca LK 5080
  14. Dolly Dawn and Her Dawn Patrol: Beethoven Wrote It, But It Swings (Beethoven-H.Roussel-G.Hall) Sony SMK 62268
  15. Scott Marrs: Beethoven In Leather Saturday Morning Gable Lane no# (612-953-0120)
  16. Joni Mitchell: Judgement of the Moon and Stars (Ludwig's Tune) For the Roses Asylum SD 5057
  17. Louis Armstrong: 'Zat You, Santa Claus (Fox) The Stash Christmas Album Stash ST125
  18. Artisan: I Want a Hippotamus for Christmas (Rox) Paper Angels Boing 9806
  19. Stan Freberg: Nuttin' For Christmas Dr. Demento Presents the World's Greatest Novelty Records... Rhino RNBC490
  20. Dave Rudolf: Santa Claus Was Running Through Town Moneytree no# Completely Cracked Christmas
  21. The Arrogant Worms: Things Are Looking Bad For Santa Christmas Turkey ArrogantWorms AW-1125
  22. Ilene Weiss: Talkin' To the Wrong Guy Weiss Christmas Gadfly 236
  23. Jim Post: Christmas Chantey The Heart of Christmas Post no# (815-777-3969 or email)
  24. Riders in the Sky: I'll Be Home For Christmas I'll Be Home for Christmas Rounder 11661-0445-2
  25. Dan Pelletier: Christmas Eve, Lakeside Topless Revue Hudson Valley private pressing (845-225-6666)
  26. The Goons: I'm Walking Backward For Christmas The World of the Goons Brit.Decca SPA 569
  27. Cow Christmas: Hallemmojah Chorus It's a Cow Christmas Spinnaker SPI 42697
  28. The Mrs. Ackroyd Band: The Harvey Andrews Chorus (Handel/Les Barker) Tubular Dogs Mrs Ackroyd DOG 014
  29. Cow Christmas: Hallemmojah Chorus It's a Cow Christmas Spinnaker SPI 42697
  30. Tabbynacle Choir: We Wish You a Meowy Chrismouse Meowy Chrismouse! Drummer Dancer Dreamer 45 rpm (718-625-0717)
  31. Joel Mabus: Let's Do Christmas Right How Like the Holly Fossil 1299 (PO Box 306, Portage, MI 49081 or email)
  32. Megon McDonough: What Present's This (Dave Rudolf) Dave Rudolf's Completely Cracked Christmas! Moneytree no#
  33. The Bittersweet Christmas Band: Despite It All (Susan Urban) private release
  34. Lou & Peter Berryman: Uncle Dave's Grace House Concert Cornbelt CR 12 (608-257-7750)
  35. Stan Freberg: Green Chri$tma$ Tip Of the Freberg Rhino R2 75645
  36. Thom Bishop: So Hard To Buy a Savior (Earl of Old Town - 10/20/74) WFMT recording
  37. Dan Crary: Carol of the Bells (trad) Holiday Guitar Sugar Hill SHCD-3871

Performer is composer unless otherwise noted. Song is album title unless otherwise noted. Album titles in italics, composers in parens ( ).


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