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007 - 2002

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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special Last Sessions Smithsonian Folkways SFCD-40068/71
  2. New York City Opera: The Best of All Possible Worlds (Bernstein/John Latouche) Candide New World NW 340/342-2
  3. Endgame (BBC cast-Richard Goolden): Tailor Story (Samuel Beckett) BBC transcription
  4. George & Gerry Armstrong: Simple Gifts (trad) The Wheel of the Year Flying Fish FF 70594
  5. Louis Armstrong: What a Wonderful World (G.Douglas-G.D.Weiss-B.Thiele) Ken Burns: Jazz Columbia Legacy CK 61440
  6. Andy Griffith: Andy and Cleopatra (Aaron Ruben) American Originals Capitol CDP 0777 798476 2
  7. Michael Smith: Dead Egyptian Blues Michael Smith Love Stories Flying Fish FF70404
  8. Josh White: I Don't Intend To Die In Egypt Land (trad) Spirituals & Blues Elektra EKL-193
  9. Sonia Rutstein: Me, Too Live At the Down Home Winthrop WIN2201-2
  10. Jamie Anderson: A Family of Friends (Anderson / Sue Fink) Listen Tsunami TS-1030
  11. Sons Of the Never Wrong: One Simple Question (Bruce Roper) One If By Hand Gadfly 268 (888-9GADFLY)
  12. Linda Allen: There Will Be An Answer The Long Way Home October Rose OR 1012 (360-734-7979)
  13. Incredible String Band: The Half-Remarkable Question (Robin Williamson) Wee Tam Hannibal HNCD 4802
  14. Judi Neal: Ladies' Choice The Journey self (203-467-9084)
  15. Nichols & May: Tango (Jealousie) Improvisations To Music Mercury 314 558 455-2
  16. Richard Thompson: Two Left Feet Hand of Kindness Hannibal HNLP 1313
  17. Original London Cast: I Could Have Danced All Night (Lerner/Loewe) My Fair Lady Columbia 7464-60539-2
  18. Flanders & Swann: In the Bath At the Drop of Another Hat EMI CDS 7974642
  19. Danny Kaye: Bathtub Admiral (Milton Schafer) Mommy, Gimme A Drinka Water Capitol T937
  20. Si Kahn: I'm Gonna Stay In the Bathtub 'Til the Soap Disappears Good Times & Bedtimes Rounder CD 8027
  21. Andrew Kinsey & Daisy Mayhem: Singing In the Bathtub (Herb Magidson) Cocktail Swing Signature Sounds SS1267
  22. Debi Smith: Red Bird Red Red Bird Red Shanachie 8037
  23. Pete Seeger: Redbird (trad) Song and Play Time Smithsonian Folkways SFWCD45023
  24. Garnet Rogers: Redwing Firefly Snow Goose SGS 1129 (905-629-4020)
  25. Greg Cahill & Don Stiernberg: Redwing (trad) Blue Skies Turquoise TRCD 5082
  26. Donna Henschell: Redwings Redwings La Rue no# (2391 Abbott Ln., Fayetteville, AR 72703)
  27. Hot Soup: When the Cows Come Home (Barbara Svaboda) On Stage Souper SMD050 28
  28. John Gorka: Winter Cows I Know Red House RHR18 29
  29. Kim Wallach: The Water Is Wide (trad) / The Water's Edge (Wallach) Where Does Love Come From? Black Socks 20 (PO Box 417, Harrisville, NH 03450)
  30. Lui Collins: Swimming To the Other Side (Pat Humphries) Leaving Fort Knox Molly Gamblin MGM1006 (PO Box 4005, Ashfield, MA 01330)
  31. Alison Krauss: Down To the River To Pray (trad) O Brother Where Art Thou? (soundtrack) Mercury 088 170-069-2
  32. Claudia Schmidt: Stop To Rest Wings of Wonder Red House RHRCD 144
  33. JP Jones: Dante's Highway Salvation Street Vision Company VCR1001
  34. Final Revision of Candide: Make Our Garden Grow (Bernstein/Richard Wilbur) Bernstein On Broadway (cast includes Jerry Hadley and June Anderson) DGG 447 898 2

Performer is composer unless otherwise noted. Song is album title unless otherwise noted. Album titles in italics, composers in parens ( ).

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